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Obama's 3 pt shot! After 4-5 attempts

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posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 06:00 PM
Think Obama swished a 3-pt shot on his first try with the cameras rolling? Think again. Soldiers are starting to come forward and are saying it took him 4-5 shots to hit it. So I guess the 3-pt shot was taken out of context?

An unnamed military source has revealed to that Barack Obama actually missed four or five three point attempts in a row before making the basketball three point shot that Chris Matthews was fawning over and the media was showing on an endless loop all over the mainstream media spectrum. The video cuts out the misses and only shows Obama making the shot, it was edited to look as if Obama hit the three point shot on his first attempt.

Of course Barry Obama’s basketball skills are meaningless to his qualifications as a possible President of the United States, but it would show the level of trickery the Obama campaign is conducting in order to further enhance this media invention. It also would throw egg over Chris Matthews who was discussing the basketball shot as if Obama had given sight to a blind man.

The media love-fest with Obama is getting old, and I really think it will hurt him in the end.

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