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lights over liverpool... again?

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posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 05:18 PM
ok my friend just txtd my phone about lights over her house... so

Her : Well half of r street has just been out lookin up in the sky every1 thinks there ufo's but i`m not sure there were three flashing lights in the sky going slower than a plane.. Thought id share that with u x

Me: Now?

her: Yes now.. people have just stopped ther cars 2 get out n look... I think its sumthin 2 do wit the army tho x x

me: Anyone get a vid on there phone?

Her: Duno i`ll ask me sister wne she gets in coz she was ther.

ok well i aint got a clue at this point.. lol just thinking of the last one over here not so long ago that was in the papers.. so then she sends me this...

Now look i dunno what they are i just asked for a vid not thinkin she would send me anything..

make what you will it was sent to me by her sister befor..

being fussy ill say the photo is "crap" but hey look 3 lights what els is there to say??

point is there ARE 3 lights NOT faked.. whats ur 2cents?


sorry for link but ats "upload pic aint working"


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