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FAA Release of Radar Data Signals a new 'Openness Policy' on UFOs

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posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 01:16 AM
"Much more important than the possible sudden acceleration shown by the object is its trajectory heading. This object was traveling to the southeast on a direct course towards the Crawford Ranch, also known as President Bush's western White House. The last time the object was seen on radar at 8:00pm, it was continuing on a direct path to Crawford Ranch and was only 10 miles away (Stephenville Report, p. 7). "

This caught my eye first...quite strange if you ask me, 10 miles from Bush's ranch.

Plus- whatever was in the sky that night was flying at 2100mph with no sonic boom whatsoever...

Just absolutely strange all around...Not to mention the fact that this is clear evidence that our government is hiding information from us yet again.

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