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Peace - symbolic and word meaning

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posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 07:03 PM
Not to mention that the peace symbol is actually a pagan DEATH rune (look it up), I decided to look up some of the origins of the word Peace.

In latin, it comes from the word Pax.

Pax: A time of wide-ranging stability when there is only a SINGLE DOMINANT POWER. Used with a Latinized name: “Editorials lauding the civilizing influence of Pax Britannica were met with … a crushing disinterest from most of the public” (Nisid Hajari).

Yeah, I highlighted the key words "SINGLE DOMINANT POWER" lol

Very very interesting. THis is the distorted misperception the elite actually believe in order for them to justify their control over the masses. PEace thru Force by means of stability...with a SINGLE ONE WORLD GOVT DOMINATING POWER TO CRUSH ANY MUTHA WHO STANDS IN THE WAY OF US SELF APPOINTED GODS RAAAAAAAAA! lol

Won't work. muhuhahaha. Killing each other in freedom is better than the illusion of peace thru mandation and well, (police) Force. lol.

True peace will only be achieved thru awareness. The clear awarenes that harming others is EXACTLY as smart as punching yourself in the face. THe time differential causes the difficulty of understanding cause and effect.

Anybody know any other roots of the word or similar symbol games we have been tricked into idolizing? Any other thoughts?


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