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Open the books

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posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 01:23 PM
You shall bare record of your person along with the record of any other who had it in for you.

These shall come open throughout the mind of the world:

The book of life.
The book of death.
The book of synonyms.
The book of antonyms.
The book of sound.
The book of anagrams.
The book of investigations.
The book of records (arrest, detain, jail, criminal, visitation, medical, court, IP, phone, bank, job/career, school, etc).

^^All that to the who, what, when, why, where, and how everywhere on the earth. Anyone found wicked inside any of those in any way, shape, or form, direct or indirect to where their wickedness affected any actually sound minded, innocent, self-respecting, self-defending person or their best interests, you shall get exposed to deletion (or: damnation) since they buried the person in sealable lies of deliberate craftings that defamed, demoted, discredited, hindered, tortured, and etc. of the alike.

Basically, if that wickedness spells out you, then you been sealed your fate.

Do you think their is dirt on you in any of those books you are fimiliar with?

Are you (or: 'were you') buried in crafty lies?

"Mite away from stub in the negative 22."

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