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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 11:41 PM

Originally posted by jms88

I just got a mention in their latest video!

i am not sure i will ever be able to sleep again knowing these men are police.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 12:09 AM
I'm holding my judgment until after September 11th.

If these guys shot a Bigfoot, then I expect them not to know much about the creature. I still think it is possible they have one.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 12:24 AM

We're gonna write our own book!!!

Anybody seen my nutz?

I guess if you stay home and eat cheetoz!

We're the ones with the body!

Everything will make sense on September 1st!


posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 01:21 AM
duh. that is exactly why i dont have a bigfoot body of my own. all these damn cheetoes.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 05:02 PM
I for one would not be at all surprised if they pull off the tarp and reveal a frozen sculpture of a " big foot" as in a large foot. then they didnt technically lie, they get all the publicity they need, and the jokes on all of us.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 12:04 AM
Hey Guys, I just read up on you all. I was at cryptmundo and that led me to your videos on youtube. I think it's a shame how folks in this wonderful world of bigfooting are so apt to judge. I'm just an armchair researcher. I read almost every post reported on the internet. Sure I know some of them are bull submitted by folks with too much time of their hands. But to disbelieve all the 1000's of reports to be figments of people's imagination is plain idiotic. I for one believe whole heartedly believe that they exist. And I do feel you guys are on the up and up and I will be signing into your site on Sept 1st. Everyone wants to be the first to prove they exist. Well I'm sorry to inform you, you guys aren't the first, not to me anyway. I believe you will be the first with a dead specimen, however I am not pleased that it was proven to all the skeptics with a dead body. I'm for live and let live, no kill. So how do you prove it to a world of skeptics and scientists that demand a corpse to study? I guess you will in Sept. I am personally involved on trying to get one of video. A friend of mine located in Kentucky has seen them on his property and he set up a live feed. We are now in the process upgrading our equipment and will be streaming it live. Currently we are on ustream which has poor quality due to so much pixelation. That will change when our new website goes up in the next few weeks. For now I invite you all to come to the and ask for MightyMoMo. I would be happy to tell you what we have and are planning for the future. You all take good care in Georgia now and don't get caught in the middle of the night with one these big dudes mad at you for having one of their brothers on ice. Peace

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 05:01 AM
Dont believe this officer. If he and his buddy do indeed have bigfoot in a freezer, isn't that some type of EPA violation? I'm pretty certain it is. Matt was what I idolized in a cop and I thought he was hot, until all of this.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 05:14 AM
HAHA, so you all knew from the get-go this dude was lying?

Then why respond? You knew at the beginning, case closed right?

And then you bring in more "sasquatch" hunters and group them in with this set?

PSSSSSHHHHAAWWW. These kids are silly for sure, but I'll wait to see what they have, so I don't look like a dhead.

The OP is certainly more than welcome to show this. Good job!

The responses? A bit negligent and shallow to say the least.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 10:50 AM
I just spoke to Matt. I don't know what to think. I live in Georgia too. He said I can drive up and see the bigfoot for myself on September 1st.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by ufo reality

Why do you have to wait until September 1st? I think their hoax is going to far. They hung themselves when they had the one idiot pretend to be a scientist. I'm betting the body gets "stolen" between now and September 1st.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 11:22 AM
reply to post by kidflash2008

I don't know, but he told me how they found it, how tall it was, how much it weighed, and how it took 8 guys to carry it out. He said some live bigfoots were around watching. He said I can drive up and see it for myself on September 1st so I'm going to take him up on that offer and see for myself.

He said those videos on youtube are to attract skeptics so when they reveal what they have they will all look like idiots.

I'm still on the fence, but I'll reserve judgment until September 1st.

[edit on 26-7-2008 by ufo reality]

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by ufo reality

They are making themselves look like fools even if they do have a body. They should handle it with more maturity. It is over a month away, maybe they can give you a sneak peek since you are an investigator of UFOs. You are respected around and if you say you saw a body, the treatment these guys are getting would not be so harsh.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 11:40 AM
when the story was first mentioned here on ATS, i posted an event calander of what would happen. so far its all going to plan. pretty soon the body will dissappear, they will blame it on an ABC agency and so forth.

i do have one question though. i heard some where that the people doing this are police officers. if this is true dose this hoax they are perpetrating fall under any laws? can they be charged with anything?

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by ufo reality

Did he name the eight people who carried it into a vehicle, I guess?
And they all drove over to his house, to carry it from the vehicle into the house?
Did they all hang out long enough to have the freezer ready, and then all get together for its final resting place?
Did they all make signed affidavits to say they witnessed all of this?
Just wondering.
I would think they would do at least this.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by ghostryder21

I don't know if any laws were broken yet. As far as I know, it is not against the law to pull a prank. Now if they charge money and claim they have something they don't, that is another story.
A police officer is basically free to do what they want as long as it is not against the law. If they pull a prank and get everyone mad at them, they will receive flak about it, but will not lose their jobs.
You make a good point jmdewey60 on the eight people vouching and signing affidavits on what they did.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 12:35 PM
i never heard of them aside from a passing mention before coming here. but thanks to this thread, i got to see them for myself. that bit with the "dr"/brother was hillarious. and then they just taunt, show a stuffed bear and say thats the doctor, mention their nutz over and over. they should be fired for simply embarassing their local police force. that guy makes whoever hired him and whoever taught him in the academy look like crap. they are already charging people 500 bucks to go bigfoot hunting but so far they are the only ones to catch one and wont show it. they get a scientist to confirm it and let him ham it up in a few videos and it turns out to be the bro, not a scientist. i mean, if there was any truth to the story, why let all that crap go down? and where are all these witnesses? 8 people seems like a big group to keep a secret. especially when dealing with people who dont know their own brother is the also the masterfullty disguised scientist.

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 09:50 AM
Looks like there have been some changes over at the Bigfoot Tracker website. They are no longer taking ten people on their expeditions at $499 a piece. Now it's three people for $5000.

From their website:


or you can have them take you close to "sight" where the body was found for $499:


They also have shirts and hats for sale now for $19.99.

There is also a new video today that attacks some of their detractors. They give out one persons phone number in the video, for what reason I'm not sure. I guess maybe they are trying to incite others to harass this person? Very becoming behavior for a police officer indeed.

They claim the Patterson footage is fake as well as the book Bigfoot! : The True Story of Apes in America by Loren Coleman. They attack BFRO, of course. Some guy bittermonk who will "Eat his words".

There are the usual claims about being the best Bigfoot hunters in the world and requests for all of the negativity to keep coming. The word "coming" is actually spelled correctly in this video.

This is an apparent ruse to try and make a few bucks, obviously. However, I'm certain that this is being done, for the most part, to try and rile up the Bigfoot community. These guys don't even believe in Bigfoot, they are just doing this for kicks.

Another possible scenario for how this ends is them pulling back the plastic tarp in their freezer to reveal a monkey suit or something else. Then they will laugh and say how they got everyone "real good" and that will be the end of it.

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 10:45 AM
do any of you find it as amusing as i do, that the man they "interviewed" anonymously shot off a round at a bigfoot he saw while hunting illegally (and why would he admit this to an officer??? while he was on parole???) and by some cosmic divine force it is the same round gary/matt whatever his name is, says is in the body he has in his that is one serious coincidence

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by jms88

I think they would have to pay me $5000 to go where they killed BigFoot.
(of course, assuming their story was true)
There were other BigFoot who witnessed the killing.
They just might want to retaliate if a small group of humans returned to the scene of the crime.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 01:29 AM
i couldnt hang out with the rednecks if you paid me to, bigfoot or no. i really cannot wait until september 1st to see how this is going to end. i can only pray that they have painted themselves into a corner that they did not plan for and will be totally F$%#ED!

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