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Welfare for work is wrong. & Global economy crash -coincidence?

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:22 PM
There can never be 100% employment in any country. There will always be people who cannot or don't work. Not enough jobs available. Illegal workers who will work for less etc. Putting aside the disabled, as that is another issue, welfare for work for those who are able to work but don't is wrong. And that is because the government in the UK plans to pay the welfare to work claimants benefit rates for full time work - that is wrong.

If you are required to do a full time job you deserve the minimum wage. Paying welfare to work people benefit rates is slave labour.

Also, ask yourself a couple of questions.

Where are those extra jobs coming from? They suggest picking up litter and cleaning the streets, but who is doing that now? Surely any job that needs filling has someone doing it already at some level. So, that means someone else is being paid the proper wage for that job while the person next to them gets benefits for the same job.

It is interesting that the Labour government in the UK is looking of ways to save on public sector pay and is cutting public sector and council jobs and COINCIDENTLY, decides it is going to save a fortune on council worker pay by getting the unemployed to do the job at a fraction of the cost.

And how are those welfare to work jobs going to lead anywhere? How does years of picking up litter preparing them for a full paid job? And once the government has millions of unemployed slaves saving them billions in public costs they are not going to be too much in a hurry to provide full paid jobs for them! Add to that the fact that millions of people on slave pay who will be propping up the economy and the government will actually look to increase the unemployed to cut more public costs.

For example.

Lets say Sussex council employs 100 street cleaners. Costing them approximately £1.4 million per year.
Then under the welfare to work 75 new street cleaners are available to Sussex council. These new workers cost the council approximately £175,000.
This now means that Sussex council street cleaners cost , 25 at £350,000 and the other 75 at £175,000.
Before welfare to work street cleaner cost £1.4 million.
After welfare to work street cleaner cost £525,000.

And what jobs do the 75 laid off street cleaners get? What work are they experienced for? Street cleaning, no skill, low skill jobs, but there are no full paid jobs available to them because all the no skill, low skill jobs are being done by welfare to work slaves, so after a few weeks after being laid off for full paid street cleaning they are back on street cleaning but PAID AT THE WELFARE BENEFITS RATE.

Once the government sees the money rolling in from the saving on low or no skill jobs they will not try and replace those workers with full paid workers and then it is a vicious cycle as those low or no skill workers will have no full paid jobs to find that they are capable of doing.

And if you are one of the lucky ones who has a reasonably paid job, just remember that the global economy crash is coming to an office near you soon. It is not a coincidence that the government realise that VERY high unemployment figures are due in the next few years due the collapse of the global economy and that is why they are paving the way for millions of slaves. High unemployment due to global crash would obvious mean high deficits. The solution? Before the unemployment numbers get out of ‘control’ get the welfare to work slave laws in place. They save on public spending on welfare and public services in one go! Add to this the private sector who realises how profitable the welfare to work slaves are to their businesses and fewer full paid jobs are available on the market. How long do you think your job will last when your employer can get a welfare to work slave at a fraction of the cost and they get a bonus payment from the government for taking them on.

A footnote to this is the camps that are being built in the US and elsewhere. Once the government figures out the slave population it needs the rest could be interned and disposed of. As welfare to work only measures a person’s worth by what work they can do, and once all the slaves are needed, what do you do with the rest?

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 05:03 PM

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 06:59 AM
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