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What have I seen?

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 01:29 AM
This is my first real topic and I usually wouldn't post things like this but this got me wondering as I have seen many lights in the sky at night that I cannot identify but I have seen this twice now and it seems odd.

The first time I saw it was at about 11:30pm (GMT) so it was dark out, the moon was up in the south east and Jupiter was in a similar direction, I was facing south west when I first saw it and was standing here. It looked south south east from me and was moving north east slowly and with no noise. When I first noticed it I had thought it was Jupiter but as Jupiter was also visible and the object was moving, it looked just like a very bright star or a planet. I stopped for only a little while and kept on walking.

The second time I saw it I was stood here, around the same time at night again. This time I waited and watched it more closely, it was in the same place in the sky but this time the object moved over head and I realised it was turning slowly towards the east, once again there was no sound.

I had a few ideas of what it could be, first I thought it might be a plane but due to the lack of sound it could only be a glider, I don't know how common using such a plane is at night as landing might be odd no? The second idea is that it might be a satellite but the light seemed too bright, the curve of the movement the second time I saw it and the speed seemed all too much for this to be the case.

I have some other possibly useful information, I am always seeing planes to the north west of where I saw the object, jets in fact, I can often hear them at night and could hear them the second night when I passed back through the same place after the object passed (went to get some Chinese food). Oh and I always see military hercules planes and both police and military helicopters, they seem to train over the field I was in.

As I have said I don't know what this was, maybe a glider, does anyone have any idea?

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