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Missing/Murdered Women, Murdered Pregnant Women and the Conspiracy of U.S. Citizens That Allows It

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posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 06:57 AM
The bottom line on a lot of these horrible crimes (like the most recent "murder for baby", kill mother duct tape etc..) is the the justice system lets the crazy nuts with rap sheets a mile long (this latest woman was arrested multiple times stealing babies and what not) out on the streets and forgets about them until they commit another crime or until they commit the "ultimate crime" that will keep them behind bars ( after a trail that last for years and puts the victims families through hell on earth) or in a mental health facility (like the mother who drowned all here kids).

The law is an ass. That’s the problem.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by Heike

Hiyah Heike,

I appreciate your post and your opinion...I have been watching sex and violence in the media since birth. I love Tarrantino movies, sick comediens etc. I listen to some rap, some heavy metal, and I haven't molested, raped, or killed anyone.

People need to go back to PERSONAL responsibility and accountability....TV didn't make you do it, pornography doesn't make you do it, waaa waa we all had hard childhoods, some of us more then others....that's a big cop out in my opinion.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by sc2099

Men can also quickly make up the difference if not saddled with the child-rearing and only the payments.

Let's put this in perspective here...the MOST any man is ever forced to pay is %50 of what he was worth at the time of his divorce.

If men think that losing 50% of their worth at the time is worth hacking up a woman they claim to have loved...then those are the kind of men that deserve prison time because they were not only cold and calculated enough to off the wife or gf just for money, but luckily they are ALL stupid enough to get caught.

If you don't want to give up %50 of your earnings, or whatever you might accumulate, then don't get married and have kids.

If you're so greedy and money hungry that losing 50% of your cash is going to cause you to hack another human up or bury them or shoot need a reality check and a bullet.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by ofhumandescent
reply to post by asmeone2

...Women are manipulative, sneaky, nosey and down right more dangerous then any man could be. We are the wolves and the poor men are the sheep.

...I use to think poor women after having the daughter in law from hell I now know that there's two sides to every story.

[edit on 23-7-2008 by ofhumandescent]

You mean, your former daughter-in-law was manipulative, sneaky, nosey, whatever.

Just because she was that way doesn't mean that all women are. As you said, two sides to every story.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by asmeone2

Good gawd, so you think she should have been capped is what you're saying? I can't even believe some of these posts ....why I am even shocked? That amazes me even more!

No wonder women disappear every day.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by LateApexer313

No, I don't think so at all!

I don't want to come off like I was personally attacking ofhumandescent but after s/he responed to my earlier post I was trying to make the point that just because his ex daughter-in-law manipulated the system, doesn't mean that every woman who cries abuse is lying.

I've met a lot of people (mostly men) who said that their ex abused them, took their kids, got their money, told lies about them in court, ect. but then as I got to know them more and saw some of the things they did when they got angry, I began to feel that the things the ex said were probably legitimate.

Some people cry abuse to cover up their own abuse, so to speak. That's all I was saying, I don't know how you got that I thought the woman should be "capped"

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 07:03 PM
I think the problem inevitably results in accountability. It is not a woman's fault, for instance, for dating a man who started out nice and turned into an abusive person. However, once that abuse begins, it is her responsibility to tell someone about it, whether it be family, friends, the police, etc. Then, the responsibility falls on those told to act on the information.

I find that I lose sympathy for women who move from one abusive relationship to another. It always seems as though the men they date are identical. They continue to look for the same characteristics, and therefore the situation doesn't change. Now, I know a lot of men and women who have been told about abuse, and do nothing. I find this descpicable. I have been told of abuse, and I've reported it. When that didn't work, I've used more persuasive means, because it is my responsibility to act on the knowledge that I have been given. Now this has happened, and some women I know have gone into another similar relationship, at that point I wash my hands of them, for they are choosing to repeat the cycle.

I also know men who have abused women, and I have given them my two cents and them some, and in most cases completely cut them out of my life. Sure, I have ruined frienships over it, but isolation, humiliation, and punishment is the only course these individuals deserve. I have gone further to completely ignore individuals who allowed abuse to continue.

Ultimately, society needs to talk about domestic abuse, child molestation, and rape in an open forum. We need to move past the days of not talking about "that weird uncle". We need to put these people in the limelight and humiliate them in front of all the world to see. They do not deserve to be counted amongst humans, they are animals. Society allows these problems to continue, by not punishing these individuals enough. In my opinion, once a rapist always a rapist. It is idiotic to trust someone who has such little respect for humanity.

I also feel that people always know what they are doing, whether drunk, high, sober, etc. We need tougher penalities for these crimes, and we need to stop them where they start. I've been mad at women, but I'm not about to punch, rape, or kill anyone. We can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to abuse. As long as we do, people all over the world will continue to be abused as such. Sorry, I kind of rambled there, but there definitely is a big pink elephant in the living room and society does not want to discuss it.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by dragonfire2159

I agree with you here.

There is already such a level of awareness that no one can claim ignorance that they are comitting abuse.

The problem will never completely go away but at least will be lessened if there is a social stigma attatched. If the "abuser" knows that instead of looking more macho or whatever the equivilent is for women, they will be ostricized instead of admired, possibly prosecuted in their social circles, that would go a long way.

That being said, I think that there should also be very harsh consequences for someone who falsely reports abuse, and possible consequences for people who know about it and don't report it. WE would have to be careful that concern didn't turn itno paranoia, though, like it does with CPS.

[edit on 25-7-2008 by asmeone2]

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 07:10 PM
I do think money is part of it for some men and this will get worse as the economy tanks.

However, an element missing in this thread is the pervasive culture of death and pornography in our society. Violence is everywhere. Sex is everywhere. Movies, video games, music television, the nightly news.

It has a desensitizing effect on the population who don't realize that there are real consequences to the negative imagery. After all, on T.V. it's all wrapped up nice and clean in one or two hours and they're mostly just acting.

Until we take a stand against violent and pornographic imagery, the abhorrent behavior and complicity will continue. I'm all for free speech rights but all action has a reaction or consequence.

Which is more important, a woman or child's right to personal safety and dignity or Joe Francis's right to pimp Girls Gone Wild every night on T.V.?

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by kosmicjack

That's right too. I notice some women think that if they can just perform better, than the relationship will improve. The saddest extreme is those who think having a kid will bring true compassionate love into the relationship when in fact it just brings dangerous jealousies.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by LateApexer313

Actually, As I have stated in the "Infamy or Obscurity: The Mind of a Serial Killer" thread, I agree with you. Childhood abuse does not make the adult an abuser - or a killer. Exposure to violence does not make a person violent. "First person shooter" video games do not make a person become a sniper or spree killer. With very few exceptions, the human always has a choice, and, in my opinion, must make a conscious choice to be violent and/or hurt others. I also agree that people should be held accountable for their choices and actions, and am firmly on the side of personal responsibility.

However, I do believe that exposure to violence and abuse makes it easier - and somewhat more likely - for an individual to make that choice.

Let me give a silly example and then extrapolate. I happen to be German and spent the first few years of my life in Germany. In Germany we have a dish called 'steak tartare' which is basically raw seasoned ground beef. I grew up eating it and seeing other people eating it, and I think nothing of it. Many Americans, however, are horrified at the idea of eating raw beef and are sure it tastes awful (it doesn't), will make you sick (it never has), etc. If I and an average American were both hungry and were offered steak tartare, the chances are that I will probably choose to eat it with little, if any, hesitation. The other person would be much more likely not to eat it for a group of reasons that include cultural norms and bias, unfamiliarity, and negative perceptions based on lack of experience. He's hardly ever, if ever, seen anyone eat raw meat so it's harder for him to see it as "okay."

Now the extrapolation. A person who is accustomed to violence through exposure, just as I am accustomed to eating raw beef, will find it easier to choose to commit a violent act, than a person who has not been exposed to violence. A person who otherwise has rage or anger issues, is predisposed to violence, or has sociopathic tendencies, may find it much easier to cross the line and commit violence because he has been "conditioned" to it being acceptable by movies, TV, news, and video games. A man who has grown up watching his father hit his mother will be more likely to hit his own wife the first time he is angry with her, than the man who has never seen a man hit a woman. The idea of hitting a woman is right there in his head because he's seen it most of his life. The other guy may, of course, come up with the idea on his own and do it, but statistically and logically it's more likely that a person will engage in that behavior if he has seen other people doing it.

Here's another example. In our society, drunkenness is socially acceptable. It's 'cool,' it's funny, everybody does it, it's fun, it's a guy thing, etc. In other societies, although drinking alcohol (a couple of beers or a glass of wine with dinner) may be acceptable, getting drunk is not. In some societies being seen drunk in public is shameful and embarrassing and likely to cause your entire family and possibly your community to be disgusted with you. And I think you will find that people in the latter societies are much less likely to get drunk than Americans.

Basically what I mean to imply is that violence is, to some degree, perceived as socially acceptable in America, and is depicted as okay, normal, or even 'cool' in the media. Therefore, the probability that any given American will make the choice to be violent is higher than if that were not the case.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 08:06 PM
I know this is off topic, but your beef story reminded me of it. I used to love to eat steak that was raw. I liked it frozen and raw. Well one day I got sick from it, so sick I had to goto the hospital, and I told the doctors what I ate. They asked me if I worshiped Satan or something. Amazing.

Any way, back on topic,:

When I was younger I was in two abusive relashionships. Both people I left. As I finally got away from them, I spent time on my own, and got to know who I was.
I realized I did not need to be with a man.

In getting to know who I was, I did a complete turn around.
I came back to this state years later and saw old friends who thought I was a different person. I am very sure of myself. I am extremely outgoing. I do not fear people. If someone tried to harm me I would have no quams about shooting him rite in the you know what.

I also walk with confidence. As the other poster said, I look in the eyes of anyone I speak to. ( It does make some uncomfortable) It is also good when doing business. Look them in the eyes. Show your are confident in yourself and they will be in you. I have never not got offered a job when I give an interview. I have held managerial positions.

When I walk down the street, I look forward, stand up straight . I am very confident in myself and it shows in how I live. I think an abusive type man if they met me now, would not be very interested. They would be scared of me because they are cowards. Instead of putting their insecurities on me, they would have to put it on themself.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:53 PM
Those people are used by the government to feed the reptilians, stops them from come out of the ground.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 10:10 PM

Originally posted by sc2099
[People may not like to hear it, but women are still the one of the most vulnerable segments in society. Women can't defend against a male attacker the way men can, and no amount of bra burning will ever change that.

This is SOOO untrue. My karate instructor was under 5 feet tall and couldn't have weighed more that 100 pounds. I once watched him kick the ass of a guy who was only about 2 belts lower than him and was about 6'3" and large. Size and weight have nothing to do with deffending yourself if you know what you are doing.


posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by LateApexer313

~Hugz LateApexer313 tight~

This woman is a sweetheart of Mine. She and I talk all the time in ATS chat, and I love talking to her, she's one of the brightest and most hilarious women I know from ATS.

When she takes the time to act upon something like this I take notice, even if it took a nudge while chatting to remind Me. I just thought I would let her know as well as ATS that there are a few people out in the world who give a damn about these types of events, whether they get heard about a lot or not.

I'm going to share a little about who I am and what I do in order to demonstrate that I make a difference when it comes to females and not wanting to see them in harms way. In August I will hit fifteen years in delivering pizzas for a company I'm not naming here, and I'm one of the experienced trainers in all areas, but delivery is a specialty since I've been a driver almost the entire fifteen years. I teach through experience about robbery prevention as well as personal safety with the thought of not putting yourself in harms way to begin with. It's not always easy to do but it is achievable because I have a fifteen year history of never having been robbed and I go into troubled neighborhoods and get out of them all the time. I take it upon Myself to teach a few tricks I learned along the way and I will share them with ATS as well as anyone you want to pass it on to.

When going to your vehicle, always, and I mean always have your car keys in hand, and never ever be searching for your keys in that big bulky purse that a lot of women carry. Leaving the building wherever you are you should have your keys in hand, first so as to be ready to get in your car, second so you can jingle them to make noise and attract attention, and third as a last resort, and I mean last resort to use as a mean of self-defence to scratch out your assailants eyes or jab him or her in the throat. I do not say this lightly, nor am I condoning violence, I am speaking here about self-defense only.

Also when going to your vehicle, look around your vehicle and see if there is anyone near it you do not know, if you feel unsafe have your cell phone out ready to dial 9-1-1 as well as your keys, multiple tactics to save your life here, male or female. Second, if you do not see someone at your vehicle, still keep an eye out, by looking in your windows to see if anyone is hiding within it also watching for broken windows, and as well looking into the reflection of your windows to see if someone is following you and or has gotten close to you without your knowledge.

These few tricks have saved My life many, many times. I've never been robbed yet in almost fifteen years, but I did get set up once and saw it coming and got out safely.

Here is My current resume to show a few things I think about on a daily basis.

Pizza Delivery – 15 Years – Training in all positions – Crew trainer in Security Awareness/Crime Prevention/Driver Safety in potentially hazardous situations while dealing with the public. Training in and Crew Trainer in dealing with irate and hostile customers. Conflict De-Escalation Training.


Conveiniance Store – 5 Years – Training in all positions – Security awareness – Training in and Crew Trainer in dealing with irate and hostile customers. Conflict De-Escalation Training.


Fast Food – 2 ½ Years – Training in all positions, Crew Trainer position held for 2 years after 6 months of employment - Security Awareness - Training in dealing with irate and hostile customers. Conflict De-Escalation Training.


Hoagies Shop – 2 Years – Training in multiple positions. Personal Safety Awareness.


Security Officer at Hospital – April 2006 to February 2008 – T.E.A.M. Training – Techniques for Effective Aggression Management – Conflict De-Escalation Training/Escalation Deterrent Training. Trained in securing psychiatric patients, in-processing, monitoring, and out-processing. Trained in Showing Presence, monitoring, and safety awareness.

Trained in Code Red (Fire Prevention), Code Pink (Infant/Child Abduction), Code Black (Bomb Threat), Code Orange (Hazmat/Bio-Terrorism), Code Grey (Violence/Security Alert), Code White (Hostage Situation), Code Yellow (Facility Lockdown), Code Green (Mass Casualty/Disaster), Code Brown (Severe Weather), and Code Silver (Communication Failure) Trained in entering patients to be triaged, dealing with irate and hostile patients and visitors, trained in Concierge Desk duties, including badging visitors utilizing the Fast Pass System, distributing visitor passes, and directing/re-directing visitors to appropriate areas with Hospital.

Trained in Incident Response – U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Weapons of Mass Destruction – Terrorist Bombing Threats Response


Boy Scouts of America –April 2006 to Present – Unit Commissioner – Rank is a Liaison Officer between Scout Master and Cub Master and Local District and position is essential for advice, direction, and implementing contacts in various areas. This is considered a Quality Assurance Manager position.

Wood Badge Training - Adult Leadership Essentials on Conflict De-Escalation, Conflict Resolution, Presentation Skills, Group Unity through Leading E.D.G.E. Training (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable) among other areas of Leadership Training.

Unit Commissioner Training – Achieved an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts for Unit Commissioner after attending 7 hours of training by multiple trainers in a group setting. Unit Commissioner is trained to deal with all of the above mentioned areas from work experience areas and to be able to do this with both adult leaders and Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts/Venture Crew.

Buffalo Troop Patrol Leader – October 2006 to Present – Buffalo Patrol was from Wood Badge as I was nominated and elected as permanent Patrol Leader after all members were given the opportunity to lead during the six day seminar.

F.O.S. – Friends of Scouting Speaker/Presenter/Committee Member – Giving a presentation for donations to the Boy Scouts of America based on personal life history and how the Boy Scouts has helped my life.

Merit Badge Counselor – Citizenship in the World – Assisted Merit Badge Counselor with the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge class with approximately 25 to 30 Boy Scouts at Merit Badge University. Essentially taught how a citizen of the world should act, react, and respect other cultures and their differences, and how to move throughout the world while representing the Boy Scouts of America both as Scouts and citizens of the United States of America within the world theater, along with presenting my personal knowledge and history of Australia.


AIU Online College – Business Administration/Criminal Justice Administration degrees studied.

That's the current resume I have and I deleted all information that could potentially lead to a stalker doing something stupid. Not that anyone on ATS would do that, but I take no chances since I have been stalked off and on since I was six years old, both individually as well as group stalked. Another time and another thread, long story with all of that.

In case I didn't already state it, I take it a step further with the women I train because I've seen so many of them quit because of customers who come on to them or harrass them because they're pretty. I teach them everything I can think of to make them as safe and as well safer than the guys I train.

If a fellow ATS'er make you feel uncomfortable, tell a Moderator, if you don't know one, ask Me, I know plenty, and I'll help you get the message to the right one in regards to this specific topic.

Oh yeah, and I've read, learned, and lived the Art of War since I was six years old.

A Business Administation/Criminal Justice Adminstation assignment I did

Introduction To Criminal Justice DB Assignment 2

As the Campus Security Coordinator I would want to inform the students of how to avoid being put in a hazardous situation without scaring them into unwillingness to walk across Campus. My first suggestion for the Public Service Announcement would be that any and all students should not travel alone when walking across Campus, walking to their vehicles, or moving about on Campus in any way at night.

This being said, you will notice that I never specified that females should not do this and that I said traveling alone is suggested against. The reason for this is very specific for multiple reasons. First and foremost the assignment does not specify that male or female are being sexually assaulted. You might be laughing at this that a male would feel threatened or actually be able to be sexually assulated, but it does happen. The next reason I stated this the way I did is a gender complex issue.

If females are not traveling alone, they should be in groups of females together, or with males they know and they know they can trust 100%. In regards to males traveling together with other students, this works several ways. First, like I stated a male can be sexually assaulted, but my other reasoning which would not be explained to anyone except you reading this assignment, is that if several males are traveling together, they will be watching each others activities, they will be seen together if they are around people and more than likely someone will recognize one person out of two or three males if something does happen.

Another proactive measure would be to recommend for any and all students to have car keys in hand while they are walking to either their dorm or to their vehicle or any other part of the college Campus. This is to ensure that they are ready to go through whatever door they are going to quickly, it shows that they are alert and ready, it also makes noise so if they are one of the people sexually assaulting people on Campus it will alert someone to their presence (this part wouldn't be explained, of course), and last but not least car keys can be used as a last resort weapon if someone attackes them. I deliver pizzas for a living, and I walk across College Campuses all the time. All of these things are things I do on a daily basis to keep myself from being robbed or injured. I also train any and all new delivery drivers, especially women about these techniques to prevent harm to themselves.

There are of course other areas to consider when to comes to safety of college students on a College Campus. It can be recommended that any student desiring an escort to call Campus Security and this would utilize Campus resources in a proactive way to ensure safe passage for the students to and from their dorms. Keeping eye contact with a would-be assailant would be another recommended tactic to suggest to the students in the Public Service Announcement. This is recommended by Police Statistics as a crime deterrent. The reason for this is that if the criminal knows that he or she is being watched, and they are aware that you are aware of them that this lessens the chances of the crime actually taking place by 50%. That's a large percentage to knock the crime potential down to me.

I could literally write a 50 page assignment on this subject through having been put into or getting myself out of potentially hazardous situations as a pizza delivery driver. I will spare myself the cramps from typing so much and from boring you. A quick suggestion would to always carry a flashlight as a light source, and as a potential weapon if the need arises. Being aware of your surroundings and "taking mental possesion" of wherever you are is a great idea. Taking mental possesion is where you make yourself aware of every single person in the area you will be traveling in, noting any and all potential hazard areas IE : Dark or shaded areas, dead-end corners, or areas of seclusion, where no one can see you or hear you scream.

Looking in your vehicle to make sure no one is in the vehicle before you enter it, and even looking in the refelction of the glass to see if someone is sneaking up on you is a great idea, the last part has saved me many times while deliverying pizzas.

These are all areas that I train my fellow drivers when I take on a new employee to train as a pizza delivery driver. All of what I have said are ways to keep yourself from being a "helpless victim" and being a proactively secure individual. The rising crime trend data can be used to add to this announcement by selecting statistics that show or demonstrate all of the above ideas and show how they have prevented crimes from happening. In my own personal safety this type of thinking helped me in avoiding being robbed because I saw the potential robbery before it happened. The two individuals I noticed fit the exact description of the two teens who had robbed another pizza delivery driver at gun point only three weeks prior to an incident I avoided 9 years ago. I haven't ever had that problem again, because I know what to look for proactively. I am also a Security Officer at my other job and I use these techniques to see things before they happen.

[edit on 27-7-2008 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Aweee thanks SKL for that very thoughtful post and I mean that!

Your safety tips are great ones and they make me realize that even men too, delivering pizza's or going about their business sometimes have to worry like us girls do too, about getting robbed....But actually, you all still don't have to worry, for the most part, about being raped AND robbed...your throat slit and dumped along a highway, like we do....You really don't have to think about being snatched right out of a Wal Mart parking lot, being enclosed in some underground dungeon torture chamber, taken to a secluded road out in the country, tortured, mutilated, dumped as trash. I figure when men have to worry about this at the same rate we do? The penalties will grow to Life In Prison at least...and the problem might be solved quicker lol.

So SKL what do you think about women, from all walks of life, disappearing daily here in the US? Is that all the advice you'd give to your daughter if you have one?

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 03:46 AM
reply to post by kosmicjack

Hiyah Kosmicjack,

I know that there's a pervasive culture of violence here in the US, violence against women, porn is even getting out of hand.

We used to giggle at Penthouse, now 12 year olds can view bestiality, to name just one, it's ridiculous. I think it makes you numb to it, but I still ain't buying the theory that "playing Grand Theft Auto 4" made me whack someone.

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by LateApexer313


This doesn't even scratch the surface of what I would teach My daughter, or even son for that matter. I've been through the ringer, through the meat-grinder so to speak, and now I willingly jump into the meat-grinder and tear the damn thing up when necessary.

I'm an in-the-box, out-of-the-box, and smash-the-box and start over thinker, in that there is nothing I will not teach My family, the loved ones I care for most in order to protect them as best I can.

I think personally that teaching our young children survival methods should be mandatory, not some assinine stupidity where the television raises your child. I learned the skills I talked about here both from living through Hell with bullies constantly as well as reading massive amounts of books and one day I stopped being the bullied and became the bully-buster, I'll take on any bully, any time, any place, for any reason, and you can guarantee I'll teach My kids the same thing.

There's a time when you have to use your words intelligently, and talk your way out of a bully situation, and then there's a time when you need to pick a really big 2X4 and talk really loud to that bully in the only manner he or she will understand. Violence. I detest violence and I will go out of My way to avoid violence if at all possible.

My step-father having been a Marine during Vietnam, taught that last paragraph one day when I came home all beaten the crap out of because of not knowing how to defend Myself, and I never forgot it.

I never ever attack in advance, it's always in self-defense. I think personally if you do not know what you are doing, you can screw up your kids psyche by teaching them these things, but it takes life skills like what I've talked about as well as a balance of joy, love, and laughter, combined with the knowledge that grown-ups make mistakes and you should always use anything that happens as a lesson to demonstrate to your children that it can be overcome.

Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome any obstacle that gets in your way, even if you are your own obstacle.

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 04:06 AM
it has been stated over and over again that men die more, die more violent deaths, die by murder more often, etc.....
so being a female gives you an advantage from the start, statistically speaking. i say you stop whining and figure out a way to win when you already have the homefield advantage and you have been spotted some points.

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 07:07 AM

Originally posted by re22666
it has been stated over and over again that men die more, die more violent deaths, die by murder more often, etc.....
so being a female gives you an advantage from the start, statistically speaking. i say you stop whining and figure out a way to win when you already have the homefield advantage and you have been spotted some points.

While this is true, you failed to break down exactly what percentage of these deaths are directly related to (male/female) domestic situations. In your example, that is the most important statistic and you have omitted it.

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