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Am I seeing Energy???

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 01:59 AM
wow I thought I was alone on this, I first noticed this when I was in 7th grade. I can see it coming out my body in the mirror, it comes out of other people too. It's weird,could be eye strain though. And to be honest I know what the cells on my eyes look like and this is looks completely different.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:00 AM
I believe a number of people here are talking about different things.

To the people wondering about the little white objects that can be seen against a blue sky on a bright day, that do little figure 8's very fast... Well its either white blood cells (As another has said, though I don't believe this) or a minor type of energy (they can become rapid or slow, change colors, but regardless, nothing special)

To the others wondering about a glossy illumination of white/grey sparkles seen everywhere in eyesight during night, or day (easy to see against a black object, thats why night is preferred), well this is typically a sign of the mind that has at one point evolved to a slightly higher vibration, via drugs/spiritual experience/NDE/OOBE. This is called "Illumination," which is the beginning steps to becoming an illuminated one. This was a pre-requiste for those wanting to join a true "Illuminati" group thousands of years ago up until modern day. Not to be confused with the masonry Illuminati, but rather the spiritual illuminati, AKA, The Brotherhood, Children of One, Buddhas, High Priests, and so on.

But to get back on topic, there are others seeing "colors". Well these colors could be a number of things. They can be the negative reflection of a color (IE: starring at the color blue for a while( a minute) and then looking at a white wall, and you will see "Yellow". This is the colors negative. Not an aura. An Aura is not the negative color the eye recieves after starring at an object for a while, but rather is an energy field that can be seen or felt*, but comes instantly to the person. Aura's DO NOT require you to stare an object/animal/person for 30-60 seconds just to see a color surround them by a small margin. Aura sight is very rare, and should not be mistaken with the negative color imprint from starring at something too long. THESE ARE AFTERIMAGES.

Next, there are others claiming seeing other energy colors or such from starring at "ONE" point in the "Air**" Welcome to beginning meditation. The more you do this, the more interesting things will get. Typically in a novice meditator, hypno imagery begins to appear (precursor of dream/astral state), in which "Colors" appear. These may be indigo, purple, Electric Blue (sometimes sparkling up or down in a wave) depending on the time of day or night. In a dark room, they are typically these former colors. During the day, they are typically, Gold/ Green/Red and light blue. Next, comes Astral objects. These objects will appear in these same colors, but start to take form. Such objects can be geometrical patterns and to some more advanced, humanoid like objects. I personally have only seen one humanoid object, and this was on a very powerful drug, and not my typical meditation.

So what are these "Astral or Aether objects"? Well, to start out with, there is the "Eye". The Eye has many names. It is always there, and see's everything, and is always following you. Where you look, it goes. Its like a little particle of energy that knows where your looking. Now this eye, is typically very small, and in the middle of it, is a white light, that sometimes blinks. This eye is a "Sphere"... During the day, starring a white wall, it can be seen as a Blue/teal sphere spinning (depending on how good your sight is). As some of you may know, it is also "wheel" like, henceforth it represents the wheel of life. Wheel of life? Why? Well, if you ever become very good at astral projection/oobe from lucid dreams, you will find that sometimes you dont just black out and wake up. But as you wake up, the sphere is where your "consciousness" just came out of. Its like watching your dream disappear within the sphere. The sphere is also important in full conscious OOBE. It's speed is an indicator of energy levels. Typically, if your energy is raised in the astral plane, via Kundalini, the sphere will rotate faster, which can also increase your chance of returning to the physical plane.


posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:11 AM

Originally posted by sobek52
For a while now, if i focused of a spot of air, it would, after a while, look like there is transparent "Television Static." Now, it seems if i look anywhere i can see it. It gathers in auras around people/animals, and there seems to be ambient energy (if thats what it is) in the air.
It's faint, but certainly there. What is it?
Has anyone else experienced something like this?
Please tell me what you think!!!

[edit on 20-7-2008 by sobek52]

Hey there!! Ok.. I read most of this thread. People are describing a bunch of different things here thinking they are talking about the same thing. Like a few people have already said some of it can be explained by science.. I Have done a good amount of research on this topic. I too have been seeing what I would describe as "thousands of white, pin prick sized dots (I call them sparklies) that zing around in all directions" they are easiest for me to see against a light solid background. I have concluded that they are not "floaters" or cells.. I can actually see those too. These things move at, what seems to be, hundreds of miles an hour.. they leave a tracer, or tail, they are moving so fast. I have concluded that I am seeing these "sparklies" with my Third Eye, or Pineal Gland, just as a few people had mentioned previously. The reason I came to this conclusion is actually quite interesting. I just started seeing these things about 5 months ago... then one day I was laying on my back just watching them zing around and I started doin something with my head and I could "swing" them back and forth and actually hold them to one side of my vision. (its kinda hard to describe with words, but I hope you get the idea.) At first I was like.. WHOA.. I can move these things?? But then I started thinking a little more reasonably and remembered that I can actually move 2 normal eyes separate from each other.. Like I can keep one straight and move the other one around. (My dad has a genetic problem.. he had to get his eyes taken out and fixed.. haha.. mix his eyes with my moms and Im just kinda messed up.) Anyways, I figure what I am doing is actually keeping my 2 eyes straight and turning my "third eye" making these sparklies move in respect to the background. Here is a quote that backs this up: "The fact of the third eye's existence can be found in modern embryology too. This organ as well as its photoreceptors, lens and nerve cells develops with a two-month-old human fetus. However, the eye disappears as the fetus continues growing. It leaves the epiphysis – a pea-sized pineal gland in front of the cerebellum. Specialists pay attention to the remarkable mobility of the epiphysis and its ability to turn like an eye. Furthermore, medics point out the direct similarity of the gland and the eyeball: it also has a lens and color receptors. Biologists say that the epiphysis has lessened in size during thousands of years of inaction, although it used to be the size of a large cherry." One reason why I may be able to actually move it now is that I have stopped drinking tap water, which is full of Fluoride, which calcifies the pineal gland. "Fluoride, added to the water supply of many cities and counties and sold by WalMart in its nursery water, has a tendency to accumulate not only in developing teeth causing discoloration, and in bones making them brittle. The mineral is associated with cancer and it also accumulates in the pineal gland, an important hormone control center, where it wreaks considerable havoc. " "When Luke found out that the pineal gland - a little gland in the center of the brain, responsible for a very large range of regulating activities (it produces serotonin and melatonin) - was also a calcifying tissue, like the teeth and the bones, she hypothesized it would concentrate fluoride to very high levels. The gland is not protected by the blood brain barrier and has a very high perfusion rate of blood, second only to the kidney. Luke had 11 cadavers analyzed in the UK. As she predicted she found astronomically high levels of fluoride in the calcium hydroxy apatite crystals produced by the gland. The average was 9000 ppm and went as high as 21,000 in one case. These levels are at, or higher, than fluoride levels in the bones of people suffering from skeletal fluorosis. It is these findings which have just been published." I have been drinking Spring Water or Distilled water for almost a year now. Not to mention.. I dont cook with tap water and wont drink anything that may have been made with it (if I can avoid it).. I drink mainly fresh squeezed juice. Stopping my fluoride intake may have not only.. "loosened up" (decalcified) my third eye.. it may also be responsible for actually letting me be able to see these sparklies. So, for me the next question was.. what the heck are these sparklies? I have come to a conclusion that it is what people have referred to as Prana, Qi, Life Force.. and so on. And actually.. I think it may be what scientists can't find.. Dark Energy. If you think about it.. it actually makes sense. They say that 75% of the universe is made up of Dark Energy and what I am seein is EVERYWHERE... the reason the scientists can't find it it because it isn't really a solid particle.. it is spiritual particle.
Since then I have had other "spiritual" experiences and can see other "things" when I am in the right mind set... and now I am 99% sure that these sparklies are really a spiritual particle.. and to the OP.. Yes, I think you are seeing energy. (If you are seeing what I am seeing)


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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by sobek52

Hey Sobek52

I like the topic. I also see energy from time to time.

Not sure how it happens but the energy that I can see is the air. More to the point, it's the air forming . I don't know if it's the light from the atoms smashing together to make oxygen or what. Just tiny specks of light in the air, right in front of me, if I lookjust right.
I've been able to do this my whole life.

I've never seen an aura as you have though. Must be cool and spooky at the same time.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:27 AM
that static you see in the sky are the tiny blood vessels in your eyes supplying blood to cells, its nothing mystical.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:47 AM

* cough *

you been punched in the head at any point recently?

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 02:49 AM

Originally posted by Interfacer

Originally posted by EnlightenUp

Originally posted by Interfacer
You are not seeing energy! It is White blood cells that are in front of your optic nerve. Everyone can see this if they look up at the sky on a bright day and focus on one spot in the sky for 10 minutes. I asked a opthalmologist about this very same thing. He told me the answer.

Are you speaking for everyone? I know in my case it isn't that because it's visible in total darkness with eyes closed as well. As for seeing energy or it being a strange form of neural noise (not the film grain type as in low light) I don't know.

I am speaking for the OP his experience is exactly what i said to the doctor i asked and thats what he told me and it makes perfect sense to me anyways. What you are speaking about is eye strain and with you eyes closed it is quite intereting what you see when you press on your eyes or even close your eyes while on lsd.

It's not in origin from the eye itself and is there 24/7. How strained my eye is has no bearing on it's presence. It is more intense in a hypnogogic state especially on the waking side. It is also not the colors from putting pressure on the eyeballs which has it's own distict appearance.

Maybe what I experience is unique. Noone I know personally has claimed to see anything like this particular thing I see. This thread seemed to be the first place on earth where somone else has mentioned anything that sounded vaguely familiar.

If I focus on a "spot of air" I see something much like the OP talks about and it does not originate in the eye. I ruled that out at an early age by getting opinions from all sorts of people with similar "eye-based" explanations. The phenomema talked about in that area I do/have experienced and they are very different in appearance. The focus simply intensifies the "beads" experience in that region.

One that is light-dependent is looking at a clear sky where pretty soon little streaks with trails will move in random directions. Anything in the eye fluid like floaters move uniformly since the fluid will move rather uniformly. This one is an entirely different thing than the "beads" (just to make it clear) and is also not the effect produced by an oxygen imbalance.

I've had a life full of odd visual phenomena and am familiar with the ususal suspects and what they look like. I was but a few years old before having asked about each one since so much was going on.

Actually this reminds me I could probably start some threads on things that cover the auditory and some other freaky stuff. I'll think about whether or not that's a good idea.

Edit: I can't go without mentioning that in order to see the "spot in the air" it requires picking an external point in space but focusing attention inward rather than outward. So it isn't quite like looking at something "out there".

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:03 AM
Solar electron neutrinos...that is what they are! All the people mentioning seeing this static are elevated in mind, body, and intelligence.

Do you see sparks (like little lights?) within this static field? What about the opposite of sparks like something inside of darkness being taken over by darkness (stronger darkness consuming lighter darkness)?

You aren't crazy and for those who claim there is something wrong they are just a bit worried and some a bit jealous because they can't see it.

Keep studying the patterns. You'll notice the swirling that tends to happen after a while with all this static once you concentrate more.

It is cool that you are all seeing this and some have seen it for years.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:11 AM
Whoa I thought I was alone. It does look like very tiny clear beads coming out of my body and moving in every direction and crisscrossing, it's also visible when I look in mirrors too. Ive been seeing this for a while now since about 7th or 8th grade and Ive always been ignoring it. Trust me when i say that i've seen cells on my eyes, this looks nothing like it. No one I know can see it though.

If you focus on one point they start to become more clear and start looking like tiny droplets of water flying around.

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:17 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
This is called Visual Snow.

Good old Wikipedia answers for everything...

"Therefore, each subject with a leading complaint of visual snow needs a full diagnostic work-up including ophthalmic, neurological and psychiatric examinations as well as an MRI scan of the brain."

Hear that guys? Your all sick and need help...

Who writes that crap anyway?


To the OP The color of your aura depends on your mood and more importantly on your state of health... if you had say a broken arm, there would be a bright red 'flash' at the area of the break.

A golden aura is one who has achieved spiritual self awareness or 'enlightenment' In old pre 1500's bibles saints had a golden aura... later that became a 'halo' just around the head and then a ring over the head in modern times... completely losing the meaning...

It is to bad we never did more research with Kirlian photography... if you took a Kirlian photo of a correctly shaped and aligned pyramid you would see a beam of this aural energy coming out of the top...

Hey!!! I actually still find it on the web...

They called it "Pyramid Energy" and it has healing properties by effecting the aural energy of your body and 'fixing' the problem... There is a hospital in Isreal (I think) that uses this concept..

It is also how a true faith healer can actually make a difference... first by convincing you you will get better which boosts your aura via positive thought... and by applying his/her energy to the trouble spot

Keep working on the gray area... you may see more colors as you get better...

Yoda was right the "force" is all around you and you can do experiments to prove it...

There are other things... people that are introverted have a narrow 'sphere of influence" as their aura is close around them while people with a zest for life can increase their sphere of influence to cover a very large area...

When that happens you become more aware of things around you... you see things others miss... you pick up on feelings....

Ever gone into a room and met someone you instantly disliked or felt comfortable with? It was their aura that triggered this...

You can do strange things with practice... you can 'sense' the disturbance in the force' left by a police radar unit ahead out of site...

We are electric beings... the universe is electric... scientists are slowing beginning to understand this... they have already discovered that the sun is not a nuclear reactor but a electromagnetic plasma energy device...

Well that ought to be enough food for thought for now... I shall lurk for a bit...

But remember that we barely use 10% of our brain and out of the billions of pairs coded into our genes we only use a mere handful... the rest are 'inactive'

Imagine what we could do if we could unleash our full potential

Yoda was right... to Yoda you listen, yes? Hmmm?

Plasma is the Life Blood of the Universe...

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:36 AM
glad to know I probably don't have eye problems.

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:37 AM
I see this colorless?,Whitish?,Greyish?, static stuff too.I cannot recall when it started. I think I've always seen this stuff. Like other posters I just thought it was me, or my eyes going bad. I never notice it until I think about it and then my eyes feel as if they either focus on something or as if they were drier than usual. It only takes a millisecond from the thought until I see it. It is always noticed without thinking about it if I look at a lit sky, monitor or something of the sort. This is not floaters or what are described as auras at all.

My mind tells me its static and its seems to glob in areas from time to time. But when I really try to see it, its impossible to focus on it. I see it clear as day but I have no idea what I'm looking at. The color is the same way. I am sure it is mostly grey scale (whites blacks and greys) but any color I think of I think I see or notice. It does not look like a darkened room with tacky colored Christmas lights either. Areas of it move like ants in weird shapes sometimes or only in certain areas. Oddly I never really thought about it. I am really freaked out that I can not put what I see into words. How is that possible? I don't know why I never really thought about this in depth. Its kinda like what you see with your eyes closed or static. But as I've previously stated, not really.

It's posts like these that keep me coming back when I began to stray from ATS. Great post.


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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by HypnoAsp

Yes it's defintely colorless(it looks colorless to me), it's not exactly like the auras people have been describing, it doesn't turn blue or gold or any other color. It doesn't seem to do any harm, I've been seeing this thing for many years now so I don't think there's anything to worry about. I agree with what you said about this thing moving around like ants. it looks cool too

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 03:54 AM
this isn't "energy", it's just a natural thing that loads of people get.
next you'll be telling me the floaters you can see in your eyes are 'alien cells'

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 04:14 AM

i always thought it was simply the fluid moving over your eye after you blink.

i call them worm's..they wigggle ect.

Nothing paranormal, my optician told me its just little sunburns on the eye. Little scars in fact, some are less noticeable and they follow your eye movement and seem to glide a bit when you stop..

You are all referring to floaters. Floaters belong in a different thread.

Peoples auras are sometimes colored, yes. Mine is BLUE

Interesting, Sobek. Although we appear to be seeing the same thing I have never seen anyone's aura. Never.

I would get my eyes checked.. (if for nothing else than to just re-enforce the fact that you're not crazy kinda thing) I mean absolutely NO disrespect at all

I may not have 20/20 vision, but my eyes are healthy. No damage whatsoever. I had an eye examination only recently.

I do not take medication or hallucinogens. It's something I have experienced all my life, 24/7.

Has the whole forum gone mad? Astrithr offered a couple reasonable explanations and nobody even seemed to notice. Perhaps some of you are experiencing something "magickal," but the majority of these things have explanations.

I read Astrithr's post. The blue field entoptic phenomenon has nothing to with it.

The last time I had a bad migrane I experienced visual snow, there were blurry colours (mostly blue and green), as if I had looked at a bright light. Again, this is not what I (and the OP) have been describing, but it does come closer than any of the other explanations.

I would rather there was a logical explanation - and I am sure there is one. All I can say is, none of the explanations put forward fit so far.

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 04:45 AM
I think a few are confusing the different visual effects, heres a short list of the common ones people see, wiki links included...


Floaters - Small blurred dark patches that move with the fluid of the eye, to see look at a plain light surface, move eyes from left to right, if you have any, notice the way they move with the eye and have just a very slight delay in stopping.

Visual Snow (Static) - Like TV static but blended/transparent with the background and high in resolution like the eye, probably signal noise between the retina and brain, probably a mix of noise and random neuron activity.

Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (Fireflies) - These look like hundreds of tiny bright point's flying around in a squiggly fashion, most easily seen while look at a clear blue sky, they're white blood cells.

Phosphenes (kaleidoscope, Fractals) - Easily seen when pressure is applied to the eye, e.g. rubbing the eye's which im sure we've all done, though not really good for them, it's also produced by other means as well.

Scintillating Scotoma (Migraine Aura) - Bright static starting in a small and stable but expanding area, usually starts off to one side and spreads, blocks vision in the area, see also here.


There's another visual effect i can sometimes see while looking at a blue sky for a while, it's kind of like a vortex pattern that has waves moving inward or outward around the centre of my vision, oddly this seems to only happen when looking at a clear blue sky, nothing bright or anything just normal and in any direction, it actually lasts for a short time after looking away, not sure if it always works but it will quite often if i try to see it, it's a weird one though, not like the after effects you get with say a moving optical illusion, it's more like small pulsating waves in a vortex, anyone seen this? please try it and let me know.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 05:14 AM
this very thing happens to me all the time

in fact, it happened after years of eating a lot of mushrooms, mdma, acid, a looooot of it.

next time you're rolling your balls off, especially during the day, take a look up at the sky and see if you find patches of static.

you've probably just eaten a lot of drugs ^_^

i know i have

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 05:59 AM
I've experienced this for years, I can't remember when, though. It is exactly like static, but it kind of vibrates. Sometimes I see kind of outlines of shapes, which move, most of the time these shapes resemble beings, almost ghost-like. It's different to static you was see on TV, it's very transparent and has great depth to it and if there is a lot of it , it's almost like everything around me is flickering.

I see it everywhere I go, too. I've never told anybody about it as I assumed it was just me being tired all the time.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by UFOpsychiczebra

alltho I don't see auras, I have been seeing this energy since I was a child.

Nothing to be freaked out about.

Actually.. It was only a few months back that I realized other people didn't see it too. Haha

Try to notice the happenings in your peripheral vision. But don't look at it with your full vision. You should notice living energies that are either 'dead' or on another plane. I'm not sure which, but I know if you turn your full attention to it it'll disapparate. Or maybe this is just me. I wish they'd stay properly.

Hope this has helped.

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 06:19 AM
It's nothing more then remnants of radiation left over from the Big Bang. All the matter found in the universe including the matter in people, plants, animals, the earth, stars, and galaxies was created at the very first moment of time, 13 billion years ago. The left over evidence for the Big Bang is greatly evident. Over billions of years, stars "cook" hydrogen and helium atoms in their hot cores to make heavier elements like carbon and oxygen.

The static on your television is caused by left over radiation from the Big Bang. I would find it equally feasible that what some people are seeing is the radiation left over or "static" left over from the Big Bang. This is why you are seeing it on all forms of matter and not just humans.

Just my theory..

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