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Psychological Testing

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posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 09:21 PM
I'm sitting here, with three pieces of paper lined up in front of me. You think they're unassuming, harmless- two have no identification of what they are, and the other with only a four digit code (16PF)- but they aren't. Anyone who got a hold of these could very easily figure out almost everything about me, from personality traits to best vocation to what I think about myself. As you might have guessed from the title, all three are seperate psychological evaluations of a different aspect of myself.

I've already identified one of them. Anyone in this field should know enough that hinting at the others would be pointless. Let's leave it at I've had mental and emotional testing as well, all part of the curriculum of psych 101. All I was given was raw data, yet in ten minutes I had a frighteningly accurate depiction of myself.

How many of you have had such tests, and how accurate were they? I wonder because one of the thigns we learned was stimulus rationalization. If I were to start levitating in front of any of you, you would all be shocked and horrified. However, if I told you it was hypnosis, almost all of you would shrug it off despite the fact that I explained nothing of the mechanics of what happened. Is that what's happening with standardized testing? Are we simply acceptign what's told while a comprehensive battery of tests applied from birth are stocked and filed away throughout our lives?

Within the next two weeks, I get my MPII back. I'm terrified.


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