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The Truth about the Wonderful Counselor.

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 08:30 AM
What I am about to write is not something I expect half the people who are members here will come to believe, understand or even grasp. I believe that this information has to come out otherwise I would not have joined to have this information posted. I’m sure you have had a lot of these types of posts and while searching the forums I’ve noticed a lot of faked messages (for everyone) and some honest truthful ones.

I know there are others out there like this and these are the ones who are fully awake yet nobody listens because the words they have do not yet make sense (yet). These people are not “Cult” followers nor do they demand a following and they continue to read research and investigate. These are the people who will lead you in the days to come.

Yeshua Ben Yoseph the man in which many have come to understand as the “Son of God” was a sacred warrior. He has not only cleared the entire universe out of “Nephilim” on other planets but he has worked on this planet (Earth) the longest. Since the creation of this universe he has struggled to remove the Nephilim on other planets. He has succeeded majority of times (this being the only planet left to redeem fully). One of the rules of his species is that non-interference is highly regarded. By not interfering with the “Sources” (i.e.: God, Allah, Creator…) manifestation of reality; in the end the “Last Messiah” would become the total incarnation of all that is, was and will become (Alpha to Omega). But the only way a planet can be interfered with is if a higher being of “species” breaks this law and “infects” the world with desire to control all its resources, governments, and religions into one unified belief system (Illuminati, New World order and so on…). The ones who broke the sacred Source law on this planet are what some religious scriptures define as being Nephilim.

Over the years many different cultures fought these beings off. The Chinese developed Martial Arts and studied occult to defeat the “Dragons” or reptilian species (The Japanese developed Samurai). Majority of the world developed some form or method in keeping these parasitical beings at bay. But now they have overrun almost all your governments. The people that were put onto reservations fought the Nephilim the longest and refused to give into the merging (assimilation) of these beings and in doing so were forced onto concentration camps (reservations) where they were given little and forced into a form of deep slavery. These people as well as others who truly believe in the Source are your only hope of salivation in the end days to come. Because out of all the earth’s people they have held onto the sacred teachings passed down from the “Source” and still truly believe after all was done to them. They have more belief in “God, Creator” then any other religion and they do not openly say this but for them I will say it.

What you call “Archangels” are the first created beings. They can go from 3rd, fourth, and fifth dimensions with ease. The fallen angels (Nephilim) can also go from these dimensions but they have been quarantined in this sector of your part of the universe. The war in heaven was out of defense from this “Lucifer” trying to merge with the Source before time was ready and he did not fulfill the duties in being born through immaculate conception (as to abide by the sacred law) and tried to quickly merge with the source and almost succeeded in doing so if it were not for the group who defended it.

If a planet is developing properly and becoming aware of their own self-worth then there is no need to interfere but to just observe and keep records. On the other hand if the planet becomes infected then the word of God is allowed to pass down ancient teachings to a select few (Moses was the first for the Hebrews, and there were others). These Archangels act as mediators for the God-Source to pass on needed knowledge to survive until the end of history for the said species that are being infected by these parasitical Nephilim. Entire planets have been destroyed in fighting these Nephilim (Archangels have constantly beaten them due to obeying the Source’s law).

Yeshua Ben Yoseph developed a set pattern for putting himself into the world (different planets). He would go to planets that were infected and be born through a linage that had developed good background knowledge of the sacred laws (good genes). And then the people would be prepared by more knowledge passed down from the prophets of the said planet until a point in time. Often at the age of four or 12 Yeshua would instantly know why he was on that planet and genetic memory as well as telepathic influence from the Archangels he would go onto become the greatest teacher of “God…the Source of all” within that planet. If the planet accepted him and defended him he would not have to be killed on the cross (yes…majority of times the cross is the ultimate universal symbol of Source…of love). And Yeshua would then be allowed to bring enlightenment to the entire species of people he had been raised with. I know most are probably wondering if he looked different each time, and the answer is yes! But he was always perfected in nature…often having superior features, heightened awareness, and other positive traits (due to bloodline and his essence).

Before I go any further I know this sound like a movie. Even a science fiction movie and I’m asking that everyone that reads this question everything I said. Even question how I write, question what kind of mentality I have, and continue to question me even if I don’t reply to you personally (or disagree with you). Those who question everything they have been told; will free themselves from the lies you have been told through the history of human beings.

If the planet denied him and his teachings Yeshua would then die for three days. Now you are wondering why three days? It is the symbol of the three dimensions. There is 3rd, fourth and fifth dimensions. A planet that is infected develops underneath it a “4th” dimension where the head of the Nephilim is often kept at bay and restricted in its abilities to interfere with the species. You call this 4th dimension “Hell” and every quarantined planet; has their very own version of Hell. Hell is a place where every kind of Nephilim hybrid, or Nephilim influenced spirit goes when it dies a 3rd dimensional physical death. The Source is the one that creates this hell as a way of separating the light from the darkness (it does so naturally…archangels have no control of it).

You can go up down, left, right, and each one would be able to create a dimensional rift. So what earth is as we know it to be with up and down (hell would be the 4th dimension down, and heaven 4, 5th dimensions). Leonardo Di Vinci’s Vitruvian Man had this concept well established. Inside the dimensional rift exist a man who is inside another fourth dimensional space/time yet still resonating off of the continued 3rd dimensional space/time the only thing changed is how his arms are outstretched to unify the science of electro-gravity.

Now if you are wondering about some sciences I will tell you the truth. There is no law of gravity but that of electric-gravity. Every particle bounces off another particle; every stream of particles regardless of how deep you go (or how large) resonate off one another. So you could go down deeper within the 3rd dimension and still be within that 3rd dimension but a billion times smaller. This holds true for the largest part of our universe (black holes for instance lead to larger universes…larger particles). The law of Einstein still holds true to all dimensions but just at higher or lower frequencies. How is this so? Well in the 5th dimension the famous Albert equation would be enhanced a billion times greater then what it is and still resonate off of frequencies that are next to it.

As an example take for instance the DNA helix structure. What we see is within the realm of a 3rd and fourth dimensions depending on the depth we magnify. If you magnify the depth you will still be within these dimensions. But the DNA also exist within higher and lower dimensions so if you can’t find the cure for a certain type of cancer or for HIV it is because you are magnifying the wrong dimension of the virus. To cure a virus one must purge all known resonating dimensions (a parasite like Nephilim are being purged).

When Yeshua died on the cross his essence was poured into the 4th dimension of hell. Giving him the supposed “Keys” spoken of by religious people, and he didn’t break the Source law because he took on “sin” which is the highest wrong of a planet. Those who bare the sin of a world inherit the kingdom of that world from the source. When he said he was: The light, the truth and the way. Einstein said the same about the universe but he called it E=mc2

Light equals love by the 10th power of truth. What is the particle that takes this love essence? It is the unknown particle that science is still trying to find. The “God” particle is 1 trillion times smaller then any known particle and it resonates off all known dimensions. You do not have the technology to find this yet because you are 3 dimensional beings trying to find objects in 4th, and 5th dimensional compression. The only difference between Einstein’s equation and Yeshua is that when Yeshua went from 4th dimension he could literally control all 3 dimensional particles. So if you ever tried to launch an atomic bomb at a 4 dimensional being it would be like threatening to throw a lit match at someone.

Increasing the light you increase the speed of love. That is the kind of power that resonated in Yeshua when they killed him and he resurrected. All matter is made up of love and everything else is an extension of this love.

When he spoke of being within the father he was speaking literally. Everything within this universe is contained within the being of Yeshua since it was him who was used to create everything within this universe. How can this be possible? Well if you look at time and space the past is shrinking and the future is expanding. All things in the past shrink down about 80 billion times smaller. So all knowledge of the past is gathered by phantom energy this energy is real but compressed. Every outcome is made by the way of phantom outcomes that become solid in “free will” This Lucifer, this fallen angel, this “Alien” wanted you to obey his rules and not follow any freedom of choice. All that is within this universe was compressed when Yeshua was born to the woman called Mary. He carried the entire universe compressed within his body about the size of 1 cm. This is why in the scriptures it says that no man can see God and live, but through Yeshua in the flesh and blood we could get a glimpse of the extension of the Source of all that is (I am).

Time and space shrink down as we move forward into the future. So in fact human beings are growing in size but we can’t nor will we notice it. God, Allah; Creator collects all that is until the end of time is up. When time is up Yeshua will move to Alpha (the beginning) and become Omega (the end). He will have full power and authority over all dimensions up to the 5th dimension. I will say it that the Father and Yeshua were one in the same but because he was born of Flesh and blood to teach the world his truth…he denied himself of all the powers he had so he could fulfill the Source’s laws.

I tell you the truth. The stars you see throughout the universe are within you. You are numbered by the stars. Every star within this universe is within you. You are part of the system and you are of light and of love, but you do not understand this power because you have been blinded by lies. Blinded by the lawless one, blinded by the false prophet, and soon will come a great burden to reveal the truth to the world. Don’t you feel connected to the stars? Don’t you feel lied to? Don’t you know the truth is in the stars? Believe in the Source but believe the light within you for no man owns it but the Source of all that is and will be. The entire world had the essence of the Holy Spirit taken from them. Now you face these Nephilim alone, now you face the world without the protection of Yeshua as he did when he left you the “helper” it is now taken from you. Baptism will not fix the demons but only freeing yourself from the trap set before this world. The trap of fake ways of material objects. Nothing belongs to the lawless one but this is the lie he gave to the world. Only love can free you from this coming hate as it spreads across the world. The Demon (Lucifer) has been kicked out of Hell and is now working with his son (the lawless one).

Pray, live, laugh, and love one another.

I’ll write more but call it what you will. I’m sure some will understand this and some might get upset over the very fact it is taking away some of the supposed truth that they acquired from being religious (or trying to be more religious).

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 08:48 AM
Every time thread like this surfaces up I remember what Lewis Black likes to say a lot:

Wow, it takes my breath away.

I would like to believe, but, I have thoughts, and that can really f**k up the faith thing, lol, carry on

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by 5thElement

Lewis Black is is Robin Williams. But I'm the type that likes Three Stooges, and Benny Hill.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 09:02 AM

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