A work of fiction about the Space Station Alpha

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 12:46 AM
Houston, Alpha.

Alpha, Houston. Go ahead.

Houston, I'm ready for hatch release.

Roger that. Richardson is ready for hatch release. Houston green on hatch release. Alpha, Houston. What's your status on the hatch?

Houston, Alpha. We show all greens on hatch release.

Copy Alpha. We are ready, set. Richardson, Houston, go on your call.

Copy Houston. I'm a go. Hatch release. Stand by Houston. Houston, I have full hatch release. Ready set for spacewalk.

Roger Richardson. Copy that. Stand by. .... Richardson, exit Alpha on your call.

Roger Houston. Exiting. ... Houston, Richardson.

Richardson, Houston. Go ahead.

Houston, I am changing my call sign. Richardson is now Space walker.

Copy that. Richardson is now Space walker. Alpha, do you copy?

Roger Houston. Richardson is Space walker. Space walker, watch that first step. It's a long way down.

Roger Alpha. (laugh) ... Houston, I'm making my way to the panel. Doesn't appear to be any damage from this point. Moving in for a closer look.

Roger Space walker. Can you confirm burn marks on the shell?

Negative Houston. Let me get up on it before I make that call.


Houston, Alpha.

Alpha, Houston. Go ahead.

Houston, what's the vitals on Space walker?

I'm fine. Other then blood pressure spikes. Wonder why.

Space walker Houston. Stand bye. Alpha, vitals look good. Blood pressure steady. We'll let you know if there's a problem.

Houston Alpha. Copy.

Houston, Space walker.

Space walker, Houston. Go ahead.

Houston, good news. Negative burns on the panel. Negative burns on the shell. Negative burns on the seam.

Space walker, that's great. Your on the panel?

Roger that Houston. Got my NASA issue screw driver in hand. Ready to remove.

Roger Space walker. Stand by. Alpha, whats your status on the panel?

Houston, Alpha. We have panel curcuit shutdown. Can you confirm?

Copy Alpha. We confirm. Space walker, panel is cold. We are ready set. Remove on your go.

Roger Houston. Removing panel. Stand by.

Standing by. Space walker, your vitals are still good and steady. Keep on that level. You doing great.

Ah, Houston, Space walker.

Space walker, Houston. Go ahead.

Houston, is there a problem with my medical?

Negative Space walker. It looks good down here.

Houston, Space walker. Looks good here to. I want to make a request.

Ok. What's the request?

Houston, request you terminate the medical updates unless there is a negative change.

Copy that Space walker. Terminating medical. I'll put your updates on need to know.

Negative, Houston. Requesting you terminate the updates altogether.

Sorry Space walker. That's a negative. We'll put you on need to know and we'll keep the chatter off your VOX. ... Space walker, do you copy?

Houston, Space walker. Removing panel.

Space walker, Houston. Copy that. Did you receive the previous transmission?


Alpha commander to mission control director. Do you copy on secure?

Commander, director. Copy on secure. Go ahead.

Director, I told my boys; you tell yours. I would appreciate it if you would kiss my astronaught's rear end alittle bit while he does his space walk. I don't need him getting hot out there.

Yeah, copy that. I'll pass it along.

Do that.

Houston, Space walker.

Space walker, Houston. Go ahead.

Houston, I have negative burn on the inside of the panel. And I've got a separated wire. Request permission to reconnect and then have Alpha test.

Copy Space walker. Go ahead and reconnect. Alpha, get ready to fire up that board and stand by to test.

Houston, Alpha. Copy that. Standing by.

Houston, Space walker. Positive reconnect. Request you test.

Space walker, stand by. Alpha, fire up that board.

Houston, Alpha. Firing board. Stand by. ... Houston, Alpha. The board is good and hot.

Alpha, Houston. Copy that. Looks good down here. Space walker, status on the panel.

Panel's fine, Houston. Somebody go flush that toilet.

Roger that Space walker. Alpha, flush on your call.

Houston, Alpha, stand by for flush. Space walker, Alpha. Try not to get in the way. Your already full of crap.

Ah, copy Alpha. The pot just called the kettle black. Copy that.

Houston, Alpha. Positive action on that flush.

Alpha, Houston. Copy that. Looks good down here. Let's call this mission task a total success. Space walker, Houston. Go ahead with panel reattachment and let's get you back in doors. ... Space walker, Houston. Do you copy?

Whose that?

Space walker, Houston. Repeat last.

Houston, whose out here? With me?

Space walker. Your all alone.

Negative Houston.

Space walker, Alpha commander. What's going on?

Alpha Commander, Mission control director on secure. Keep quiet for a moment. Just stand by.

Director, I have a man outside who says he has company.

Space walker, Mission control director. Switching you to secure.

Houston, somebodies behind me. I can see the reflection and it bumped into me.

Space walker, Director. We're on secure. Can you repeat?

I have company. I'm turning around to see.

What kind of company, Richardson?

I don't know. Chinese maybe. Stand by.

John, China isn't up there with you. We would know. ... John, medical is telling me your vitals are way high. I need you to try to calm down.

John, it's Fred. Are you on secure?

Alpha, director here. We got you separated. He can't hear you. Just stand by.

I got a guy out there who says he has company. You patch me through or I'll override.

Negative, Alpha. Do not override. Just stand by. Let's get this figured out.

Oh my God.

Whose that?

Who said that? Richardson?

Hold on people.

Medical alert. (alarm)

Who? Richardson?

I want radio silence! I'm the director. Stay with me people! Richardson, do you copy? ... John, listen to me. Your vitals are red lining. Talk to me.

Houston, Alpha Commander. I'm getting Kaufman dressed up for a rescue. I'm closing the hatch and I've got Davis headed to a porthole to try to get a visual.

He's in your blind spot, Commander. You won't see anything unless he moves. Stand by for authorization on your tasks.

Negative Houston. I'm already closing the hatch. Kaufman is already getting dressed up for a walk. John, can you hear me?

Did you override? Your not authorized!

John, can you hear me? ... John, talk to me, buddy.


Richardson, Houston. Repeat last.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 02:54 AM
You are good at producing lots of dialogue.
Now, create the filler inbetween...
"Houston?" he asked, looking out the porthole at the most incredible view in the world... describe it

cool start anyways, good luck with your writing friend

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 05:18 AM
Hey cool read looking forward to more........ Funny to, as I read it in my head I heard how the radio transmission would sound even with the static lol

shkcaa houston shcnink may day schccaccccccckckkkckckckck.............

anyways gave me a nice break at 4:20 in the a.m. cheers

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 06:05 AM
yep it going, and this would be scary as Sh!t if it was real, imagine being out there when thats happening.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 10:10 PM
You are absolutely brilliant! starred and flagged. would love to turn this into an ATS bedtime story.

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