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The "ONE" to please

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 07:25 PM

Why are we the way we are? Look:

From birth to age 5, we're taught to obey and follow our parents..or ELSE! For, good reason. We would all die if it were not for our parents at a young age.

Now, comes grade school. Due to the simple fact that 25 kids are in one room, a set of "rules" is established to maintain order. So, now we are "trained" to follow and obey our teacher....or else!! Now we've learned that life in school has boundaries that can be tested and crossed. We've learned that our fate lies in the hands of One human being...please the person in charge and life is happy.

In our grade school, we may or may not have Religious education. Again, we are told to follow a set of rules set out by One being...or else!!

Now work comes. And the model set up in grade school is reflected in the "real" world. We have a boss and we better behave ...or else!! We better follow the law...or else!!

We've been trained to follow a set of rules and learned that our lives are not in our hands..but merely in the hands of someone that right? Do we have crime in this world merely because people are trying to 'test the system" much like they did in grade school?

Would society's ills' be fixed by NOT cramming 25 kids in a classroom and forcing them to sit, behave, follow instruction, and obey the teacher? Instead, instill characteristics of self-discipline, regulation, and intrinsic motivation. Teach future generations to seek for their own reflection and understanding instead of doing so to please one human in a power position?

Makes sense to me.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 10:43 PM
I don't know about you, but I certainly have not been taught to obey everything people have told me to do. I have failed to do many of the things I've been told to do. Everyone has a free will.

People for the most part do what they want in the end. However, it can be hard to do what you really want if you're stuck in such a habitual process. I've been trying to break free from mine, no luck so far.


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