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Interpreting the media

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 04:52 AM
These three short videos are about how news casters, and the like, use manipulation, misdirection and hand signals to make you think in a different manner.
They deliberately act like they are the centre of all knowledge and act accordingly towards those who they wish to discredit or shoot down in regards to the view points of the people being interviewed.

Understanding what's said, how it's said and the body language is a step towards seeing through the lies that millions of people are given.

Some of the most factual and credible evidence supplied by many people will be instantly changed by the newscaster to make the viewer have doubts or to enforce any previous ideas. These techniques are so common practice that we all hardly notice them anymore because of the conditioning we have recieved, yet, if you become more aware of it, then you'll start to see the truth on how they work and why.

Interpreting media part 1
Interpreting media part 2
Interpreting media part 3

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 10:38 AM
Thanks for posting this, a great video, it's very important that people are aware of these things when viewing MSM programs. These sort of things are why I haven't watched a mainstream news show for over a year now.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 11:08 AM
The guy giving the voiceover talks about body language that's supposed to subconsciously make the viewer associate the guest with a 'left wing' viewpoint by moving his hands to the left....which seems like a reach to me.

Do you (OP) think that they teach 'sneaky body language' in journalism school? Where do you think journalists learn the movements to make viewers subconsciously form associations? I'm not being accusatory, just asking.


Later in the video the voiceover says how ridiculous it is to ask if a college professor would force students to regurgitate his views to get ta good grade because, "this type of person [the professor] would never want anyone to regurgitate anything because that doesn't allow them to learn to think." Biased much? Professors (and teachers in general) are notorious for giving bad grades to students who disagree with their line of thinking.

Later in the video, the voiceover says..."OK, Sean Hannity...I never watched Fox News before but within seconds of seeing this guy you can just see that he is a snake. At least he is currently conducting himself as such." Are you kidding me? Again, Biased much? This voiceover guy is telling you that he has never watched Sean Hannity before on tv but within seconds of seeing him can tell that he is "a snake"...all in the same sentence!

This thread should be called Interpreting "Interpreting the Media".

This is all within 4:17 of the first video and I don't have to watch the other two to tell where this is going...

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