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NSA Internet Spying at AT&T

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 02:14 AM
An At&t technician blows the whistle on the NSA's efforts in intercepting domestic internet traffic. He talks of a secret room where a ALL internet traffic is recorded and documents detailing the equipment used to split the signal and record it.

He claims he went to the LA times with his story but it was buried before been published.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 05:44 AM
I can sympathize with the tech, I've been trying to get help for 3 years now, with evidence, witnesses etc, was basically held hostage at CNN and humiliated, threatened by people I don't know, black-balled- can't get a job "Conflict of Interests", Print, Broadcast Media won't listen and neither will any law enforcement, politician, Being completely ignored. Guess I'm being mentally killed very slowly, mental part has strted affecting me physically, ears constantly ringing, chest hurts, can't sleep. Hundreds of emails and phone calls and not one response to any. May as well be talking to a friggin tree. Whatever. No one listens to people with or without proof. Media, All this so-called justice, and freedom, blah - blah bullcrap. I've tried BY MYSELF to help people with what's going on right now, but not a single person who governs these things wants to even see what I have. BITE ME!! I am still right and you are still wrong. Your time will come. Believe that!
I need to speak to this AT&T tech and to whoever his lawyer is. Email me at
I'm not caring too much about anonyminity any more. Doesn't matter when ained the ones that keep you anonymous and safe from harm only have harming you in their interest. GO TO HELL and you all know who you are. Idiots! If there's one single honest and capable person here on the side of the American citizen who's reading this and worth your salt as an attorney, and you actually have the integrity to be honest and the balls to not back down from all these corrupt idiots who think simply ignoring someone means they never existed, well, 3 years of just me (no form of representation) against the MEDIA, LAW ENFORCEMENT and this US "SO-CALLED" GOVERNMENT. Being falsely detained in a major news center and interrogated and humiliated for hours on end when I obviously had the proper credentials and was telling the truth, placed in compromising positions in an attempt to make me get angry and elicit criminal behavior, sheriffs in major counties of other states calling me and threatening me, trying to embezzle thousands of dollars from me and when I bust you out in front of the world, just "delete" me?! I DON'T FRIGGIN THINK SO!! Now I'm under meds, 2 herniated disks because of this crap, you made it because I can't work anyway, blackballed? "conflict of interests"? whatever. I have so much on you, and you all just hand it to me. Stupid. Disregard for human life? Got proof of that, too. Corrupt politicians? Right here, right now, buddy! Let's see what the people blowing smoke have to say about the truth. Jack Nicholson stated it well in "A Few Good Men"..."YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!" The only truth any of you can handle is the one that doesn't have any risk to you or your wallet. You play your acting role well, but now you're starting to stink because you don't have time for a bath! I'm waiting for an attorney. One will have to come to me, because I'm not chasing phantoms and wasting my breath any more. 3 YEARS is long enough, now I probably am ruined, and my wife cried yesterday. OH YOU ARE GOING TO PAY DEARLY FOR THAT!!!
intercept that so I can just add your encrypted crap to the one I have showing Comcast intercepting my email! OH BE AFRAID...Come see me!!! *MIDDLE FINGER!!*

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 05:47 AM
Hey, I did a report on this in college like two years ago.

The story is very interesting and its unbelievable nobody cares...

The Echelon and Carnivore programs are still alive!!!!!

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