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zoom problem with possible auto-reload of page (sometimes)

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posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 05:46 PM

Since recently ATS has started to reset the zoom level in firefox that I have manually set (with control+mouse wheel). The zoom level changes itself to default if not there already each time the page loads, and ATS seem to be reloading itself automatically each minute sometimes. This krhm..somewhat useless reloading I could tolerate, but now it is changing my zoom levels, and that certainly is a pain. I like to zoom in a lot and sit back, but with the reset thing, I should be "getting up" from my sofa and rezoom in every minute, if not even more often.

Probably some of the new(?) banners are doing it, because now this one ad(msnbc) from the rightside of the page is gone(it was there 5 minutes ago) and the page is not reloading anymore really, and the zoom level stays. How can I be in this mode where I don't see such ads that resets my zooms
? I didn't do anything but close and re-entered the site and it was gone o_O

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