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Internet: worse than tv

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posted on Mar, 2 2010 @ 08:15 PM
worse than TV? utter crap! here in the UK have you seen the brain cell killing rubbish they show as "entertainment"? honestly soap operas they show want me to blow my brains out before i went insane watching that crap

and as for the utter faecal matter that we get from you in the US like FRIENDS well what can i say? canned laughter so i no when I'm supposed to laugh cos it ain't funny at all give me a break, and the way they talk inn that sit com its retarded!!!!

apart from the odd documentary that's educational and a film or two,FORGET IT! Internet rules OK.

friends! friends! dont mention that insult to your intelligence to me, thanks USA so much for giving us that bunch of half witted no talent losers.
END OF RANT,now calming down.

posted on Mar, 2 2010 @ 08:21 PM
TV is why blokes have sheds/garages to tinker in and get away from that crappy soap that she so loves.

posted on Mar, 3 2010 @ 12:17 AM
Internet: Worse than TV

A TV allows you to do a few things, play video games, watch movies, and flip through channels. The shows you want to watch are only on at certain times, so unless you have 24 favorite shows, you won't be sitting around literally watching TV all day.

The internet allows you to play video games, watch movies, watch shows, download music, check the news, buy things, connect using social networking sites... the list goes on and on and new things are being added all the time. The internet is taking over more and more of our lives... We are relying on the internet more and more for our own personal research, but this is bad in that when we research things on our own in the internet we can pick and choose what information we want to believe and what we don't want to believe... we are unintentionally strengthening our own biases by researching on the internet.

With TV, you know when you are watching something absurd. But when you are on the internet on your own, you are brainwashing yourself without even knowing it. So I think the internet has a lot more potential to do damage to society than TV. The internet is already the source of gaming addictions (think World of Warcraft), porn addictions, and illegally downloaded music. The internet makes people more independent when it comes to finding answers to questions, and is also taking over communication in our lives through social networking and e-mail. And the internet still has a lot more potential to expand.

Yes, the internet does have benefits, but it also has a lot of negatives, and these negatives are worse and more numerous than TVs negatives.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by Wang Tang

well i don't know a thing about world of war-craft but i bet there are more game consoles that rely on TV than online games, as for porn, not really my thing, i prefer the real deal but these Internet porno folk if there were no net they to would have a huge collection of porn Cd's or VHS to watch on TV.

as for illegally downloading music big deal!IN FACT BRING IT ON! i shall do it till i die apart from the bands i really idolise and i do get original out of respect for them. dont you think the artists who whinge about being ripped off get a little more coin than me for the effort they put in? i think so.

i will belive what i read on the net over the TV news any day, but that comes down to doing your homework and finding the truth, dont forget the media is owned by the NWO or the powers that be and they spread lies.

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by stealthyaroura

My experience is that the internet is much more dangerous for addictions. With TV your show only runs for a certain amount of time but you can stay on your favorite website fo as long as you like, or chat with your friend for hours. I've never been close to addicted to TV, but I've been addicted to things on the internet like online gaming and facebook. Because on the internet you can connect with other people and give AND take information while with TV you can only take information.

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 09:03 PM
i see where you are coming from but we are all different and use the net in different ways too, i dont like the facebook type sites but i agree with you such sites and chat rooms are addictive it seems and can cause problems. i get your drift a little clearer now but each to there own i suppose.

posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by Captain Kitty

This is so true - CK: "Everything in moderation."

We all need to get out more, and do things that are mostly physical.

Photography is a hobby of mine, but because I'm not living by the ocean, for the time being, I find I'm less interested in doing photography.

And the irony is that I'm going to use the internet to find some more clubs in my area, to find other things to do.

posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 07:00 PM
While sitting on the couch all day is not good for you whether you are playing video games, watching TV, reading a book, or surfing the web, TV is FAR worse than the internet.

In marketing terms, TV is a "push" medium and the internet is a "pull" medium. In other words, TV "pushes" at you whatever it determines you should see, you cannot choose what you learn from the shows, you can only choose to view or not view it, and select from a very limited menu. Online, you must "pull" the content to yourself. You must choose which content you want to see. TV is more like if you ONLY stayed on MSN or AOL at ALL times, and never looked at ANYTHING else.

In advertising, it is well known that internet advertising is much more effective, because the viewers of your content will qualify themselves by pulling it out of the huge pool. For example, anyone who visits a website that is all about laundry detergent, is definitely far more likely to buy some than someone who sees an ad on TV about laundry detergent. If you sell motorcycles, you will do much better contacting people who visited websites about motorcycles if you want to make sales. Someone visiting a website about motorcycles is far more likely to buy a motorcycle than someone who sees a Kawasaki ad on TV.

TV is not as good at advertising, but it is a much more effective propaganda and brainwashing device. In the old days they only had newspapers to use for propaganda purposes. If Goebbels had TV back then he would have loved it. Think about it: You really have NO idea what is happening anywhere outside of your own small town. If you didn't see it with your own eyes, how do you know it's true? Most people simply accept what they see on TV as the truth, but the truth is you REALLY have no way of definitely knowing if it is true or not. Back in the day, the only way you could know what was going on outside your own town was from newspapers, and it took months for the news to travel. This allowed Rothschild to pretty much take over England with advance knowledge of the victory at Waterloo.

Now, I'm sure all of you have seen enough CGI movies to KNOW that pictures or video no longer prove anything. It is impossible to tell if they are faked or not. For example, the war in Iraq. Unless you have actually been over there in the fighting, or someone in your family who you know you can trust to tell the truth, you have no idea what is going on. You just go by what you see on TV. For all you know, it could be completely different. It could be that there is actually no war at all, and the soldiers are over there just drinking and banging the local girls, and everyone is having a good time. Or it could be that they already dropped nukes, and the entire place is just a radioactive sheet of glass, and that's why we can't get at the oil. Or maybe, Iraq is actually where the aliens are, and they are demanding humans as food on a large scale, and the US army is playing along and feeding the Iraqis to some human devouring aliens. All of these are ridiculous, but you really have no way of knowing if they are true or not, unless you or someone you know REALLY well has been over there. So I have to assume 99 percent of the people on this board really don't know for sure what is going on over there. For all you know, any "soldiers" on TV that come back from there were hypnotized, drugged, and had false memories implanted in their heads, or are simply TV actors, and the real story is something totally different.

Now, something like Youtube is a whole new ball game. If you see a single video on youtube about something, there is a good chance it is total bunk. However, if you see fifty different videos shot by different people of the same event at different angles, then you know it probably is true. I would go so far as to say three independent views of the same thing is pretty good evidence. Seeing it on CNN, not so believable. This is why all journalists are absolutely BANNED from Iraq. Only a very few "embedded" journalists are allowed. Embedded means paid mouthpiece who reports what he is told to. Think of the Norway Spiral event. Hundreds of different people captured that on video from as many different locations, so I can fairly safely say that it definitely happened. WTC attacks? Well, somehow only major media networks seem to have any footage, and we know for sure that they are all in bed together. And the Pentagon? Well, they seem to have seized all independent footage of THAT little event. So.......

posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 08:07 PM
I guess that was going a little off topic there, but not really. World of Warcraft? Addictive game. Addictive because it is on the Internet instead of XBox Live? I don't think so.

The Internet is the biggest advance in communications since the printing press, and it's far more major than that, which was a pretty world changing invention. TV is simply a slight refinement of radio, which was a slight refinement of print medium. The Internet is a whole new ball game, all bets are off. That's why TPTB hate the Internet. Not the Internet itself, but the fact that THEY ARE NOT CONTROLLING ALL THE INFORMATION. Remember, knowledge is power. TPTB only power over us all is their access to all the data that is kept from all of us. If they could have prevented everyone from seeing the massacres like Mai Lai in Vietnam, they would have liked it that way.

Now, they cannot control the media, there is too much in the public domain, thanks to the internet, and THEY DON"T LIKE THAT A BIT. THe only way they are controlling the propaganda coming from Iraq is by banning journalists, which they have done, after KILLING a bunch of journalists to prove their point. If all the Iraqis were posting cell phone videos on youtube all day long you might have a far different view of what's going on over there. If all those cell phone videos were agreeing with each other, you could beleive them, at least a little more than the MSM. But strangely enough, there seems to be barely any youtube video being posted from Iraq and not coming through officially designated sources. Wonder why?

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