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Americans learning Islam, in Madrasses

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by eradown When the parents say their children are just memorizing the Koran they are showing humility

The parents stated they sent their kids their to memorize the Quran because they believe the WHOLE FAMILY will get into heaven if the boys succeed.

So what are your thoughts on that huh? Or would you prefer to continue avoiding the question. And for that matter do you know anything about the Quran? If you do please share the verse that says a whole family will go to heaven if their child memorizes it.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by Sonya610
I will not judge people based on one quote taken out of context. In my opinion people are free to do with their lives what they want. People should also be free to educate their children any way they please. People should also be free to believe what they want to believe. It is up to the Islamic teachers to correct misconceptions about the Koran not me.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by Sonya610
But hey if situation X ever happened I could only hope to be surrounded by Muslims. They are for the most part good and honest people. The ones I have met are truly concerned with doing the right thing, they may be a bit fanatical with their verses, but most honestly have a good heart and follow their religion in order to please god and not control others.

[edit on 19-7-2008 by Sonya610]

I agree. I follow Islam as a natural way of life, not a religion.

Not speaking of political manipulation:

The Quaran contains many levels of depths of understanding, if you follow the words literally, you'll learn the basic virtues of righteousness, generally be a good person, stand up for what you believe iright, and keep healthy through cleanliness and diet.

If you follow the parables as parables, and not literally, you'll learn how to apply the lessons to more intricate and subtle aspects of your existence. You'll be able to understand the basics of Allah's mathematics, written not in numbers, but in poetic flow of verses. The parables are mathematical word problems used to demonstrate simple and complex micro and macrocosmic interrelationships in nature, and within the soul(or whatever you call your actual essence of existence) itself. When you ponder the metrical versification and the way it delivers the message, the words itself become not so important, but the patterns do. Patterns rule existence, even chaos has a pattern, like a television tuned between channels, the "random chaos" of black and white pixels displayed on the CRT still has even balanced spacing. If it was truly random, then sometimes it'll randomly form images and not an even grey if looked at from a distance. It's like that, the parables and the way they're written subtly train the mind to recognize patterns, and to accept the harmonization of the soul with the patterns, both microcosmic and macrocosmic.

If you really delve into the intricacies of what's between the lines, you'll discover clues on how to break the matrix so to speak. There's information encoded in the text that have been some of the most powerful and practical applications of metaphysics. It begins to expose natural paradoxes in the way that the Zen texts do, and demonstrates that the logical paradox is a way to keep balance. Understanding the reason of the paradox, or pondering the existence of nothingness, or infinity is where this is leading.

I'm beginning to understand the paradox relationships and balance, and it is more enlightening than believing in an external lord or spiritual master. Once i truly realized the power of Allah, I also realized how Allah can be all powerful, because Allah is inside you, literally. Allah doesn't put a part of Allah inside the enlightened, Allah exists in entirety inside you as your soul. Allah exists in us all, one Allah per being, hence there "is one god but god".

Inshallah, or "if allah wills" is an affirmation meaning that if it's truly Allah's will, then what the being visualizes will be actualized by the virtues of your own soul. Knowledge and wisdom give rise to understanding. When you understand you're more easily able to actualize or create your existence that you visualize, as long as it passes the approval of your soul. Now this is dependent on what's contained in your soul. If you fed yourself knowledge, gained wisdom, and understood the lessons,then your soul learns by patterns how to follow a good path, and it has nothing to do with the words, and a lot of times, the message contrasts the rhythmic lesson taught. It creates a sort of paradoxical circular logic resonance that encourages an increase in coherence of the whole self, which is the entire personally observable universe. So when one calls for "inshallah", it should be a realization that you're asking permission and guidance from your soul, from Allah, in your endeavors.

There is no god outside of what you perceive inside, no matter what the power whores encourage you to believe and fear. Fear none but Allah, because you only have Allah to answer to, and Allah knows all, because Allah is the true you. This is not to be confused with a god complex, but in truth each one of us IS God. This differs from thinking you're God, people that think they're God have the thought that they are another being's god. Being God and knowing you are God without having to think about it, no question, also leaves no question that each being contains just as much God as you. This is another paradox of balance, because when you realize that eveyone is God, you realize that God cannot be subservient to itself, even if it exists in what appears to be another physical manifestation. It's just that most people fail or refuse to accept that God exists in this form, or cannot grasp the profundity of this.

Belief in Allah is the belief in the entirety of your being, and of the limitlessness of your entire being. Realize that and read the Quaran, and if you truly did the knowledge, gained wisdom, you'll understand.

The sad fact of it is though, is that throughout the ages, men with god complexes have skewed the "word of god" (which is no word at all, but the mathematics of chaos) in order to gain power or to be worshipped, or even to prevent masses from understanding, by replacing knowledge and wisdom lessons with fear propaganda. They took "fear god" and externalized it to convince the deaf dumb and blind that they better obey authority of the church or face punishment from god. This is simple spiritual terrorism, paralyzing with fear of blasphemy by questioning the words. This keeps the fearful and misinformed from even thinking that the words could not be literal, and that god could be one's entirety.

Islam should not be feared.

I only fear the so called "leaders" of any religion, the ones who try to tell every blind ignorant and uninformed person what to believe. Nobody can tell you what to believe, that's all up to you, but it takes realizing that there exists a god to believe in, and he doesn't live in the sky, in a temple, or on any pages in all the books that are ever to be. It's inside alone and no other being can truly change that universal truth.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 01:36 AM

Originally posted by eradown
reply to post by toasted
The same Madrasses which are regarded as eevil by our press introduced Europeans to the concept of zero and Algebra. The Madrasses hold many great secrets they do not share with westerners because they do not consider westerners to be ready for all types of learning. I once believed that no good came from the middle east then I read some history on the middle east. I still wish women over in the middle east were treated better ,but it is a good thing some of their teachers are working with some of our people.

I suppose you can find some good in darn near everything.

I just see this as a set up, for an excuse for more invasions of privacy.

Our Constitution is shredded right now, I'd hate to see any more holes in it, as an excuse to find these guys...who like many have said are not really that concerned about Americans flipping sides. I'm not either.

But go a bit deeper, to our Constitution, and there you'll see where my concern resides. " We the People" don't have much left of that, lets preserve what we can, and if we can regain it all back, then ALL THE BETTER!

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 06:23 AM

My two cents here....all faiths have radicals, it comes down to perception and how you define your faith as justifying your existence. Whether you feel staying monogamist or abstinence is the way, being a vegetarian or learning scriptures from a book. I am sure there are people out there which learn the bible/torah word for word also....I say 'let it be'. We have to see the bigger picture and start to tolerate each other....there is bigger problems on this planet to deal with.........!!!

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