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Obama? McCain? You Decide.

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:55 PM
Barack Hussien Obama...?
John McCain...?

Every single candidate runs for 1 purpose. More power. With that in mind what do you think these men will do with our country in their hands? Will they be another George W Bush, and take our country from nearly if not the top of the world, to nearly the bottom. How many more years can we pay +4 dollars per gallon of gas. Forclosures at record highs. Our country in more debt than ever, and tension building between certain foreign countries. What will our new president do to help our country?

Well if it were up to me (sadly its not) I would do all that I can in my power to better the citizens of my nation. On every level. How can the president fix other places when he has'nt fixed americas problems. How can we continue to fund a useless war spending a billon dollars a day, and yet there are people dying of hunger on the streets. I dont understand how we can elect another president who supports the war. Do the american people not understand that the war is the main cause of our problems. Certain people make ALOT of money off wars while others die for their cause. Most dont read between the lines. Most are brainwashed by the media and/or other friends or siblings. Our country will not be able to support another 4 or 8 years of war. Plain and simple. Recession will turn into the greatest depression of our history. Wealthy chinese and european buinessmen will buyout all the important companies, all while we merge to "make everything better" with canada and mexico.The North American Treaty of 2005. Our currency will be changed into the Amero and we will be that much closer to the New World Order.

Every single person running to be president will say whatever is necessary in an attempt to win. Remeber all the false promises made by president Bush, and others. To me McCain will be another Bush, But I dont know what to expect from Obama, I just dont have a feeling its going to be good either way. All signs for me are pointing to a not so bright future with these candidates.

I know no evidence of any kind was shown, no links, nothing of the sort. These are stricly my thoughts about what will happen. If any (and im sure many will) disagree, please feel free (and im sure you will

Or McCain?

Thank You For Reading

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