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When you least expect it...that's when it WILL hit.

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 07:18 PM
If anyone remembers, September 11th was just another day. In fact, it was a beautiful day (at least, where I live). No one could have expected that the horrible attacks would occur. Until that day, America was seemingly invincible, and all was relatively well. This is where I'd like to make my point.

When the next 9-11 happens (and there's absolutely NO WAY of predicting when it will happen), no one will expect it or see it coming. In fact, I'd like to argue that once again America will appear invincible. Any kind of conspiracy theory will be laughed at. The powers that be understand that the best time to hit people is when they least expect it. When things go quiet, look out.

I'm a doom gloomer, I know. BUT...based on what we've seen these last years, we know that September 11th was the start of a much bigger game.

All the nay-sayers can get off ATS and go watch American Idol with the rest of the sheep. They have no purpose being here, as I don't listen to them anyway.

But anyway, things are made to look better to throw us off.

But for me...I'm sleepin' with one eye open. Always.


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