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The Myth of Mental Illness and Scientology

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by curious7

Originally posted by LvSLoLo

Originally posted by Being_From_Earth
"That truth being mental illness is a myth"
Im not going to waste my time arguing about something so silly, because clearly mental illness is NOT a myth.
What about trauma based schizophrenia where the brain is actually malformed.
Thats just 1 physically proven form of mental illness.
There is many others.
100% spot on i for 1 have aspergers syndrome

Yep, I agree too.

Been a clinical depression sufferer for years and first diagnosed at aged 17.

Runs in the family and honestly, while I try not to take any medication, I've finally decided to try anti-depressants (citalopram) and they really work and help me stop thinking the worst all the time and I no longer get those crippling bouts of loneliness, self loathing and suicidal thoughts.
Wierd i was given those to take a few weeks ago but they havent started working yet

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 01:21 AM
reply to post by UkRandom

I've been looking into the pineal gland and have come across 'typtophan' a natural amino acid (Professionals might look down on it, though I hear it is being studied for alternatives psychosis, depression etc)which is effective in emotional equilibrium and can also help with Alzeimers and brain disease etc if anything with agitation and improves blood flow, yet I don't think many professionals would take it seriously,(can;t be patented and marketed to FDA by rich Pharma companies) but you could try suggesting it? it might help--- hope they stopped the ECT's from bad memory side effects, and go easy on your father... can help with brain disease, psychosis, agitation, irritability, sleep disorders and important in seritonin metabolism/natural equalibrium with help of the pineal gland which could contribute to the bipolar and causative factors like sleep and mood disorder etc...... they might consider it as adjunctive therapy to help alziemers if it isn't already being treated effectively..

Just wanted to share that with you I was looking at the book The Healing Nutrients Within

Totally picked the wrong place to speak my truth- finished with this .. hope maybe this info could be helpful, is all I can do from hearing your story

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 01:40 AM
Mental illness is no myth. Don't believe me? Go and talk to a believer in Scientology, and find out for yourself. .

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 02:10 AM
OP, though I believe it was not your intent to offend others with your claim regarding mental illness being a myth, making such a claim is offensive.

I myself have suffered from depression,anxiety,depersonalization as well as a dissociative disorder that caused me an inordinate amount of suffering in which I cannot begin to put into words. I am sure there are many on here as well who either are or were prisoners within their own minds at one time. I for one can assure you, it is NOT a myth and I would not wish mental illness on anyone.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 04:42 AM
L-Typtophan is effective treament of ;

MANIA (as good as Lithium! ironically helps kidney function and adrenal glands contrary to what lithium does plus you'll need less lithium if it isn;t discontinued)
SLEEP DISORDER (which can lead to mania psychosis depression etc- quack psychiatrists like 90percent will ignore causes for mental illness to prescribe meds for life)
PSYCHOSIS (some types of Schizophrenia, although it is contraversial)
Alzheimers and degeneration brain disease(doesn't inc 'myth' schizophrenia is a brain degeneration disease, the drugs do that) inc Parkinson
ANOrexia (although Tryptan has a warning about it making it worse, can effect appetite either way maybe)

Or ask your psychiatrist about 'Tryptan' same thing I guess is prescribed for Affective disorders like mania bi-polar depression... claims to be adjunctive treatment though I heard it was more effective then other anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers .. don't know if a psychiatrist would be taught it being effective as standalone treatment.........
A bit mess information--I don;t trust FDA guidelines for TRYPTAN-- Tryptophan information on the net is less BS)
it has an effect on seritonin and meletonen(needed for sleep)

I Haven't heard of it being used in conventional Psychiatry--- although I recommend looking it up as it could be a good alternative to a lot of drugs....there is plenty of good sources especially use in Bi-Polar as Typrophan is more effective then psych drugs and Lithium... maybe it'll catch on, not before meeting some brick walls and psychiatry skill in being ignorant to alternatives

.like fish-oils, Niacin, B-vitamins, GLycine(proven to help negative symptoms of Schizophrenia maybe even positive yet it is used and tested only as conjunctive-the theory of glutimate histamine etc checks up as well as dopamine--)
to name just a few...
Psychiatrists ignore this kind of stuff- I think they promote an illusion or 'myth' like the idea that Psychosis patients can;t recover without psychmeds, it isn;t true 60percent recover and do better then if they'd had drugs that dull consciousness in all area's-especially spiritually, or there is a spiritual problem that the psych drugs suppress -- They use myth provided by drug company marketing to trick people into taking dangerous meds for the rest of their lives)

I've said enough on this Post---excuse me, repeated myself, but don't reckon anyone read my rants

[sorry it might still be banned, from bad batch fair while ago caused problems--maybe a conspiracy>?< not that people seem to like the idea of their being conspiracy in Mental Health ruled by Big Pharma in everything we know about it, and believe in ourselves -- - follow the money if you can be bothered, they run the universities and education of doctors [who aren;t real doctors, just ask a professor of Physics or philosophy theology or what] fancy title to mislead people --- -

one author reckons if it is still banned which I don't know would be for the benefit of Pharma companies..... Hope the bans been lifted, one book said it had been lifted, just not sure ]
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So it isn;t banned Tryptophan..... I'm going to use it for sleep because I'm forced to take Zeldox which causes insomnia and insomnia was the main trigger for a psychotic experience, so now I get it with a drug they push the drug up until I'm a walking vegitable.... I had after 6 yrs off mental health government traps leading a good life untill some stress repressed memory and sleep deprivation... Psychiatrist can shove it for suggesting I not research alternatives, I'm learning more then they ever teach with biased crap, doom never to recover my a#$Se.......
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