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Vical reports breakthrough with H5N1 vaccine

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:26 AM
I small company in San Diego is claiming to have created a vaccine which has a approximate success percentage of around 67. if this is real it may show a first step in a vaccine. With the recent out break of H5N1 in Vietnam this may be just in time.

According to Vical's researchers, up to 67 percent of the people involved in the Phase I trial achieved protective levels of antibodies.

LINK to story.LINK to alternative site.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:48 AM
I think that this is a significant breakthrough.

Now, the US can sell this vaccine to the oil counties for $150,000 per dose and balance the books.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:22 PM
i personally think theres a high probability that a vaccine existed in a underground military bunker for several decades already.

in probably several nations. im sure russia and usa, possibly brit and france, and maybe china even, have known the cure. how could we Not know the cure?

Do you have any idea how advanced "secret" biotech facilitys are? Can you imagine the microscopes they have? with billions of $$$? spare no expense?
Can you imagine the type of quality microbiologists they can afford?

And then, you turn around and tell me, "Oh your stupid muzz , no humans on earth have cured that virus yet until today, if the OP news is true"

Well im sorry my friend, i think YOU are the conspiracy theorist. I am the Realist, the skeptic.
They HAD to have cured this particular strain years ago, and been sitting on it forever.

this strain doesnt mutate the way AIDS is claimed to mutate. there is a stability. Curing this form of Bird flu was probably easy, compared to dealing with millions of other things a microbioligist of any repute would be more worried about

i mean we are attempting to tranist into nanotech, and progress is happening all the time.
And your telling me that they just cured Bird flu. What a joke. Seriously guys. Is this the world of idiots you claim or is it a lie? Lets look at the Basic issue here.

Are humans really as stupid as this article claims. Or are we smart yet cant help but lie constantly all the time.

Hell for all i know its a weaponized virus, and they ALWAYS have a antidote for weaponized virii
its procedure

Im just suggesting Occams razor, and my perspective is that the Pentagon did not "lose" "misplace" trillions of Dollars$$$

Its more rational , imo, to expect them to have invested that $$$ in the right place.
Microbiology, Nanotechnology development, space, robotics, energy

but microbiology is definately on the list of basics, and its definately of high concern/priority

bio-warfare has been around longer than any of us have been alive.
its been taken seriously and scientifically for at least 70 to 90 years. its been invested in heavily decades ago. it most likely still is today.

but the History of biowarfare goes back very far.

a great example is the use of the trebuchet to hurl dead soldiers or animals over the walls of beseiged fortresses, causing disease inside the castle walls during medieval times

im sorry ill shutup now, im just rambling lol

in conclusion, i really doubt the OP'ers link is true. givin the context of the likely reality of the military industrial complex's existance

theres a bit of a piece of truth in it tho, that some guys cured bird flu in public labratory, im just saying this was not the first batch lol

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Ive got to agree and disagree with you on some levels. I do agree that the chances of a cure being found post 1959 is very high, after the outbreak in Scotland I'm sure some countries started to think about it, in terms of it being a pandemic and the advantages in could prove on the battle field. I disagree and agree with you in the fact that they may have a cure. This virus is a heck of a virus when it comes to mutating, which means it may require a different vaccine each time. Also just because billions of dollars get spent that does not mean that it is a success, you cant throw money at a problem and it suddenly all goes great again. So there may be a cure yes. Maybe Tamiflu was a success but it was played down to make sure the masses didn't get into it. The corporation that owns the Tamiflu vaccine made over one billion dollars in a single year on countries buying stock piles of it. A key investor of it is Donald Rumsfeld, so maybe there is some truth in the Tamilflu idea. Personally i believe that it is still incurable by our modern medicine. I my be wrong, but we each deserve an opinion.


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