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Transgender Hell - A Matter of Life and Death

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 06:26 PM
No matter who you are, what you do or what you've done,
you are still of more value than every last bit of money and fame on the planet. Your more valuable than a harem of women or a YMCA locker room filled to the rim with gorgeous men. Your value is inestimable. Your sexual conduct or desire has no bearing on your value. Sex has no bearing on it. You are worth entirely too much to let anything take your joy. The first step to fixing this is to get your joy back, so you can make clear decisions to make your situation tenable.


posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 07:44 PM
well i hope ur one hell of an ugly dude so i wont mistake u for a woman lol. seriously i think ur head got messed up in a way i cant fathom, maybe u mistaken the feeling for wanting to BE with a woman with feelings for wanting to BE a woman.

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 09:07 PM
I know a man who faced the same choice you are confronting.
An accomplished F-18 pilot, flight instructor, now Marshall now Marsha had the surgery about 3 years ago and is no longer flying but building a life for herself as a computer technician. I can't fathom the feelings..but we are friends..and even though I have known her for 5 years now..All the breast augmentation surgery..and growing out of the hair..SHE still looks like a very homely female.
Surely brain chemistry has the answer. I would urge that you make all attempts at counseling and therapy before turning yourself into something that nature did not intend for you. Accept the fact that you are a man in this incarnation..and next time might be different. Generations of men have dealt with this issue by cross dressing in the privacy of their home..or secretly going out ..I think if that works for you and your wife do it..Once you start cutting things off there is no turning back.
If you want to talk to Marsh contact me via u2u

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 05:36 AM
I would just like to point out to everyone that JFK Jr’s account is still active – he jumped the gun a bit with his announcement. The Staff have decided to allow JFK Jr to have this second account for the sole purpose of this thread. I’ve let him know that he’s more than welcome to continue posting in the thread, and let’s hope he does so.

Edit: I missed some events before I posted this ^ ^ ^
JFK Jr's doing OK, and you're continued advice and support is still welcome.

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 01:33 PM
JFK jr,
I'll put this in a sort of dissertation kind of way because there are many things that can be covered here. First lets discuss the blame of why would God put me through this. Thats kind of a misnomer to say that.....God created your soul and through certain mechanisms you were born on earth to be here for a while, learn, experience, laugh, grow.

Now the whole transgender thing could be because reincarnation just might be true and in your last life you were a woman, and those feminine energies carried over into this life. Could be that you recieved subliminals as a child as in your mother watching soap operas or when she wasnt there, your father watching porn. (a combination of or by themselves it could have been the audio ro the visual aspects that did it). Or you spent more time with mom /women and begin to adapt to that format.

Or its due to molestation as a child, especially when a child is young (0-3) and if a father, uncle, cousin, etc started experimenting on you, that could also be the culprit.

But to put blame on things doesnt solve anything. Its up to you to work it out.
So on to how to deal with this. Well first know that your life and you yourself are priceless and Loved by God, myself, and many other people who have compassion and care about strangers.

Next, you have to realize that Spiritual Realities that exist. I dont mean getting into religious dogma, i mean search for out God, start mediations, yoga, pranayama, look around, talk to people, read some books.

Why did I go with the whole Spiritual thing? Well God and these realities are real whether anyone achknowledges or not, so why not seek and find out for yourself???

Your transgender desires are no different than other peoples desires to be rich, gym junkies, power, sex, addicitions, infatuations. Now I do know that these desires haunt us and do not give us peace bcause we feel incomplete without them....but when you do achieve them your still incomplete.

Here's the kicker!!!!! When you leave your body, the actual you, which is your soul, is sexless...the real you is pure consciousness, or a gasless-colorless-formless cloud of "being" of "thought" and of various senses similar but more amplified to what we have when we are in bodies.

The key is to realize that you are a soul, realize that the true you is sexless. Realize God and your relationship to God.

That emptiness everyone feels is because they dont have God....its called a God shaped hole that the majority of the population thinks they can fulfill by becomming rich, or getting that girl to marry me, or becomming famous (luke Wilson almost killed himself!!!!) and so on and so forth.

But once you find God, you become completely content, complete control over your thoughts, emotions, contenment = no desires, amongst many other things.

And its not so hard, because he wants you to know him and is waiting for you to seek him out, so really its already there, just relaize.

Now when you do have all these spiritual experiences, the best thing to pray for is for God to do with you and your life what he wants and thinks is best. When you keep doing this and you mean it....this shift starts to occur in your life and you start to transform in ways you thought before were impossible, like he takes away lusts, false thoughts, addictions, selfishness, worries, anxiety, depression, and everything else.

Then your left there in awe wondering...."what the heck??? I thought I'd have this anxiety, worry, depression, desire, "fill in the blank". for the rest of my life, but now its completely gone!!!!!! Awsome!!!!!!"

So dont go into suicide mode over this....thats the selfish way out. Your family and even complete strangers Love you and care for you. Dont listen to negative comments. Just explore your issues, question them, in meditation seek the root of them, seek out God, know yourself by going within yourself, take this advice to heart.

But to do nothing about whatever it is that plagues anybody in this to sit there and give into to it...and when you give into to it, it grows stronger, and bigger, and makes you feel more helpless until finally most people take the bad way out...they give into things or they go out in a bang, literally.

Also, be aware that different things make any of the things that bother you amplified. For example when we are drunk......different lower passions and lower thoughts come into our field of thought and influence it, emotions influence your outlook and everything about you also. Most murders happen when someone is in rage...then later they feel sorry and they end up saying "I wasnt myself, I dont know what came over me."

The same thing with TV and society in general. It tries to program you into believing spring break one nighters with the risks of STD's, getting drunk & puking, being rich, huge egos, and fighting are cool....look at real world on TV...its sooo scripted and fake.

Now even TV commercials have half naked chicks enticing men to want to have sex, fat women to binge & purge, influening little kids in certain ways and so on. So you have to be careful what is influencing you and instead spend the time to find/know yourself within, find overcome all these things.

What will end up happening is that you will eventually transcend all things, yourself, this world, people, influences, emotions, desires.....and you will come to a place of fulfillment/contentment.

The choice is up to you, however if you chose to stay where you are you will forever be dealing with all these things and still never be fulfilled, or you can break through all this crap and come to a realization of who you really are. Thats why in the majority of the population men are always looking for that "other half" that will complete them and vice versa. WHen you realize you are sexless, you complete the combination of male/female energies and become whole again.

Also know that everything in this world is fixed. Things will satisify you for a little while, then its back to "wanting/needing." Look at get your rocks off and your good for a little while "satisified" then few hours or days later..its right back to wanting/needing it again. Same goes for money, power, success, drugs, and pretty much everything else. When you realize this, know yourself, and come to know will transcend and be released from all these things and will have complete freedom.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 07:31 PM

Originally posted by JFK Jr
I was born male and live as a man. I consider myself transgender and as cliche as it sounds I really feel I am a woman trapped in a man's body. This condition leads to a great deal of depression as I feel this overwhelming desire inside me to be a woman, but it is something I don't feel can ever come to pass. The hormones, surgery, etc. is something I've considered but I don't think it would be ultimately fulfilling for me.

I would strongly suggest getting some form of counselling. Go see a psychologist or psychiatrist who do have experience in this area.

If you don't see full gender reassignment as a solution, that's fine. You need to find a solution/path that suits you. However, as you note, this won't pass (and you do know this), it will eat away at your 'soul' leading to depression (where you're at), possibly even self-medication/self-harming (very high levels in TG individuals).

Getting some professional help would be the very best advice I, or anyone else, could give you.

1) I am depressed a great deal and what's worse I feel as though I'll never be happy no matter how good any other part of my life is. I feel like my life is complete suffering and that nothing in the afterlife could be worse than this. Can anyone give me a compelling reason not to just see what's on the other side?

Yeah. It would be a waste of time, probably nothing to see

So make the best of what you have. What you know you have - the here and now.

Even some pain and heartache is preferable - indeed, it's part of life for everyone. You will probably never feel ecstatic in the situation you are now, but with some good advice and counselling, you could learn to find a way to just be. Just be you and be generally content.

The depression can be treated, but you essentially do have an endogenous depression (i.e. internal). Therefore burying or ignoring it won't help. T'was good to talk about it here, and I don't blame you for using an alias, as there are some eejits around. Now go and see someone who can really help you.

As for 2 and 3. Fowgeddabowt it. There is no deeper metaphysical meaning to be had - sure you could make one up or make some rationalisation. It is a deep-seated biological/psychological condition that is frackin' with your mind, leading you to a spiral of depression, confusion, and torment (probably with a hatful of guilt and self-loathing). You don't need to feel like that.

Go get help, because it appears you're not doing so well on your own - and there are very well-qualified and experienced people who can and will help you.

Take care

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 02:56 AM
I would just like to add to melationin's post above in regards to professional help.

Your going to end up in 1 of 3 situations:

1. You'll end up with a shrink specializing in this area who is biased in a sense that they will more likely talk you into "just doing it." That is trying hormones, and trying to go for the change...being that many of their patients are "cured" by just accepting this as a normal/natural situation.

2. You'll get a shrink who could really give a crap except to get paid and on with the next client. In this siuation, you'll most likely end up in the end of situation 1

3. You get a younger/fresher shrink who really does care, helps you explore these things, and helps bring you to resolutions.

The worst case scenario is that you will need any of these 3 for the rest of your life as support structures.

No I'm in no way a shrink...just somebody who knows for a fact that God is real. And since my Awakening happened (Enlightenment) I've been able to help 2 different friends who were both seeing shrinks for problems such as anxiety and other misc issues.

AFter telling them basically what I told you in the post above melatonin's, and going deeper into it with them combined with meditation and spiritual practice.....they've both been able to come off medications, stop seeing their shrinks, and function normally. To this day, they are still in awe that they dont have their "issues" any more and they feel free.

The funny thing is, both of them brought up my advice to their shrinks. Without knowing each other....the shrinks both said that about 98% of thier clients have their issues because there is no God in their life. Thats paraphrasing it for you.

Now I'm no super hero or anything, I just speak truth and it helps wake certain people up. My truth comes from Spiritual realities and I used to battle with extremely strong sexual and alcohol addicitons taht got me into tons of trouble...which are now vaporized for almost 5 years now.

Also I'm guessing the 2% that the Shrinks were reffering to that God can't help (so they say...which I say to that nothing is impossible for God)...but Im guessing their 2% is schitzophrenia or a missing or damaged part of the brain or something thats genetic and so on.

Just remember, you are loved, you have friends here, I care for you and have compassion and would love to see you through all this, even if its for the rest of your life. Dont go trying to go out with a bang...even though its awsome what comes after this....awsome beyond words (plus we get the last laugh over skeptics and athiests).

Still suicide hurts too many people, family, friends, collueges(sp?), and is a selfish way to go. Plus you have to admit, you havent tried everything when it comes to this whole gender identity thing. You cant give up now.

1 more thing that just popped into my head. What if your whole purpose here on earth, is to go through this gender identity thing, figure it all out, come to peace within yourself and solve the whole thing in your life...then turn around and help others in the exact same situation. Imagine that!!!! The value, the worth, the awsomeness of a mission such as that, You'd be an angel here on earth guiding others through such difficult paths.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 01:04 PM
There is no god. No intelligent, compassionate being would create life only to see it tortured for it's entire tenure. I speak from personal experience.

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