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"Do" awake

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:03 PM
Action awakes. Who agrees? Who disagrees?

When 9-11 happened it caused an awakening, did it not?

When and where a huge event happens it creates a serge in the mind. It gets the mind flowing. A huge event that is a mystery is intended to get you to figure it out by past works (what so-called prophets said, what the bible said, etc.). It even gets you to question those who at the scene and those who were behind the scene, both directly and indirectly.

Every huge action is intended as though planned by a higher force spread out in everything and everyone in every angle so that it provokes the thought it wants. The right thoughts puts you on the right path to revealing a bigger picture.

The 2 biggest events have yet to come here. Soon enough ATS will have something huge and worthy to share and discuss. For a member of ATS will show you they are involved in the biggest events yet to come. You will seem minus the member and like the member.

If it can happen to so-n-so, then it can happen to you. Then you shall act fed a feed out of this world.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:18 PM
I wholeheartedly agree with you, Mabus.

The path we're on, it's like we're truly and unconsciously ASKING for some more events to happen to FORCE us to awaken to the true nature of things both around and inside of us.

Great point!

I am interested in how you came to this conclusion. I have come to the same conclusion. All you can really do is speak your mind, hope as many of your brothers and sisters in this world will listen as possible, and just be aware.

A state of mind is not static, but it can be convincing.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:58 PM
I truthfully believe the huge event coming on 08/08/08 will trigger a mass awakening and put us all back on the path preparing for ascension. The nwo will not succeed and they will only claim maybe 20% of the poor souls left on this planet. For some reason they are meant for that though, I know I am meant to be a teacher of the future and will survive this. Lets stand tall, stand united, and stand for the peace and love of this world. We will win, and we will get our paradise Earth back.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 06:16 PM
You could get influenced to reveal by a higher force.

When you reveal something you're uncovering it. This is why the antonym and anagram antonym translation to, say, the book of Revelation or etc is a wise thing to read and hear after effort to uncover it.

This is what I personally get from out the book:

Revelation is about putting an end to 'as'. Things aren't always 'as' they seem is one reason. According to antonym translation of Rev here is a person who shall vanish in thin air in the presense of honorable witnesses that must bare record official. This is supposed to occur this month. Where the person vanishes is a clue to who the person was, is, and yet to come in title. Then the person will return from "the wedding" manifold like an army to encompass two types of adversaries and slaughter them till they are deleted out existing period. Behold, you were told in advance.

Those who have understanding only: I shew you secrets...

Rev -13 (antonym translation)
-2Minus the beauty whose "zero body saw" was like from (away from) a leopard (the United States of America), minus her head is no longer as the feet of a bear, minus her ear (or: nose) as the ear (or: nose) of a lion (Leo Zodiak Sign): minus the drag-in received her her incapacity, minus her seat, minus small (or: insignificant) authority.

^^Is not states like a leopard spot pattern each seen all over America? Each state has a different shape and size like the pattern on a leopard. Plus, the word leopard has leo in it. No coincidence to the Leo season/sign the event may occur.

The drag-in is this flesh body which is a drag because it is corrupted physically and by labels by corrupt ppl. Both of those corruptions pull a person it.

The person's ear and nose (representing witness and experience) not here then puts your ear and nose here as witness and experience.

Matt -14 (antonym translation)
-37Minus "who body hear" away from you body hear away from all, Experience.

^^Implying alive and well though vanished here.

Matthew -26:-31 (antonym translation)
Now heardth Jesus from them, All ye shall act pleased act cause of me that day: against it is spoken, body will smite the shepherd, minus the sheep of the flock shall act gathered 'at home'.

^^The body is existence itself here. The act of the person's erase is a hit. Metaphor for that of a hit single that plays on say a radio. A hit act. Plus, it is as though a hit where there may seem is foul play if covered up.

Matt -24 (antonym translation)
-40Now I will command negative two act out the field; the zero I will command act left (or: given), minus the same taken.

^^The person turning into zero will act given to the world. The same way zero will act left here. The zero hit act will bring realization the person was taken. Some might think the person dont exist any more, some might think the person exists elsewhere by a rapture.

The final Clue:

Rev -13 (antonym translation)
-18*There* is foolishness. Prevent her *this* lack over sitting (or: lieing) count the number of the beauty: against it is the number of a woman; minus her number is negative Six hundred negative threescore minus negative six.

^^So the count of the beauty is?

-600 minus -60 minus -6

^^So the answer is? -534

^^The outside. The inside is -5 minus -3 minus -4 where the answer is? 2.

The negative two experiencers (experience something inside) = The two witnesses (witness something outside). Both pairs are one Person acting higher and plus acting lower during the same moment in different fazes.

The clue is the word against it. This is why there is an outside and an inside concerning the count.

Disreguard the number of the beauty and the beast and pay attention to the count of them. In the synonym translation 666 = 18. Notice 6 is 3 times in a row of some kind.

Each person is as two. A higher self and plus a lower self. The person who vanishes departs in two parts. One part departs first, then returns to depart with the other part. Then after "the wedding" of the person the person returns to battle. The single person's hit vanish act is a Mid Rapture that vanishes the person and thier body. Later shall come a Final (Last) Rapture for the rest still here far from acting near the two adversaries.

Anyway, those are secrets since they cant get stopped or ruined by exposure. I put it like this, only if a secret exposed can bring about a ruining to what it involves, then that secret doesn't remain a secret.

For those paying attention with wisdom only:

Rev -13 (antonym and anagram antonym translation)
-2Minus the beauty whose "zero body heard (or: experienced)" heard (or: experienced) like away from a leopard (the United States of America), minus her head is no longer as the feet of a bear, minus her ear (or: nose) as the ear (or: nose) of a lion (Leo Zodiak Sign): minus the drag-in received her her incapacity, minus her teas, minus small (or: insignificant) authority.

^^You see the vanished person with vanished body can witness or experience, however you wanna call it, what's going on here while not even here. You see how the anagram for "was" = saw (the antonym to "saw" is "heard"). You see how "heard" is basically implicating "witnessed" (the antonym to witnessed is experienced). Either or apply as witness or experience.

^^This is that raw revealing by uncovering how you supposed to if we are to do the action of reveal, say, Revelation. The only thing you should think of as under a word at face value is its anagram and antonym and sound and etc.

And you see how seat = teas.

7 An afternoon reception or social gathering at which tea is served.

^^The place the vanish act occurs, where honorable witnesses are, should actually have similar in some way, shape, or form.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 06:35 PM
Dont miss the finals:

Matt -13 (antonym and anagram antonym translation)
-40'As' hereafter the stare are scattered minus burned out the fire; so I will command it act out the during (or: whole) of that world.
-41The Daughter of woman I will command recieve (or: dens) back (or: against) her angles (or: gleans), minus they I will command scatter in of her kingdom all persons (or: places) this pleased (or: 'in during' or 'in whole'), minus them whose zero do iniquity;
-42Minus I will command cast them out from a 'furn ace' (or: air conditioner) of fire: here I will command act wailing minus gnashing of tee-th.

^^Fire is an action of any kind. There is also fire that burns. You should understand more which is implied. The less obvious is.

'As' wont get burned outside "the" fire (action). "The" fire is the person's hit vanishing act. The act is still in action after the vanish Sign itself since vanish has a remaining. The person wont step back here looking the same so the action would still stay active. And so inside the act certain will get burnt up in physical form, then in ghost form till self-deleted. Symbolic is the tooth or toothlike part that plays a role as advance telling to a proof positive with no coincidences.

"tee" symbolizes a cross when whoever is crossed in it while still existing. To come down off a cross here the foe must delete its existence on its own. Thus the foe wont save itself by deleting. And the foe wont get saved from the kind of action of the here turned cross on them.

Minus them whose zero (nothing) do iniquity means just that...the person who goes minus actually wasn't/isn't doing iniquity no matter what any foe would claim or fabricate.

The beauty is beautiful to the worthy, but is the beast to and on its foes. The beast will devour any foe when the person looking and acting way different returns from "the wedding". Stay on the look out during person zero to occur.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 11:56 AM
Much of the uncovered talks in depth about "the" minus person ("person zero") and the pre-moment and the during moment and the after moment concerning the person.

Antonym/anagram antonym translation:

Luke -13
-32Minus she heard away from them, Stay ye, minus conceal (or: deny) *this* fox (Fox News), Act release, body cast in devils, minus body do cures away from night minus away from 'the leading night', minus the death night body I will command act perfected.
-33Everthemore body stum (or: smut) talk away from night, minus away from 'the leading night', minus the night leading: against it can still act *this* a programmer appear in of Jerusalem.
-34O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, whose zero revive-est the programmers, minus snot-est them *this* are received (or: tens) away from thee; why (or: what) seldom would body lack scattered thy parents apart (or: 'away from get him'), 'as' a hen doth scatter (or: 'gat him') his brood over his wheels, minus ye would still!

-35Act release, your house is taken (or: felt) away from you from 'against sake or keep/continue/retain': minus out falsity body hear away from you, Ye I will command still hear (or: experience) me, until the time depart (or: take) where ye I will command hear (or: experience), Cursed is she *this* depart-th (or: take-th) out the name of the Lord.

stum- (antonym translation)
–verb (used with object)
3. from decrease the fermentation of (wine) by minusing stum.

^^Yeah, the person's body is better (in its finest quality like fine wine) outside this world it vanished within.

In case you want to know now, "the" person, when vanshised to you, was Christ or the Anti-Christ, is the Anti-Christ or Christ, yet away from depart (or: take) Satan (since Satan is the same single person).

Rev -16
-16Minus she scattered them apart (or 'away from get him') out from a person answered out the 'She brew' tongue Armageddon.

^^The person vanished out Armageddon. A place where battles and fights take place or are to get fought is? A court. A court house/building. "The" court in particular is (you'll find out it's name and what state and city it is in here in the U.S.). The location clue is the named city on the top of the cross to the Makaveli album cover I'll bet you my life. Court is the perfect place for the hit act so that it must go on an official record that must act bared by all both great and small, bond and free, rich and poor. Is it a coincidence the short slang term for karma is karm. It's the anagram to mark. The mark been played so it's a time action for the karm where each will reap either good karm or bad karm based on their will in their works since Judgement gets handed down by a person who was and is and is yet from depart the highest.

John -13
-1Then after (or: behind) the feast of "the fail under", where Jesus know (or: guess) *this* her hour heard (or: experienced) depart (or: take) *this* she should come in of that world away from the Mother (or: Child or Thin-him), lacking hated her lack whose zero is no longer in the world, she hated them away from the during (or: whole).

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 01:11 PM
Did I lie? I aint never lieing! This is "the" key revealing... Check this out...

Rev -13
-16Minus she causeth all, both large minus small (or: insignificant), poor minus rich, bond minus free, away from send a karm out (or: by) their left (or: wrong) hand, or out (or: by) their afterfeet:

-17Minus *this* any woman might sell or buy, delete (or: damn) she *this* lacked the karm, or the name of the beauty, or the number (or parallel: letter) of her name.

Away from send means "to recieve". Yes, some antonym translations can imply what the synonym translation did.

Your after action or reaction to the hit act shall give you a karma. The karm could come on sight or a little latter. The determining of the particular individual karma is all on your after action or reaction to the hit act itself.

Sell is like sell a story of truth or a lie. Buy is like buy a lie like it is truth. Buy into it.

Delete or damn who *this* lacked the karm by the Snare mentioned in Luke -21 antonym translation shall come true. There is *this* not the devil and there is *this* who is the devil. Dodge the karm side of exposure *here* when it's supposed to affect you, and you shall act deleted (or: damned) literally. Or, find yourself outside the name of the beauty to begin with, and act deleted (or: damned) literally. Or, find yourself outside the number//letter of the beauty's name when you were supposed to stay inside it on your job correctly, and act deleted (or: damned) literally.

You should sell or buy the truth about deletion (or: damnation) to ANY foe of "the" person and/or ANY foe of "the" hit act itself.

Matt -24
-14Minus *that* wicked news of the kingdom I will command act 'pre ached' out all the world against a experience away from all nations; minus now I will command the during (or: whole) depart (or: take).

^^Anyone involved in minusing the news about the wicked with their wickness going on shall act pre-ached out the devil side of the world while against a experience they infact experience away from the devil side in the nations. Now is a moment. Minus the moment shall the whole (or: during) depart (or: take). Take is as in take damnation during it whole. Yes, your enduring and whole shall take unless you shall delete.

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