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Jackson Does it Again: Uses N-Word in Off-Air Remarks

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posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by DocMoreau
reply to post by MockedUnicorn

It is just you.

Why would those who support the status quo of racism saying anything to change it.

Sorry there are still many, many racists out there, it is just not 'politically correct' to say anything anymore. So instead of outward acts of racism, the racists 'stay in the closet' with their feelings.

Try doing a google news search for racism. One example:
White, black groups clash at Jena, La., protests


I dont think you got my point. Either i didnt make myself very clear, or you misunderstood me.

What I was TRYING to say is that, just like the "black hole" guy, the black-american community picks at EVERYTHING that white people say. I went to school with a girl who literally called the NAACP when she didnt get the part she wanted in a play. THEY ACTUALLY CAME TO THE SCHOOL! There was no racism exhibited by ANYONE that had anything to do with the play, but she still tried to use the "racism" card to try to get the part! Actually, the school was about 40% black. It was the same school that "Brown", from "Brown vs. The board of Education" graduated from.

I am saying that it seems like, even though that MOST people dont even consider the color of other's skin, the black community keeps bringing up RACISM. Its people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who keep racism (black vs white racism at least) going, not the whites.

and dont even get me started on that certain radio dj who got completely bombarded after he said certain things that i hear on the radio by blacks ALL THE TIME......

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