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Tony Gosling Arrested - Mossad and a "Masonic/Zionist cell"

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 09:14 PM
This one slipped past me, seems the police did a good job of mucking him about.

"Tuesday 24th June approx. 1400 Tony Gosling and fiancee were stopped in their vehicle on the M32 motorway in Bristol by ten police officers under the authority of the Northumbria Police Major Incident Unit.

Gosling and fiancee were held at Trinity Road police station in Bristol until 1200 the next day, 25th June. Both were heavily questioned. They were each arrested three times, a total of six arrests. "


They were looking for this lady Natalie Bracht -

"She has been in the UK about 2.5 years .Not long after entering the UK she refused to be recruited by Rabbi Dr. Robert Ash to become an undercover Mossad 'student'as part of Israeli Anti-Muslim activities in London."

"Her father is Moshe Baton (Spy for British & Israelis, diplomat in E. Germany. Fell from grace & exiled in Libia 1981 after bribe paid. Believed by Israeli public to be in prison in Israel) Mossad Her apparently ex Husband: Dietrich Shimon-Bracht (Now in UK 'helping police') is an Israeli nuclear military scientist (originally unknown to Natalie)

His grandfather is in the Knesset and the Tel-aviv masonic Grand Master. They have been together for 6 years but have been separated for 4.5 years

There is apparently an 'Untouchables' - Masonic/Zionist cell centring around South Gosforth Reformed Synagogue,
1. Reformed (non-religious) Rabbi: Dr Robert Ash (organiser/handler)
2. David Abrahams (Newcastle) - Labour Party funder
3. Bernard Schaeffer (along with pretend wife wants to 'look after' five children)
4. Sir Jeremy Beecham
5. Dr. Marc Orlim Bereleowitz ('interviews' children)
6. David Hozen - Judge brought in from Manchester to rule in custody case . These names may be misspelled"

Here's a link to her main allegations

She believes that Mossad helped to carry out the July 7th bombings in London. That ties in with Mossads warning to Benjamin Netanyahu not to leave the hotel he was staying in.
and the hour long in depth interview

This story gets better and better, LISTEN to her interview !!

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:00 AM
Very interesting, i knew there was more to the news stories of that missing woman

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:58 AM
Does anyone have anything to add to this? No comments?
Its a huge story that will never hit MSM

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 03:40 PM
I'm interested.I've been trying to follow up what happened after but I can't seem to find any info.I listened to the Natalie Brecht interview-a lesson to us all in what to expect in government harrasment.It's a shame no one picked up on your thread.I'll flag it anyhow.If I find anything myself I'll post.Candy

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by candyfloss

thanks candy, This story is huge in my opinion. This revelation of undercover Mossad Anti-Muslim activities in London is very interesting. The link between the Labour party and their 3rd largest funder

Abrahams was now Labour's third largest donor
who is implicated in this undercover zionist group are HUGE, this will never hit the MSM


posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 08:52 PM
Here is a infowars article on the story...

and here is another blog with a little more info posted by Mr Gosling himself and a transcript of the interview

Natalie Bracht]: I'm aware that the tube bombings down here in London are not in connection to any muslim activity at all, or with any arabic activity, put it this way. I'm aware that there are studen'ts accomondations down here in London, a couple of them, mostly covered up as being very anarchistic, very "left", these students have knowledge in architecture, they are under camouflage of being art students, instead of architects. They have technical equipment which is able to shut down surveillance. They are also certain toymakers, these are people who have been formerly trained by the Israeli Military, most of them are also Russian speaking people, and there's a huge number of ex soviet [socalled] jews who are doing this job.

I'm expecting, and there are rumors going around, and I'm aware of that two MP's have already been informed about this; they are expecting an attack on American soil in Ireland, possibly in Belfast, and it will be blamed on the Muslims. This is to gain the support for another point in Israel from the United States and United Kingdom, and to look into the immigration problems that they obviously have in Ireland as well, so it's affecting a lot of things.

And a huge number of people who are delivering, or doing this job are women instead of men.

[Tony Gossling]: Do you know who the M.P's are?

[Natalie Bracht]: Ehm, no. No comment.

[Someone in the background] It's right here, it's very interesting

[Tony Gossling]: Thank you, In terms of timing, what about it, and you think it's going to be on U.S soil in Ireland did you say?

[Natalie Bracht]: Yes, in 2008

[Tony Gossling]: But you pick up these rumors, but do you think it makes sense to have an attack like this now, why might they want to do it?

[Natalie Bracht]: Because they need the support, they need the mindsupport, they need the financial support, they need the strategic support, the military support. They have already huge military support on Cyprus, I'm talking about the Israelis, and then they will gain a bigger support for an attack that is possibly going over to the Syrian area. I don't expect that the next war is going to be Iran, I'm expecting the next war to be Syria.

[Tony Gossling]: What's going to happen to the kids?

[Natalie Bracht]: Well I'm expecting, if I shouldn't be successful in hiding and protecting my children, or if we don't find any way that I'm expecting them possibly to deliver me into a mental hospital or into prison and I will just vanish and I'm expecting them to deliver my children into [the state in but not of] Israel, provide them with different names and I will never be able to see them again. If they don't put me into prison or a mental hospital or whatsoever then it means that what this what the English immigration department which is obviously dealing with me even if I'm a British citizen has put on the record about me is that they've put me on a watchlist, and it is called tham I'm having "communicational difficulties". Well what ever that means, I don't have the impression that I have "communicational difficulties", but I think this means something different. So this means I can't travel to certain countries, and I will have problems to come down. They could do this to me after they said that I was a German convert to Islam in coming into this country with different intensions, well that's close to absurd. So this is what I'm expecting what will happen to my children.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 04:03 AM
Thanks Beefeater .I agree.Sometimes I wish you could approach the mods to bump it but then I suppose evryone would be doing that.Maybe it's worth a try.I will read the stuff you posted.I wonder where Natalie Bracht is now.I'm a Mum too and it must be horrible to have the threat of having your kids taken away looming over you-bastards.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by candyfloss

Thanks candy. According to Mr Gosling Natalie has either been captured or has escaped the country, so according to her wishes he released the tapes of her interview.
Call me suspicious but I think someone is trying to bury this thread .......

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 12:28 AM

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