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We Are At The Edge Of The Abyss

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 03:18 PM
So what does everyone think. Are we all about to be swept into the crashing waves of WW3? This is defiantly not a troll, it poses a serious question.

Let me tell you something. As a US citizen, I am worried about the state of my country, and the world. Hell, I am absolutely terrified.

Human rights in general are being taken away one by one.

Social degradation is on the uprise the world, which to me, is the first sign of a collapsing society.

The world itself is crying in distress. Look at the weather. THIS IS MESSED UP WEATHER.

Politicians are plotting and planning to keep themselves in power, and take away power from others. Always this stupid race for power.

We can't band together to solve issues which are important. IE, the "energy crisis".

We are blinded by the faiths that are supposed to give us a sense of peace. Christian, Muslims, and nearly any other major religion are guilty of it.

These are but a few examples.. from what I see, I am afraid we are self destructing. What do I do? Start a picket? Why.. so I can be totally ignored, beaten by other civilians, or have a swat team come and pelt me with rubber bullets or taze me for no reason? It has come to be that anyone trying to solve the problem, becomes the problem, and distracts from the real issues.

We take so long to make decisions, that, by the time we bring those decisions into play... they do not matter anymore.

I'm absolutely sick and tired of all the whining, immature leaders in this world. Take the freakin nukes... and destory them. Put more money into research and technology funding. Incorporate an alternative to prison for Petty criminals that is more cost efficient. Sorry, America smokes marijuana, get over it, make it legal with the same laws as alcohol and free up more space in the money pit we call prisons. Reinforce education budgets, and get America educated. Sure. Okay. Fine. Some things take time to show results. But Stop being two and throwing a hissey fit when you don't get that toy for another week (that was pointed at our world's leaders).

Cooperations have no business being involved in US government. Take them out, and any offenses of bribery, extortion, or the like will involve a pertinent ban of all business dealings within the US soil.

So we lose money. GET OVER IT. Its better in the long run. All I have to do to reinforce that statement is point at big oil, and you all know this.

And yes, the media and the press need something done. I have no clue what. Absolutely no clue, but they need to get their act together as well.

I totally went farther than I wanted to with this. I saw this thread and everything I have ever thought of about what is going on in the world today just made its way to my fingers. Hello ATS, after a very long time of reading, I have finally made an account.

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 06:39 PM
Actually, if the BUSH were smart, he would hold a press conferance and support Russia for backing Iran. He should state that furthermore, the Russian presence brings a much needed amount of stability to the region. He should openly applaud Amadenjadh and Puten. (sorry for my bad spelling of foreign leader's names)

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by Tapped In

To bad the people that are pulling the strings in the US and its alliances are the same people pulling the strings for Iran and Russia. When the Elite/neocons/NWO control both teams the outcome of the game is always in their favor. If there is a conflict no matter who is perceived as a winner or losser in the end were all lossers because they will have pushed there agenda that much closer to reality.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 08:46 PM
High up on the pyramid, it's all good.

If a Hot-War breaks out involving massive air, armor, and naval battles among the former Cold-War rivals and other regional forces, I'm sure there will not be any shortage of Banks or Arms Manufacturers willing to help replace what will be blown-up rather rapidly.

We probably shouldn't underestimate the greed that exists in some.

And I think, down in the compartmental faction Cheney works for, surely, there's a few intriguers pulling out the old Cold-War Playbooks, salivating...

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 06:35 AM
reply to post by cleverghost

Your analysis is quite good. There is no NWO but rich,greedy,powerful individuals who want to stay that way! So they will curb your rights, change laws, manipulate the world economy etc etc whatever it takes. Oil is a problem for these folks due to it's physical location. This russian deal works fine for them since the most important aspect of oil production is not who you pay nor how much, simply that the oil flows. Now it will, the rich will stay rich because you dear reader will continue to consume it along with all the goods and services that depend on the black stuff.

Whatever you do don't become oil independant and very definitely never ever help others to become independant of oil......bang you're dead.

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