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Fascist Police State: More Cops conducting illegal checkpoints and violating 4th amendment

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 09:15 PM
I say bravo ! If it was a DUI check point some would have us believe it is perfectly okay to be stopped with no probable cause. The comeback is " It is perfectly legal " At least from my perspective it certainly violates the spirit of the Forth Amendment. That is of course simply my opinion, however for the ones that believe in their heart and souls that this type of check point ( law) is fine, I might remind you that four of the nine Supreme Court Justices don't believe the Second Amendment applies to the "PEOPLE"
The DUI check point was the nose of the camel. We have seen it morph into a half dozen other reasons to stop/check papers/ and generally annoy people with again, no probable cause. I find the reasoning behind these laws or people that will come to their defense as inexcusable, cowardly and morally bankrupt.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by Xwino

Very good point. Once you allow DUI "checkpoints", then there will be checkpoints and other variations of the sort for just about anything.

This checkpoint was simply called "CHECKPOINT AHEAD" as the orange sign read. I wish I had video tape of it. Next time I am going to video tape all 4 sides of the checkpoint at a great distance before proceeding to video tape in their midst and attempt to converse with them.

Keep in mind ALL cars were stopped. Some think its "ok" when only 1 out of 5 cars is stopped. I was about to make it into the checkpoint as I thought it was a traffic accident and I didnt want to get stuck in line... then I saw "checkpoint" and I turned down a street to avoid waiting. They say "Its not a violation of the 4th amendment when you see the signs ahead and you have the option of turning to avoid going through the checkpoint."

The 1st time I was in a checkpoint I was 19 and I was with 2 other friends in my car. They shined lights in the car, looked all around and asked questions and were very suspicious and wanted to make sure "my papers were in order". I will no longer put up with that.

There is a guy you must see on youtube that is being stopped by DHS and I believe he is a lawyer. He doesn't take kindly to this sort of thing. I think I will adapt his type of behavior model to suit my encounters.

What do you guys think?

Homeland Security Checkpoint: Video Blog - Day 1

These are suspicion-less checkpoints on highways in Arizona. "Are you a citizen of the united states?" Check out all of his other videos on youtube by this user. He also has website...

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 09:56 PM
I started the thread "Man arrested for unlawful photograghy of a cop" on 07-12-2008 heres the link!'
It's good to see others taking an interest in whats going on in America!
Thanks OP!

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

looks to me like your attacking him still, because you would rather side with the police than admit that they had no right to tell him not to videotape, and to instead intimidate him.
and, beyond that, you yourself are intimidating him now by trying to make him feel guilty about *SOMETHING?*.
picking at the timestamp(my VCR still flashes 12:00, i MUST be a criminal!), claiming rodney king DESERVED the brutal can of whoop-ass that the LAPD unleashed on him.

the thing you, as an american citizen, should be concerned about, is the FACT that mrjustin5's 'inalienable' constitutional rights were violated.

you are calling into question his character, calling him a liar, because he didn't produce ID. the FACT is, the cop had NO RIGHT to ask him for ID, and was overstepping his legal rights and making it up as he went along. the law has ruled that it is okay for the media to lie, that it is okay for the government to lie to the people, so why shouldn't the people be able to lie to the government? double standard? class system? royal hierarchy?

how do we know the cops weren't looking for coc aine so they could have a party with hookers and blow later? the man had a RIGHT to videotape the cops, and he has a RIGHT TO PRIVACY, but all that you can see is 'respect for authority'.

the american constitution is based on the idea that every man is a SOVEREIGN, and has SOVEREIGN rights. you obviously have no respect for THAT authority, and nor do those policemen who are sworn to protect it.

i put a reply in "so you hate the cops". check it out. real life is not an ideal.

p.s. i lied to a cop about having ID because he had no right to ask me for it. it was the same cop who was telling me i couldn't walk on a street if i didn't live there. he was an intimidating bastard LYING about his DUTY to UPHOLD THE LAW by making up his own 'law' for his own ego stroking jollies. had i showed this CRIMINAL COP my ID, i could have been put into a 'suspicious person' database, and it might be hard for me to get a job, or board a plane, etc. i might find myself getting stopped for any lame excuse while driving my car.
i'm not going to apologize for lying to a liar.

once again, mrjustin5, keep on rockin' in the free world. thanks on behalf of freemen everywhere.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:33 PM
A few posters here know the right way to react to a lying thig pig...stand firm and deny every lie and attempt to bluff. Funny none of the cop's here have chimed in to defend the lies. On the first page a poster talks about hius excellent reactions.Take them one by accusation of speeding but with not enough proof for a real ticket, just a warning, which means the lying pig had no radar data.

Then, the liar of a cop asks for consent and gets refused, and acts tough...threatening the driver with waiting for hours while a ' warrant ' is gotten...although it is a lie because merely refusing gives them ZERO probable cause..which the lying cop knows but brazenly tries anyway..

Then when the driver stands firm, the lying cop gets mad and calls his boss who does the right thing because he knows that there are plenty of easy busts and scared and timid drivers and they don't want this guy to sue them for an obvious bad arrest. But look at what a ' servant' of the people does....lies ands bluffs and gets owned and shamed by a citizen who merely knows their rights and doesn't listen to the garbage.

NEVER give consent and always film the thugs and liars.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:42 PM
Here is a link to a video in which you can watch six or seven encounters with police officers in which people taking video were told to shut off their cameras and refused to do it. In many cases if you stick to your rights under the law, the abusing officer will back off.

There is only one case in the video of an officer doing his job in a way that respects American citizen's rights.

The video is long and most of the encounters are in the second half of it, but they are worth watching, the "pit of your stomach" factor is high in most of the encounters. Kudos to the ballsy people who made this video. People like these, as much as the constitution itself, guarantee the rights of citizens.

Google Video Link

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posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by billybob

Hello, BillyBob!

Thank you for the great response to SpartanKing! You really summed it up well and put together a great response.

I ignored ol' SpartyKingy after my 2nd response because I cant go on and on with someone like that. I believe he said that my video was fake because of the date (Which is corrected IF you watch it with Annotations ON the youtube site) and some other nonsense.

Spartan even claims that there is no city or location, just rosecrans and hawthorne BLVD. Someone told him he could google it. Well, I dont know what he is on because for the first 8 or 10 seconds of my video is the cross street intersections (again, Rosecrans and Hawthorne BLVD) FOLLOWED BY THE CITY (Hawthorne!) STATE: CA (CALIFORNIA!) and EVEN THE ZIP CODE!! 90250!

Even on the Youtube video I plugged in the EXACT location on the map system for video details, so people can see the EXACT SPOT (north is up) that the "Checkpoint" was on the RIGHT side of hawthorne Blvd (headed northbound) right next to all the stores.

I mean, I dont understand this guy. I ignored him after the 2nd comment because it just makes me so mad. This guy is claiming I said "I am going to expose you to Alex Jones" or something and all other sorts of "STRAWMAN attacks" (attacking me for saying something I did not say because there isn't much he can legitimately attack me on to say the least). So he creates a "fake me" (a scarecrow or a man made out of straw) and attacks that instead. I dont know why he is spending so much time to attack me.

I have now blocked him after the 2nd comment and I see by others responding he is blabbing on and on... He might as well be the Patrick Swayze in the movie GHOST as he's trying to attack other people or talk with Demi Moore.

Again, thank you for the great post and compliments. Your responses and people like you have really made me feel as though I do have some purpose in life rather than being a "useless eater & consumer" as Henry Kissinger calls us (I believe... or was it someone different?)

Thank you!

x Justin

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 02:53 AM
Wow this whole thread reminds me of a few times when I lived Houston, TX. A few times out of the year there maybe more the cops like to walk up to cars while your waiting for light to change from green to red and tell you to park into an adjacent parking lot where they will ask for license and registration and proceed to write you a ticket if they find anything. Last time I got a ticket like that was in 2006.

Kudos to you guys for sticking to your guns. I wish I was a little more informed back then. I know better these days.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 03:12 AM

My reasoning behind stating what I did about the city and state name is simple, we don't know whether this is a small town where these things do not happen regularly, or somewhere near South Central and Compton, where it does happen all the time. I am not arguing the point here that it's against the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, I am however pointing out very obvious and valid reasons I see there are facts left out. Is this something the person who filmed it did, either by accident, or on purpose to leave it in question.

Good point, the word in question here that makes the difference between constitutional and unconstitutional is 'reasonable'.

When there is a bar that has a full parking lot at last call on a Friday night, it is reasonable to assume anyone leaving is above the legal limit. I'm pretty sure every state is .08% (or lower) now which is one drink for any body weight. That would mean if you get in your car by yourself its very likely youre DUI.

An intersection that has hundreds of drug sales per day would grant expectation to reasonable search.

I'm not sure if any similar circumstances were in play here or not becasue the video is not working ATM, I am going on the reactions I have read.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 03:16 AM
reply to post by mrjustin5

i loved the 911 truth rising video, ipsedixit.
that kid must have been like 15 or 16 when he woke up and man, when his balls dropped, they DROPPED! THAT gives me a lot of hope for humanity.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 05:13 AM
The cop confescating your beer illegal. All an officers job to do is, let you go or arrest you, and remove evidence. If you end up downtown, usually your personal belingings are put in a manilla envelope.
HE stole your money. Where i live, thiers always articles about how much the top cops make in our city. Sergenats, and above making $80,000 to $140,000, and thats not including thier side jobs, and okays overtime per state and city. I feel cops are getting greedy, and that $100,000 they made, cost of living going up ect, and thier lifestyle isnt good best thing.. the person pulled over. They know, even if you take them to court, you cannot prove he tok your money.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 06:20 AM
It's all just a case of history repeating *cough* 40's Germany *cough*.

I'm not completely read up on this subject but I do have family in the US, from what I've heard & read this has all been a long time coming. This is what 911 was all about, not to start a war but to pass law & legislation to control their own population.

Can't say I'm surprised by any of what I've read here.

Perhaps it's time to take a leaf out of the French's books & stand up to your "leaders".

While I'm here I'd like to ask a question, what is it with worshipping the Stars & stripes? My cousins were born in California but their parents moved to England and they were pretty much raised in Leeds, UK.

They've been back in the states for maybe 5 years now, my mum went over for a holiday and got in to an argument with one of them (not sure what it was about), anyway my cousin shouted at her that the English were dumb because we worshipped a Queen (obviously she's not that well educated
) and that American’s were great because they worshipped their flag... what is all that about?

Is this the norm for most Americans or is she just dumb... I'm kinda going with the latter at the moment but I'd love to know the general consensus on the matter.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by jprophet420

Oh no... I think you're going down a slippery slope on that one. The death blow is this:

An intersection that has hundreds of drug sales per day would grant expectation to reasonable search.

You see... cops should not EVER need to violate the 4th Amendment to be able to do their work. Don't you understand the MAGNITUDE of this problem? Its a FUNDAMENTAL LAW. Cops are SWORN to uphold it! Its the law above ALL laws is the constitution and you're saying its "OK" to do it certain circumstances? HELL NO!

Who dictates what circumstances is "OK" to violate the 4th amendment? Is it you? Me? A committee? POLITICIANS?! We KNOW we can trust Politicians who dictate our lives, can't we?! GOD HELP US!

Look, for over 200 years they've had to uphold the constitution and NOT violate it to get the job done.

How about STOPPING the CIA from bringing in drugs into the united states? Huh?! How about THAT for most of the problem? Do you know that only about 1 out of 20,000 or 30,000 such planes crash? So times 4 tons of Cocaine by say, 25,000 and THAT is how much coc aine the CIA is bring into the USA! Think about it and do the research! Watch American Drug Wars: The Last White Hope

CIA Jet Carrying Four Tons of Cocaine Also Made Trips to Gitmo [VIDEO]

So here is the deal, you dont EVER, EVER break the fundamental laws of the united states! NOT EVER, NOT FOR ANY REASON. Ok? It must be treated as if it were immovable and unbreakable. No exceptions. Do your job the old fashioned way with hard work and wisdom. Go for the ROOT of the problem, not the end-result of the guy on the street corner selling Coke.

Can I make this ANY clearer? Do you guys understand? Are ALL of you acclimated into this "its ok if Jack Bauer does it. Its ok if we torture and break basic laws of humanity and act like criminals as long as its keeping us - AMERICA safe! Who cares! Just do it!"

No... NO... NO!!!! You might NEVER get it! You'll be licking a BOOT to save your LIFE before you might ever get it! I sure hope it doesn't come to that!

Its just not safe, its not the legal and its a downward slope that we're on that we may NEVER recover from! The united states could be COMPLETELY GONE in 50 years because of crap like this.

So again and again... NOT NO WAY, NOT NO HOW should we EVER violate the constitution and bill of rights for ANY reason. No movie action hero crap. No TV nonsense saving the day by breaking the law. No kicking down a door to get evidence or to see who lives there like in the movie Se7en.

NO EXCEPTIONS! It is the law above all laws. We are NOT America and we are NOT AMERICANS if we let that law be broken to "keep us safe". Didn't you learn anything in history classes? Haven't we seen the SAME PATTERNS repeat time and time again, countless times?! Dont we EVER learn anything?!

Do you WONDER why I am going out and videotaping this stuff and making a huge deal about it? Dont let Spartan-jibberish infect your brain with nonsense, too!

I am about to have a heart-attack here!! Stop this madness! All of you! STAND UP AND FIGHT!! While we can still win! While we still have guns! While we still have our WITS!!

[collapses on floor] I am just done.. I am finished... as long 1 out of 100 people think like this... we're finished... we're all finished. It really is that dire. We need 100% of every american to fight this elite, these globalist... these Illuminati, these REPTILES, whatever you want to call them! The problem STILL exists! Not one person should think like they do!

x Justin

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posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 07:23 AM
My 2 cents.

The thing about cops is that they are NEVER around when you need one; and they are ALWAYS around when you don't need one.

I know two police sergents in the NYPD force. The stories of abuse and carelessness I hear from each of them are appalling. Each officer does not know the other, but most of the stories I hear from each one of them are obvious & blatant abuses of authority. They know it too.

It's like they actually HAVE FUN doing this. They are getting paid to BULLY around people, and hopefully score some quota points at the same time. Deplorable, abusive, and down right WRONG!!!!!

The thing that really bothers me the most is that they seem to LIKE IT.


posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

not gonna lie, you sound like a completely liberal ass! follow the rules and you'll never run into any issues where cops are pissed off at you. Big news, cops can do pretty much whatever they want and there's nothing you can do but accept that. Get over yourself!

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 10:00 AM
I have a question related to this thread and maybe someone knows the answer.When i got stopped at a DWI checkpoint the cop shone his light around inside my car to look around.Isn't that illegal and an invasion of privacy?

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 10:58 AM
I know Alex Jones is'nt everyones cup of tea but he's been talking about this today (Fri 18thJuly) on his radio show.People being stopped at checkpoints in Texas,blood being taken and guns are going to be taken away from people in Chicago.Under what pretences are the police taking these actions or are they just doing it because they can?

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 11:34 AM
Tue Dec-28-04 11:34 AM
Original message
US Martial Law and Domestic Detention Camps as of December 1, 2004
Advertisements [?]very comprehensive summary of contingent federal powers to control everything and everyone in the event of a domestic insurrection or other disturbance . . . revealing and disturbing, to say the least . . .

In the event of civil insurrection or physical resistance to U.S. government policies, the official machinery is now in place for swift containment of areas of insurrection by U.S. military forces, to include the various State National Guards, Special Forces and Military Police units.


Under President Bush's "National Strategy For Homeland Security", FEMA will be placed under the Office of Homeland Security. Both Homeland Security and the Department of Defense planned to participate "in homeland security training that involves military and civilian emergency response", provoking comparison to Rex-84. And now, the Bush administration is moving to give FEMA disturbing new responsibilities.


Currently (December, 2004), President Bush and Homeland Security have authorized preliminary studies for the rapid construction of a National Detention Center Program-controlled series of detention centers, to be added to the existing 600 units now in place

The Department of Homeland Security is consulting with an Israeli company, Israeli Prison Systems, Ltd. for the expedited construction of modular internment camps‘ Interment Camps’ generally located in rural and relatively uninhabited areas throughout the Continental United States and Alaska. .

- much more . . .

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by billybob

People like those we are change guys amaze me. I'm old enough to remember the anti-war and civil rights movement of the '60's and that's what the great ones were like back then. It takes guts to speak truth to power. I've always admired people like that.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by mrjustin5

lol, i was just messin with you man, take it easy.

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