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The Prophet Challenge...take it today!

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posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 04:36 PM
Some of my drinking buddies in college used to do this for kicks. Anyway, just for fun:

1. Things will unravel in Iraq. It never was the surge that helped quiet things down in the first place. It was the combination of the Shiite government going after the militias, the Sunni sheiks accepting large amounts of money from the US to battle insurgents and Al Sadr's cease fire. What will happen is that Al Sadr will overreact to something, end the cease fire and the whole thing will spin out of control toward civil war.

2. There will be a major terrorist attack in the Phillipines by Abu Sayyef. Several hundred dead.

3. A successful attack by Islamic radicals on Saudi oil facilities will ultimately set in motion a series of events that will spell disaster for the world economy. The Dow will fall to 10 thousand and find a solid bottom, but unemployment and inflation will bring about the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. The economy won't totally lapse into this mode until next year, but the first event (the Saudi oil facilities being attacked) is what will start the series of events.

4. There will be an amazing, somewhat controversial UFO incident with a greenish-white light that is actually broadcast live on television nationwide. People will find this an exciting story.

5. Evangelist Billy Graham will die.

6. A major Hollywood star will be murdered. An investigation into the homocide will turn up details of the star's extraordinarily bizarre sex life that will be in the news for months.

7. A sweltering heat wave will surprise America in late September/early October.

8. One of the satellites that carries many of the biggest cable channels will suddenly quit functioning, leaving people without those channels for days, in a few cases weeks. Foul play is suspected.

9. Hackers will pull off the biggest internet malfunction ever.

10. Los Angeles will experience a 6.5 magnitude earthquake, which will be a precursor of a much, much larger one 17 months in the future.

[edit on 23-7-2008 by ClintK]

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 01:23 AM
1. Another terrorist attack will occur in the U.S. and Europe during the month of August.
2. As a result, the recession will turn into a depression.
3. Some nut will be arrested at the DNC convention.
4. Obama will not choose Hillary as VP.
5. Gas will go back up past $5.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 01:55 AM
I'll give it a try.

1. The stock market in particular the Dow will make a new yearly low within the next 30 days.

2. The Dow will trend upwards for the next 2 months after hitting the low point coming up.

3. The price of gold will be lower in 90 days than it is now.

4. China will try to clear the pollution for the Olympics, they will only have partial success and some smog will still remain but they will claim it was a lot better than it used to be.

5. In the next 90 days, less than a dozen homeowners in the US will heed a suggestion in another economic financial doomsday thread. Less than a dozen homeowners will dig up their front yards to plant crops and anger the homeowner's association and neighbors.

6. Germany votes to quickly become the 51st state so that Obama is sure to win. However the other 50 states delay the admission of Germany so Germany gets angry at the US and calls it off. Just kidding on this one.

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 03:18 PM
ClintK - got a prophecy hit with the L.A. earthquake...!

I got one prophecy hit, from the Cali fires earlier this week.

[edit on 29-7-2008 by SirPaulMuaddib_2]

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by argentus

HA! I'm claiming 57% credit for prediction #3, based upon this

I really thought throwing France in with the talks was a streatch at the time
(no offense France, just, you know.....)

That's 2 out of 5 (sorta)

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