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Jucelino Nobrega - Check List

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 03:36 AM
Let's see how accurate this gentleman is:

Jucelino Nobrega 2008 Predictions


51- Scandals in hospitals, bad service and administrative problems in the Northeast, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. There are a big embezzling of funds, etc; (Brazil) - Any infor on this?

52- Earthquake in Japan in the region of Osaka of 6.3, mark with many problems. HIT!

53- A typhoon will hit Japan resulting big problems; Not sure

54- Earthquake of 7.2 will hit Jakarta in Indonesia; NOPE or not yet, let's wait for another 2 weeks

55- Big floods in China resulted by a hurricane and it is already thousands of deaths and it starts to hit Bangladesh and Philippines; NOPE or not yet, let's wait for another 2 weeks

56- In Caribbean, a hurricane is being already a big problem and many deaths in Mexico, Jamaica, etc. NOPE or not yet, let's wait for another 2 weeks

57- In USA, three tornadoes hit the region of Texas, etc. resulting in big problems; NOPE or not yet, let's wait for another 2 weeks

58- In India, the floods is victimizing dozens of people and it is already more than 1000 homeless; NOPE or not yet, let's wait for another 2 weeks

59- The number of people with AIDS in Africa reach more than 40%, total unbalance and deaths everywhere. NOPE or not yet, let's wait for another 2 weeks


60- Conflicts of homeless will mark in the south of Brazil and invasions and protests everywhere;

61- Strong Typhoons hit Japan resulting in big disruption and many deaths;

62- Australia is hit by a strong cyclone and there are many problems, leaving homeless;

63- Chile will be hit by a Earthquake of 6.9 in Richter scale and São Paulo feel the tremor;

64- Big floods hit France, Germany and Moldavia leaving thousands of homeless and deaths;

65- Increase the conflicts in Turkey and combats everywhere against the Kurds (next to Iraq);

66- Bombing kill more than 100 people in north of Iraq;

67- Revolt and conflicts in Algeria (Africa) mark blood in the country. An earthquake of 7.1 hit the capital;

68- Increase the consume in Japan of 4.2% and the economic speed up;

69- A small earthquake of 3.1 is observed in the region of the Amazon;


70- In Fortaleza a small earth tremor of 4.2 is observed and it start to open more the subterranean fissure next to the sea (underwater) that came from Africa to Brazil;

71- Earthquake in the capital of Israel put the country in alert because it is 5.3 in Richter scale;

72- A earthquake of 7.8 hit Peru (Lima) resulting in dozens of deaths and thousands of homeless;

73- Increase in the cases of yellow fever in the Federal District ? Brasília (Capital of Brazil) and put the health in alert. There are a mutation and the cases are being dangerous, It may transform in an epidemic.

74- A typhoon hit Japan resulting victims and homeless;

75- A typhoon hit China and it is already thousands of homeless, strong rains result in floods and many deaths;

76- South Korea is hit by a typhoon and there are many homeless;

77- An attack in Lebanon results in revolts and conflicts everywhere, it is already more than 63 deaths;

78- The drought starts in the south of Brazil and big earthquakes result floods in municipality are isolated with the rains;

79- Earthquakes hit Kashmir-Pakistan of 8.2 in Richter scale, thousands of deaths and homeless;

The website claims Jucelino has very high accuracy predictions, but when I started to follow him from June, he only hits one, i.e. the Japanese earthquake, and I think his prediction missed some 500km away from the original area of earthquake.

From time to time, I always feel predictions made by so called super power human even such as Nostradamus are good and accurate only after things had happened.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 03:45 AM
Yhe thing about what you said about Nostradamusn is, people continue to interpret his predictions. Seriously, think of it like Titor. Most of his predictions ran out in '05, but he still has several devotes here. Or would, except for his unfalsifialbe bit.
And, like you said, occasionaly prophets get one right, or close enough to right, that the number of misses are forgotten.
It's the same as these threads we get about Earthquakes in Cali, or hurricanes in Florida, or something. Or, even Earthquaks over in the Asian part of the world, right now. The plates over there are active, and I'm willing to be witha bit of study you could get a decent idea of a general idea where quakes will hit.
But nameing a sopt that's prone to something, or is prone to something, is like betting on somebody slipping on a puddle. It'll happen one way or another. The best you can hope for is guessing which somebody, when, and what color socks they are qearing.


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