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Summon Power

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posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 10:35 PM
What does power mean to you?

I am power, I am made of matter, I give off energy, I digest foods and # them out.

I am essentially an intelligent black hole.

My mind is self-contained.

It seems wise that this mind/body dulaity is questioned.

Are humans a combination of both heaven and hell elements?
Hell= Earthly, Soil, Inatimate, No Aesthetic Design

Heaven= Otherwordly, Air, Atimate, Aesthetic Design

What is the Ethics of Evil that Badiou calls into question?

We are expecting to much from ourselves.

What is the simulacra that I acknowledged in the middle of December 2007?

Races are combining and creating superhumans like Tiger Woods.

When will there be a preson born who has powers and intelligence the likes that we have never even thought possible, one who could question the farthest layer of dimensions and formulate an aswer that a 10 year old would understand?

Soon is my answer, Soon if we are patient there will be a positive result from our anguish.


matt calarco: Political and Ethical Ideology- "The Face" Animal Rights

I will list other philosophers as my topics change.


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