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NYSE Stockmarket Iluminati Banker Toy

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posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 03:04 PM
Before I go overseas for three weeks I would like to share some observations whilst I am no stock market guru I do have a business degree which covered share and option pricing and general market theory.

During the last few weeks it has become obvious to me that the market is not a free market it is manipulated, today was my final verification.

At the same time Bush and Bernanke were on my tv today the ticker was on the bottom and lo and behold over a 100 point recovery as these two windbags exersized their spin.Somebody spent billions to make them look good there was no other conclusion I could make.

Whilst Bear markets do have sucker rallys there was no information for one today and the lows have not yet been established so people were not coming in looking for bargains.This was a staged media event with the government and PPT plunge protection team.

Every time the market has been tanking at about 3.00 appears the invisible hand of JP Morgan or some other Fed proxy to save the day against all logical information and trends.All they do is sell a few of the bottomless pit of bonds and derivatives each time and plug the gaps.

Other markets that do not show such manipulation are Australia,Taipai,Hong Kong and to a lesser extent London and Tokyo,thesee markets follow the theory much better.The Shanghai market has lost 50% this year as no one saves its ass ,the Dow has lost a little over 20%.

The only thing Id be doing at Wall Street at the moment is going short and lo and behold the US Securities and Exchange commision stepped in today to prevent this.

Open market manipulation the average sucker is not making a buck out of this.Not unless your a Soro's or Buffet an illuminati insider will you clean up shop on this one.

My conspiracy is that the powers that be have decreed that the value of shares is too high,that they are overvalued and slowly over time vapourising the market to an agreed level 30,40 percent whatever to get back to what they consider better pure asset share coverage with less of a goodwill component so they become better value-a purge if you will.

If your an average punter or sucker with a 401k who gets bulldozed in this process who cares your not a part of the big picture.As for the illuminati bankers if they become insolvent or whatever who cares the government will bail them out- all bank failures mean to the powers that be are more mergers aquisitions and greater concentration of power.

So there you go the coming recession,depression whatever is planned -thats my conspiracy.

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