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Gene "Chip" Tatum dead?

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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 09:42 AM

Originally posted by smallpeeps

At 23:20 Chip mentions "slap packs" which he says were used to dissolve the body. He says "slap packs" are napalm package, and this would be ignited by a white phosphrous grenade.

Can anyone in milspec confirm the existence of "slap packs"? Google has nothing on this device, but is seems feasible and surely someone else has knowledge of these devices?

Here is the scribd link to Chip's book, we see the signature to Ted G. on the first page. In this book he mentions that "slap packs" were constructed by him, on the instructions of his commander.

Surely someone else can explain how these were made?

The napalm pack was a petroleum gel which could be put on the body and ...... "Pop' has me making twenty slap packs."

I can't download the book itself or copy the text to paste it here, without complying with scribd's fascist control mechanisms and their need for money before truth, but it seems there is crucial info there.

[...If anyone has a non-scribd link to the PDF of this book "Nixon's Darkest Secret" please post it here as I cannot figure out how to embed the scribd embed code here. Thanks.]

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 10:59 AM

Originally posted by smallpeeps
[...If anyone has a non-scribd link to the PDF of this book "Nixon's Darkest Secret" please post it here as I cannot figure out how to embed the scribd embed code here. Thanks.]

Well I found the pdf out there:

...But what's really funny, is that if you type in "nixon's darkest secret pdf" in Google...

...The third link down is THIS THREAD. Haha, wow. It's weird how minute-to-minute these trooth domains are seen by the all-GOOGing-eye, yet when it comes to analysis of these events, Goog sucks so completely. Anyway I am sure their shareholders and well paid employees are content. Thanks to "" for being an actually real truth domain.

Anyway, this book was written by Gene Tatum after his 25 year orders to remain silent were up. So these events of Operation Red Rock were in 1971 and he wrote the book in 1996.

I will post analysis here, but yeah you know, if any ATS moderators or anyone at all, would like to contribute to the finding of truth, --I mean real truth not SERPRO-type trooths and alien-tin-foil distractions, then go right ahead anytime you feel inclined. Thanks.
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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 12:03 PM
Link to Chip's other book:

It's interesting at 1:05:00 of the video above, he says he was told when he published this book, "You just signed your death warrant" and he said "Come and get me boys." ...Interesting. I am left to wonder, who was supposed to reveal Chip's wiretaps in the event of his death? Those tapes would be more powerful than even the Nixon tapes, one imagines.

He also explains at that point in the video that the threat on his wife's life, was the reason he decided to activate his revelations. Also very interesting the details of the creation of the 160th SOAR which he says he was part of between 1980 and 1984. He mentions an accident where a Major and a Warrant Officer were killed. the 160th SOAR was scene in that great movie "Blackhawk Down", one of my all time favorite movies.

Anyone who can link Chip to the 160th SOAR would be helpful. Seems like there's a deafening silence/echo happening here, but the GOOGly eye sees all. Haha.

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 12:21 PM
I have been reading everything you have written. Just wanted to say that, so you knew someone was paying attention....even if I have nothing to add. I am finding a lot in your information of interest, but do not wish to add to the echo you speak of. Please do not give up any search for truth, ever. Perhaps one day there will be real truth, and it will serve us in a positive way, instead of what it is usually used for in the current structures of the theory of everything. Thank you for your research and information.

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 12:59 PM
Thanks tetra, God bless you, Internet friend.

Interestingly, in the video above, when Gene refers to the actual newspaper article, in his book "The Tatum Chronicles" we see the actual article.

But I find no copy of this book "The Tatum Chronicles" online, that has the same copy of the article, though the text of the article is present.

Here is the text of these two articles, as per the linked domain. Certainly anyone who can scan the articles or point us to those articles, would be helping the cause of these two dead Patriots.

May 4, 1996
By David Sommer
Tribune Staff Writer
TAMPA - Dois Gene Tatum sits in the Hillsborough County Jail on a
treason charge, but nobody seems to know why.

Tatum, 45, says he has a theory. While awaiting trial on fraud charges,
he has been working on a book about being a prisoner of war in Vietnam,
where he said he was sent on a secret, "one way mission" into Cambodia.
But the book makes not mention of later work as an agent in CIA "Black
operations," Tatum said in a telephone interview from Morgan Street
jail. Maybe someone is trying to make sure things stay that way, he

Jail officials say Tatum is being held on the treason charge at the
request of the U.S. Marshals' Service.
Such a charge is highly unusual.
They said Tatum is not being held on the federal fraud charges, although
jury selection in that trial is scheduled to begin Monday before U.S.
District Judge Henry Lee Adams, Jr.

Tatum and codefendant Nancy Jane Tatum identified in court records as
his girlfriend with an alias of Nancy Fullilove, are accused of taking
more than $82,000 in federal money while Dois Tatum operated a
government-seized Hudson golf course.

Deputy U.S. Marshal David Jacobs, is charge of federal prisoners in
Tampa, said his records show Tatum is in custody solely on the fraud

"There is nothing in his file whatsoever related to treason," Jacobs

Federal prosecutors know nothing of the charge, said Assistant U.S.
Attorney Gary Montilla.

"CIA guys are generally charged with other kinds of espionage," the
prosecutor said. "My thought is it's a screw-up or some sort of macabre


May 7, 1996
Ex-military man now faces
fraud-embezzlement count
By David Sommer
Tribune Staff Writer

TAMPA - It seems that Dois Gene Tatum is not facing a treason charge
after all.

Tatum, awaiting trial on federal fraud charges, was booked into the
Morgan Street Jail on a charge of treason last week. Neither the
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, which runs the jail, or the U.S.
Marshals Service, which parked Tatum there for safekeeping, could
explain the origin of the treason count.

By Monday, jail records had been updated. "Booked in error," reads
Tatum's new computerized record. The treason charge is gone and a
fraud-embezzlement charge is entered in its place.

Tatum, who is listed in federal records as serving in both the Army and
Air Force, Theorized that someone was trying to scare him into remaining
silent about secret missions he worked for the CIA.

He said he is working on his first book, about his experiences in
Vietnam, where he was captured while on a secret mission. But the book
makes no mention of his subsequent CIA activities, Tatum said.
Now, with the treason issue cleared up, Tatum is scheduled for trial May
20 on Charges of taking more than $82,000 in federal funds while
managing a government owned property. A jury was selected Monday before
U.S. District Judge Henry Lee Adams, Jr.

Also Monday, Tatum's wife and codefendant was on hand to pass out copies
of a letter seeking a publisher for Tatum's second book.

"The author is offering information on 18 covert mission, spanning from
the Nixon administration through the Bush administration," the letter

Tatum, in a telephone interview from the jail, said he is not concerned
about provoking further retaliation from his former CIA cohorts.
"A good planner always has an ace in the hole, and they are aware of my
ace," he said. "If they want to send a message, I can send a message,


posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 01:00 PM
And here is the amicus brief in his case:

NOTE: The interview is from 1998, so he disappeared soon after.



I, Dois Gene Tatum, declare:

I was a helicopter pilot for the United States Army from 1982 to 1986, during which time I flew missions in Central America and also from Ft Campbell, Kentucky.

From 1986 to 1992 I was an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency, operating under a deep-cover assignment.

During this time I witnessed activities involving high-level U.S. personnel that I felt were unlawful, and I reported these activities to my superiors in the U.S. Army and to my handlers in the Central Intelligence Agency, to the National Security Council, and to various individuals, including William Barr, Oliver North, George Bush.

Among these activities were rampant drug smuggling into the United States involving people in control of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the armed forces of the United States, among others.

I have documented some of these activities on military flight plans, showing as passengers on certain flights, the following: William Barr; Buddy Young; Felix Rodriguez; Oliver North; Joe Fernandez; Manuel Noriega, and Mike Harari.

I have visited coc aine laboratories with the above people, who were inspecting the drug smuggling operations in Central America.

I have documented on some of these military flight plans the nature of the cargo being carried in white coolers that were fraudulently marked as "medical supplies," which I accidentally discovered to be coc aine.

During one flight and related meeting, I was present while there were discussions as to where drug money was being siphoned on the Panama to Arkansas run. Present at this meeting were Manuel Noriega; William Barr (associated with CIA proprietary Southern Air Transport and later attorney general of the United States); Joe Fernandez; Mike Harari; General Gustavo Alverez. Participating in this meeting via satellite telephone was Vice President George bush, Oliver North, and William Jefferson Clinton, then governor of Arkansas.

I had reported these illegal operations to my superiors, including William Barr; Oliver North;

George Bush; Felix Rodriguez; Joe Fernandez; Don Gregg; Dewey Clarridge.

After I refused to perform a mission that I felt were beyond my willingness to execute, I notified my handlers that I wanted out of the operation, which at that time was known as Operation Pegasus. Their response was to warn me that no one leaves the operation.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the above facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Executed this 15th day of August 1996 in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida.

Dois Gene Tatum
aka Gene D. Tatum

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 01:57 PM
Here is the wiki page for the appelate DC judge who upheld the Tampa court's decision and apparently decided to ignore evidence(?) in the case of Gene 'Chip' Tatum.

Adams remained a judge on that court until 1993, when President Bill Clinton nominated him to the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida on October 29, 1993

At 1:23:40 of the video above, Chip mentions that he gave audiotape of Mike Harari and Raymond "Buddy" Young discussing these drug-running events. Said audiotape was onboard one of the drug running planes. Chip says "I gave this tape to Judge Adams" ...The first court case was Aug of 1996, and the appeal (Judge Adams) was Apr 1998. Chip Tatum disappeared in 1998.

Presumably, the answer to this question of "where did Chip go?" can be answered by this judge, Henry Lee Adams Jr.

Honest questions pertaining to actual justice, would be: "Why did this judge ignore the audio tapes, and where are those tapes, and what does he know about the disappearance of Gene 'Chip' Tatum?"

As to who these other two men are:

Mike Harari

Michael "Mike" Harari (born 1927) was an Israeli intelligence officer in the Mossad. Harari was involved in several notable operations, including the failed Lillehammer affair and the rescue of hostages at Entebbe.


At some later point in time Harari became the Mossad station chief of Latin America but based in Israel. Although he is said to have retired after this service, it is unclear if all his Israeli intelligence connections were severed when he left for Panama, He returned to Israel just before or during the 1989 United States invasion of Panama, which deposed Noriega and installed the legitimate presidential victor Guillermo Endara. Harari later appeared on Israeli television and denied that he was ever a close advisor of Noriega, and that he had escaped by his own means. [3]

And as for Raymond "Buddy" Young, you can see picture and info of him at the link below:

Thi is a photograph of Raymond "Buddy" Young, former Arkansas Police Captain and Bill Clinton's head of security, and is reported to have been Barry Seal's contact at the Governor's mansion. On the day following Vincent Foster's murder, Raymond Young was promoted to a senior position with FEMA and moved out of Washington D.C. to the Denton. Texas FEMA office.

He has now returned to Washington DC. as the number 2 man at FEMA.

[yawn] well it's been a long morning of interesting info. I think I'll let this thread float back to the bottom. But here is the interview with Tatum's wife, I've not watched it yet, just figured it'd be a nice way to bow out for today. Later my friends.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 08:39 AM
Topical info here, Gene Tatum mentions Ollie North in his testimony above.

And now we have some people writing their recollections in "the media business". It's a fight for credibility it seems. Only truth can stand, the bs is falling aside.

The Warning in Gary Webb's Death
by Robert Parry | December 10, 2011


Mocking Webb

Webb, however, had already crossed over from being a serious journalist to a target of ridicule. Influential Post media critic Howard Kurtz mocked Webb for saying in a book proposal that he would explore the possibility that the Contra war was primarily a business to its participants. “Oliver Stone, check your voice mail,” Kurtz chortled.

However, Webb’s suspicion was no conspiracy theory. Indeed, White House aide Oliver North’s chief Contra emissary, Robert Owen, had made the same point in a March 17, 1986, message about the Contras leadership. “Few of the so-called leaders of the movement . . . really care about the boys in the field,” Owen wrote. “THIS WAR HAS BECOME A BUSINESS TO MANY OF THEM.” [Emphasis in original.]

In other words, Webb was right and Kurtz was wrong, even Oliver North’s emissary had reported that many Contra leaders treated the conflict as “a business.” But accuracy had ceased to be relevant in the media’s hazing of Gary Webb.

In another double standard, while Webb was held to the strictest standards of journalism, it was entirely all right for Kurtz — the supposed arbiter of journalistic integrity who was also featured on CNN’s Reliable Sources — to make judgments based on ignorance. Kurtz would face no repercussions for mocking a fellow journalist who was factually correct.

The Big Three’s assault — combined with their disparaging tone — had a predictable effect on the executives of the Mercury News. As it turned out, Webb’s confidence in his editors had been misplaced. By early 1997, executive editor Jerry Ceppos, who had his own corporate career to worry about, was in retreat.

On May 11, 1997, Ceppos published a front-page column saying the series “fell short of my standards.” He criticized the stories because they “strongly implied CIA knowledge” of Contra connections to U.S. drug dealers who were manufacturing crack coc aine. “We did not have enough proof that top CIA officials knew of the relationship,” Ceppos wrote.

Ceppos was wrong about the proof, of course. At AP, before we published our first Contra-coc aine article in 1985, Barger and I had known that the CIA and Reagan’s White House were aware of the Contra-coc aine problem.

However, Ceppos had recognized that he and his newspaper were facing a credibility crisis brought on by the harsh consensus delivered by the Big Three, a judgment that had quickly solidified into conventional wisdom throughout the major news media and inside Knight-Ridder, Inc., which owned the Mercury News. The only career-saving move – career-saving for Ceppos even if career-destroying for Webb – was to jettison Webb and his journalism.

A ‘Vindication’

The big newspapers and the Contras’ defenders celebrated Ceppos’s retreat as vindication of their own dismissal of the Contra-coc aine stories. In particular, Kurtz seemed proud that his demeaning of Webb now had the endorsement of Webb’s editor.

Ceppos next pulled the plug on the Mercury News’ continuing Contra-coc aine investigation and reassigned Webb to a small office in Cupertino, California, far from his family. Webb resigned from the paper in disgrace.


RIP anybody who dies trying to save their nation from absurd inner-city and globo-narcotic drug wars.

Shame on those who deny their countrymen rifles while providing rifles/supplies/logistics to the gangs.

posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 08:27 AM
Gary Webb's ghost haunts anyone who gets a paycheck from the modern media channels.

All media whores and facilitators of them, are surely and irrevocably destined for an afterlife of punishment. If there is a God, that is. I think there is a God.

But the media whores, doubt God's existence. It is the only way they could possibly do what they do, and keep taking the paychecks.

They surely fellate each other, so as to feel better about being soulless, one assumes.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by Being_From_Earth

Looks like he was declared dead after 5 years and buried last week in florida.

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 03:07 PM
The photo in that obit doesn't look like Tatum to me.

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 03:09 PM
That looks like his father. It seems the Chip Tatum we're talking about was his son. Watch the memorial video from the link.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 10:13 AM
Chip Tatum is still alive. Anyone got contact info for him? I've got info that backs up some of his claims.

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