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Wake up Hip-hop

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 12:40 PM
Wassup everybody. I just "woke up" in may, and i've been making music for a few years now. I rap, make beats, and play guitar. So i figured, best way to do my part, and wake others up is through music. That being said, i just finished my newest song "Freedom" and I'd appreciate some constructive criticism.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 01:29 PM
Well done, that was really good. Your timing & lyrics are really good but the production has a few problems with it.

Your mic's are clipping so you really need to re-record the vocals but take down the levels a bit. Your vocals are also louder than the music so you need to take them down in the mix.

All in all though a good effort.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 01:46 PM
how'ed you record the song. it just needs a little mixing. shouldn't be too hard if you recorded the tracks as separate files. a little tweak here a little there.

Dig the song, what do you plan to do with it. are you trying to just express your self or are you looking for representation etc or some sort of development deal. i know a lot about this side of the record industry I would be curious to see what direction you plan to go with this talent.

very cool BTW

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by mclarenmp4

Thanks! I'll try to fix that.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

Thanks! yeah I did all the recording in my but the files are seperate so it shouldn't be to hard to go back and make the tweeks. This is kinda just a rough draft ne way bcuz i dont know too much about mastering and such right now.

But yeah, not sure exactly where i want to go with it. Right now i'm just trying to get it heard. Not sure that I'm even looking to be signed by a label, if one was crazy enough to sign me. It seems the best thing to hope for nowadays would be to build up an internet fan base and distribute digitally, via itunes or something like that.

But since u know alot about the industry, what would u recommend? ne advice?

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