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Can You Laymen Handle the Masonic Truth?

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by Fulcrum29

There is more going on than philosophy.

Ever hear of "mental possession"?

"Thought controls"? "Dominatrix?" "Psych-ops"? "Machiavelli"?

The methodology of Illuminism is to divvy up the human race into castes, levels, knowledge bases that do not integrate.

"Compartmentalization." "Need-to-know." "Confidentiality."

While at the same time, they surveil the masses at will.

Two sets of Laws, one for the upper reaches and one for the masses.

Two strands of knowledge, education versus job training.

Two sets of dishes, one for the insiders and one for the outsiders.

This is the ideology of the Orion Group, reptilian-bred hominids of great deceit and trickery, who invaded Eden.

I don't believe in this way of doing business.


posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:10 PM

After all, if the people in power, the people that controlled certain Truths so powerful that they could change a human being's entire perception of existence knew that anyone and everyone would be able to handle this Truth, they would not need to disguise it beneath unending layers of archaic symbols, allegorical pageantry, metaphor

I wanted to address this because I think there are very important lessons here.

Masonry is only one path to the truth. Granted, it is convoluted and hard to decipher from all the pageantry.

Personally I don't think there are many people that are ready for the truth. Certainly unless they are willing to seek it and open themselves to it they will never be ready.

I don't think any mason would claim that masonry is the only way to learn the truth, but it is the path we choose.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by sarcastic

OK Comrade... Do you have any proof or evidence that what you say is actually happening, or are you just sowing irrational fear and anxiety?

And please, I hope above hope, that the evidence you have is not from YouTube or some flashy seizure inducing 'web site'.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by Fulcrum29

I think the secrecy is so they can use the knowledge for evil and selfish purposes and why man has never been able to avoid fighting and killing each other over the centuries because man can't resist the temptation to use the nowledge to his own advantage and rule over the more primitive and weak humans which they look down upon.

Just reading your post I can already sense a tone of condescension towards anyone who is christian as if you are more intelligent than them. Your intelligence isn't gauged by knowledge of some secret or some understanding of a symbol, it's the spiritual knowledge of yourself and the realisation that you're allowing great evil to exist by cowardly hiding your true intentions from the public who are humble and good. The whole point of getting you to join a secret cult is so the guy at the top of the pyramid can get you to be loyal to them and manipulate you by promising to offer you stuff in exchange for carrying out a bunch of evil things and keeping it secret of the scrutiny of the public or people independant of the secret organisation who can judge you objectively.

When you join a cult you are loyal to the cult members more than truth. By being secret you aren't able to be scrutinised by the critics. By being invisible you are virtually allowing people to think there is something to suspect because it's a sign you can't trust your own neighbour (even if there is good reason to not trust them it's still considered suspect that you are going behind the communities backs to organise things based on favouritism for people you know and not what is best for the human race. eg covering for people who are part of your cult on the basis that they can't be evil since you know them vs wanting to see that person be judged fairly)

Think of it like this: say you are the father of a chic in a beauty contest, and the judges are all part of your cult, and because your a high-ranking member of this powerful cult and the judges are secretly supporting your daughter to win the beauty contest, you know what the result of the contest will be..

Now does that make you feel good knowing that you are manipulating events and being unfair to all the other beautiful contestants in the beauty contest? Of course it does! Because it means you have a secret advantage from knowing the judges (but in public appearances you pretend you never met them in public) and can trick the public into thinking you and your daughter are upstanding people who are honest and true and play by the rules the rest of us non-members have to play by.

In other words you can cheat, while people who aren't part of this secret club can't.

Christians don't do things in secret because we already admit we are sinners and that jesus was the only guy we can credit for saving us because he acted on our behalf. But you guys think you are more intelligent than humans because you have some knowledge of occult magick which is only secret because if it wasn't kept secret you would have been hunted down by all the people that you used the magick powers against.

All of the great wars were caused by people who thought they were in some way superior from the people they ruled over or were supposed to be responsible for looking after. And what resulted was a degradation of trust in our leaders because of this idea that you had to do stuff in secret because you thought we were just too dumb to understand you. But in reality you guys were tricked into following satan's plans to massacre millions of people.

Hitler himself could get away with the stuff he did because people just don't believe in the occult and have enough knowledge to know that's what these people follow. It allows their body to get possesed by a evil spirit and commit horrors on the human race. I blame all the high-ranking members of secret cults using occult means to achieve goals.

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by Snake Plisskin

Edit to censor myself.

Where do you come up with these names every time you create a new account?

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:10 PM

Originally posted by Snake Plisskin
reply to post by Fulcrum29

Christians don't do things in secret because we already admit we are sinners and that jesus was the only guy we can credit for saving us because he acted on our behalf. But you guys think you are more intelligent than humans because you have some knowledge of occult magick which is only secret because if it wasn't kept secret you would have been hunted down by all the people that you used the magick powers against.

All of the great wars were caused by people who thought they were in some way superior from the people they ruled over or were supposed to be responsible for looking after.

As a life long Christian I can assure you that any conversation with almost ANY minister of ANY church regardless of type can assure you "Christians" do things in secret all the you said they are as we are all sinners. It is man's nature.

Ministers tend to get replaced on a regular bases because the "Elders" of the church don't approve of this and that often for selfish and bigoted reasons, and they often conspire and plot to have them replaced.....I think you should talk to a minister. All minsiters are only to aware of the petty drama and conspiracies in every congregation now matter how pure their intentions.

Most of the great wars were caused because someone believed their world view was the only right view...and when someone else didn't agree, they designated them as "evil" and went about trying to force them to comply to their world of orthodoxy.

More Tyrannies have begun as "anti-" then any other way...Jews, Masons, someone with darker or lighter skin, or any convenient minority group becomes the target. They gain support by spreading lies and deceit about them....and then they start to add groups until any that might oppose them are properly killed or jailed......

Orthodoxy is by it's nature the root of all tyranny, just as freedom of thought is the root of liberty.

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:19 PM
This is the only account I have had. Please don't talk to me. I'm not interested in posting to you and don't have time to get into petty arguments. I'm replying to the original poster. Don't derail this thread by trying to go off topic. If you don't have anything to contribute to the topics I'm not going to read it.

Back to the topic:
Secrecy has allowed people who were not loyal, or not members to these societies to have to compete unfairly. If you are a member of a secret society and manipulate those underneath, blackmail them, bribe them with promises of more power in exchange for loyalty, then that is just a system of playing favourites and doing favours for someone in exchange for getting something in return. It's not honest. Don't try to spin it.

They are not your family. The secret is there because in ancient times they were responsible for the downfall of humanity and due to the catastrophe that resulted (fall of atlantis) due to greed and focus on serving the self rather than people at large, they were punished. This is the shame they feel because they were warned by the more noble people of their times to stop acting immaturely like a little kid in a toy store whose parents didn't let him have everything he wants as he got more spoiled.

Now it is starting again with the attempt to create a new world order. Originally it might not have been that way, and the idea of having all the meanings secret for noble reasons, but somewhere along the line those meanings were perverted and people started believing they were somehow superior to the rest of society for being able to manipulate people.

There is nothing secret to god. Every time these secret societies create new ways of tricking people to go and kill others by lying, you are getting more corrupted and slowly the sin is allowing demons to into into your bodies and killing your from the inside out like a cancer. Eventually a new global catastrophe results which destroys your efforts to control, and the process starts all over again to demonstrate that you have no power because you were allowed to be lied to long enough just so your efforts were wasted attempting to become enlightened. The reason why all the meetings have to be held in secret is due to the knowledge that if the public ever knew, they'd hang us for what we were doing. This is partly why this site exists. We don't trust these kinds of organisations because they go by a "loyalty to members only" system which isn't a good system to have in a fair society. Because doing that allows for members to conspire against honest non-members who don't know anything about the manipulation happening around them.

Do you understand?

Now there may be honest members in the societies who are good people, but you've got to apply critical thought to your own self as much as other people to get to the truth. It's one thing to see the truth around you by having an open mind and trying to solve some stupid mystery that was put there to keep your busy, but another to see the bull# for what it really is based on knowing why something is wrong/evil or beneficial/good. Most people by their fleshy nature are evil because they are obsessed with power and comfortable living so they are easy to control and manipulate. This is how we get abuses of power like what you see in human history today, because the free-thinking leaders with good conscience would not have have allowed something like that to happen if they had not been blackmailed, bribed, brainwashed by the manipulators. Satan was the king of lies and manipulation. The illumination is the knowledge of being able to lie convincingly through secrecy, and not share the knowledge so you could get to the top of the pyramid and be a god yourself. That is what cults are about. But it's not "good". That's not what God wants for humans. Everything should be open. People should be humble. You should be able to trust your neighbour. You should be free of control.

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:24 PM

There is nothing secret to god.

Amen brother.....I doubt you'll realize it, but what an utterly masonic statement that was....

Are you a mason?

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:57 PM
The original poster wants to paint the secrets as being there because we are too dumb to understand them.

I'm saying that the secrets are just there for stealth reasons. Just as you might have a secret panel of judges who you know from your secret club ready to rig a competition becasue they want to be loyal to their friend in the secret society.

Even IF the secret societies are for the benefit of humanity, don't you see this idea of being only loyal to the society as a threat to everyone else who isn't meeting in secret to gain an unfair advantage?

The secrecy by its nature makes non-members feel they are being left out because the guy who controls all the other guys of the club can gang up on the noob who isn't aware of the club or the secrets in it.

It's just not a fair system! It's like how people support a football team even though it really really sucks, only because they have to support it because it's local. It just gets in the way of progress. We could be superior as a human race if everyone just shared knowledge and allowed to do more and less time if greedy and selfish people didn't want to hold everything in private to themselves.

Eg: Think of in terms of "distributed computing" where you could access anyone's computer power when they weren't using it and they share that resource to the benefit of the community as an example of co-operation with no strings attached - free! so much more efficient than trying to buy all the computers to calculate something for yourself when people will willingly donate that power when they aren't using it)

Another example: open source software. Many of the best ideas are a result of people able to improve on other people's ideas and modify them. It's for a higher cause and benefits everyone - not just one person. This is what god wants for humans: faster human progress so everyone gets back more, more freedom (no wars that force us to kill people to get something from them) and benefits to people right across the board (poor people, rich people, middleclass etc all getting what they need from it)

God wants the "body of people" (layman) to succeed, so that true knowledge can be revealed through peaceful and open means and the benefit is felt by all. Through human co-operation without emphasis on materialistic gain. But look at what is happening today! You got people polluting the planet, fighting over land, fall of your rights as a human, fear induced media controlled by the bad guys who just want to kill people, the secret military who fought the nazis in WWII smuggling the scientists into the country, corruption everywhere. (the money system itself allows international banks to create money from nothing, they are not borrowing another account-holders money and lending it out to a borrower, but rather just creating NEW fake electronic money that doesn't exist which gets pumped into the economy causing inflation and make people borrow more money then they can actually pay back which then must be paid back by the tax payers through rising interest rates - your children ..and the cycle repeats until the whole country can't pay it's credit back to the corporate bank)

The world is wrecked this way because of malicious intent by manipulators at the top of the pyramid of the societies who are convinced they have become your god. It's to create slavery, not freedom. Every day they work tirelessly to bring about their messiah who will turn against the people who gave power to him since that is the nature of evil.

The secret societies need to admit they are no better than pyramid schemes where the guy on the bottom of the pyramid does all the hard work and the guy at the top gains from the hard workers at the bottom until the bottom level guys figure out how to betray the person above them to collect the power themselves.

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posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by Snake Plisskin

The problem with all this, of course, is that masonry is not a secret society. Its a group open a wide range of people. All membership groups have constraints, this is true, but its not like its extremely hard to get in or anything.

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