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Everyone is tired, and no one knows why.

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 12:50 AM
I nearly passed over this thread until I recalled my last conversation with my baby brother back home. He was complaining of fatigue and aches in his joints especially his neck. Now mind you this is a guy you would normally have to tie to a tree to get him to stop moving around. He has been hyper as far back as I can recall and was never on meds for it. Now recently he looses it? My wife was a very active person but now she has 2 modes; at work & asleep. I am noticing myself that I get fatigued quicker these days but I figured my age was finally catching me. Maybe not. I would fall back on an old culprit and say subliminal messages thru the tv but that disqualifes me as this computer is the only screen I ever look at.

Wouldnt it be nice if we could treat the government like a video game that the kids play? "Crap we messed up that level. Hit the RESET BUTTON and lets start over."

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 12:58 AM
Damn Chemtrails...
All day everyday they are spraying our Earth with something?..

Ahh the mysteries...Just fight it, get your body up, don't give up. Exercise!

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 07:21 PM
Something is definitely wrong. I just feel it. My friend and colleague, Dr. Hans Staffenhaal claims that time has slowed to an unnoticable fraction of what it previously was. He calls it the Schlepp Effect. He has nodded toward the Collider as being the probable cause.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 08:10 PM
well i know why everyone's tired.

its what you're all eating. since i changed my diet i havent been tired anymore and i pretty much never get sick or flus. also i never get headaches anymore whereas i used to get them every day. Now to me, it seems everyone is always getting sick or coughing except me.

the secret is DIET. ive told people but no one believes me.

go to your local chinese doctor and ask them what you should be eating to stay healthy and keep your immune system functioning. also chinese herbs will give you ENERGY. lots of it.

first, change your water supply. you need fresh water and clean water not filled with chemical junk. rainwater is probly better than town water. you need the flouride removed and good healthy minerals in the water, not crap. so everyone's drinking crap water. they are even putting flouride in bottled water now.

everyone drinks coke and softdrink. apart from aspartame, they're full of sugar and will suppress your immune system making you get sick.

same thing with all sugar products: lollies, cakes, brownies, hot chocolates etc , which is what most people live on these days. sugary teas, or coffee etc.

step one: eliminate sugar from your diet. except mayple syrup/honey occasionally. or at least make it a RAREITY. since i stopped eating sugar and dairy, now i never get headaches. however if it DO eat sugar, say a choc chip cookie or a lolly, i now notice an IMMEDIATE headache, about one minute after eating it. and i used to live on the stuff - no wonder i had headaches and migraines all the time.

step two: i no longer eat dairy. i no longer get mucus in my mouth and bad breath and also this has helped eliminate my headaches. i think milk is for baby animals, not adults, and i dont think grown humans are meant to drink it. the chinese word for cheese is solid mucus.
i think it gives people headaches and contributes to ill health. ive felt much healthier so has my family, since we stopped drinking it.

step three: ive cut out red meat. there are studies that suggest red meat causes inflammation which is linked to disease - like cancer, heart disease. my family has switched to organic white meat only and in small doses - as a garnish; not a huge portion, and mainly fish. only a few times a week, not every night. its a good idea to go vego for a few nights. or eat an (organic free range) egg.

i think hormones injected into meat is making everyone sick and tired too. they are making our own hormones go haywire and giving everyone cancer.

every notice the most advertised and promoted foods on tv are: SUGARY FOODS, RED MEAT, and DAIRY PRODUCTS? and kfc with hormone filled chickens of course. all BAD for you.

how many adds for healthy food products do you ever see?

then people eat packaged food filled wiht chemicals and preservatives that each individually can cause cancer and depress the immune system; and vegies covered with pesticides that will cause parkinsons' disease, and people wonder why they're always sick and tired and unhealthy?

you're supposed to live predominantly on fresh vegetables. then some fruit. then grains, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, beans etc.

how many people eat THAT every day? Not many.

what is your body running on then?

CRAP. is the answer.

you put crap fuel into your car, it wont go. it'll stall. like your body is doing.

as for drinking; how many people drink a lot of pure, chemical free water? no one. people drink fatty cappucinos, hot chocolate, milk or soft drinks.

caffeine inhibits b vitamin absorption and is bad for you. yet people love coffee. also making you ill.

people are running on sugar, which is not adequate to fuel the body. hence they are always tired. the body is fuelled principally by vegetables. and no one eats them.

also people should be eating herbs every day. many herbs fight disease and illness. and are good to maintain health. GARLIC is important. cinammon is anti bacterial. drink herbal teas, they're good for you. green tea is better than black or coffee. VEGETABLE JUICE is the way to go. or some fruit juice.

seaweed and mushrooms are good; seaweed for iodine. cows will go down to the sea and eat seaweed did you know? if they can. must know its good for you. anti cancer properties as well - wakame seaweed is really good.

i really think thats the main reason why everyone's tired all the time and sick all the time. i think if you eat right your immune system should be strong and you should hardly EVER get sick. if you have a flu, you have done something wrong or eaten the wrong thing/not eaten the right thing.

also i think over work, stress, not enough exercise, boredom, sitting in an office all day, having no leisure time etc are all contributing to the 'sickness'.

funny how african bushmen only work 4 hours per day to get food. the rest is leisure time.

they have more free time than we do!! and are happy and relaxed.

most of us are slaves in cubicles, working for YOU KNOW WHO. making MONEY for them.

MONEY. the root of all evil. and these people control it.

our whole society is built on a rotten foundation. sorry to say it. we could learn some things from the bushmen.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 08:36 PM

Originally posted by asala
Well i have tryed to make some big changes in my food ect, I now each fresh food cook everything from scratch, i dont have any packet meals, Drink more water, Work out, Have more Vegs, ect ect,

Im trying to regain what it was they say our bodys used to be like before the fast meals ect,

ever notice how people in the 70s were THIN. they were ALL THIN. look at old movies itc.

now we would say they are emaciated. but the truth is everyone is getting FATTER. what would have been fat back then is now NORMAL.

this is a sign of unhealthy diet and ill health, due to the crap we are all eating nowadays. no home cooked meals; build up of chemicals and pesticides in our food and environment.

with what ppl eat each day and the chemicals they are exposed to it is a MIRACLE that most people are not dead. the body is amazing to be able to keep so many unhealthy people still functioning at all.


PESTICIDES. in your backyarad garden. in agri business farms, on your grocery store vegetables and fruit, in shops where you walk past or work and get exposed there; from aerial spraying. and now BEES are being affected and dying - altho that could be gm stuff.

GM AND NANO PARTICLES. studies have shown links to organ failure, and cancer and disease from gm food. but its all the go, and no labelling either. the sunscreen you use probly has nano particles that could be giving you cancer. lots of sunscreen adds in australia lately. you CAN get chemical free sunscreen from your health shop.

SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: full of parabens and harmful chemicals. health shop ones are chemical free.

SOAP, BODY WASH, DEODERANT, HAIR SPRAY. see above. all full of chemicals. need to replace with health shop stuff. body cant deal with this huge load of chemical products it has to take.

AJAX, CLEANING PRODUCTS, DETERGENT: same thing. more chemicals. need to seek chemical free options, safe products. in health shops.

TOOTHPASTE: Flouride. seek health shop toothpaste.

MAKEUP. may contain mercury. ask health shop.
or read labels to make sure chemical free; only healthy ingredients. you put it on your face every day.

POWER LINES. houses built too near powerlines gives kids leukemia; and causes cancer clusters. mobile phone towers probly too.

CLOTHES: soaked in formaldehyde. very harmful. wash before wearing. you can SMELL it in some shops very strongly. it makes my eyes water and i cant breathe.

wash pillows, blankets when new. same thing.


AIR POLLUTION: office blocks have more co2 than outside on street due to air con etc. photocopiers are dangerous i readd somewhere.

EAT YOUR SEEDS; no one eats apple seeds, apricot seeds, cherry seeds, peach seeds 00= you have to crack them open to get at th ewalnut like seed inside. has b17 anti cancer. also watermelon seeds are good. we're breeding seeds out of fruit. bad move. like an egg, they contain building blocks to grow a plant. very beneficial and healthy to eat some. if very bitter, dont overdo it as it means the dose is strong. eat sparingly if bitter. use common sense.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:11 PM
Fantastic thread, great replies!

I personally think that with all the stresses of life people are just mentally worn out. Nobody has time for the leisurely activities they enjoy, or they simply cant afford them anymore. Life is all about working, paying the morgage, paying for this and that. Money has corrupted everything and become the center of life, whereas family used to be the focus. Now even holidays are tainted as they have become increasingly materialistic over the years. Christmas is a great example of this, and I never realised it more than this year after I was bombarded with thousands of ads proclaming how much my kids would love me if I bought them this or that. It was disgusting and put me right off the holidays.

Life is no longer satisfying because money is essentially NOTHING! There is something missing in our lives that we are trying to replace with money and things.

No wonder everyone is exhausted. Run on the hamster wheel long enough and your feet are bound to get tired.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

I never thought soap could do thoes things. Thanks for the info, I'll definitley do some research on that.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 11:18 AM
Everyone is tired because maybe they are stressed out or worried. If I go to London I worry about terrorism and stuff and that in it self uses a lot of mental energy while walking about or taking the trains.

David Icke would think the Reptiles are using our stress levels to feed off us.

Another theory is vampire sucking aliens who feed off our plasma, this may explain why feel their energy is going down, they live in space or upper realms. Maybe the Chemtrails have a secret reason afterall.

A lot of it for me is spiritual stress that uses up a lot of energy, thinking about God or the Bible uses too much energy and I need a break from it now and then.

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by neformore
Unusual one this, but definitely a "current event" of the "other" variety.

I'll qualify my position by saying I'm not sure if its a local thing to me, or something more widespread, but fascinatingly - it could tie into this thread.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone I come across at the present time, from friends and associates, through to work colleagues and even people who's conversations I hear in the street all seem to be saying the same thing, that they are tired and run down, and have no idea what they've done to cause it.

So, firstly, is anyone else experiencing this in other parts of the world, and if so what do you think its down to? Atmospheric effects, weather conditions, missing time and being out of sync (as alluded to in the thread I linked) some kind of virus, global conciousness or something even more sinister?

I have been tired for a long time...tho I did get temporary relief from taking NADH.

But I recently got a surprise while experimenting out of curiosity

Would you be willing to experiment?

It involves eating something as harmless as chicken soup! That's it nothing too weird.

Either eat a tsp of coconut oil or tsp of coconut cream near bedtime, then tell me hoe you feel the next day when you get up! That's it! You should not feel tired when you get up, but if you do, try it for a few more days.

I ran into a thread on oil pulling, and for the heck of it, I gave it a shot, just to see what it would do.
People were speculating about which oils to use and how did it work etc. basically the oil sticks to the oily surfaces of the bacteria and toxins in our mouth and after a few minutes, you spit it out, and in the spit is a lot of garbage you don't want there. I can only tell you what it did for me;
cleaned up my whole mouth, tongue, gums and teeth now stay wet, and don't easily form plaque
my body odors decreased
my energy and libido feel normal...and I've had energy and libido issues for years, I'm 59....going for a walk was a kind of a chore, now it's cake! I got that from just oil pulling, then I got dr fifes books, then I started eating the cream, which is about 65% oil but is tastier than just the oil. according to the dr, the MCT/medium chain fatty acid type oil goes straight to the liver for energy and digestion and insulin production.

I can;t prove it got into my bloodstream from under the tongue, but it makes sense. anyways, I really wasn't expecting anything, and I got a really nice surprise.

If you feel adventerous, share it with your friends who are also tired and see if they ain't gonna hurt them!!! you may end up being their hero or

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by rapunzel222

hey rapunzel

I agree with you, because that is what dr price noticed when studying native peoples and the difference after some of them adopted our crummy packaged food western diet...they got western diseases, heart disease, and gum disease and diabetes too....all the good stuff

search amazon for nutrition and degeneration by weston price

ever try oil pulling? it will do for your mouth what your diet did for the rest of your's like a trip to the dentist office for a cleaning, without all the discomfort and drama and cost. coconut oil is the easiest to pull with , in case you get curious

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by neformore

I'm living in Singapore and I can say the same for many people I know here. I've been feeling heavy and exhausted everyday and by the late afternoon, I can hardly keep my eyes open and have to lie down, only to drop into a deep pit of sleep for several hours. This is not usual for me at all.

My sister who lives in India, is reporting exactly the same physical symptoms.

So what's really going on?

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by ListeningWatching

Thanks for pulling this thread out of the pit...

Sorry to read you are so tired...and even though the thread was started back in 08, it's still applicable today.

Same here, very the bone almost...doesn't matter how much sleep, very difficult to stay awake...dozing in and out. Feels like my brain is confused, a brain fog of sorts...but then it goes away, only to come back again. Body aches and pains that come and the flu, but don't think it's the flu. Sometimes there are odd smells and odors...perfumes, foods....

This has been discussed with a medical person who seems to feel it's nothing special and might be a are feeling some of the same symptoms...

Soooo...anyone else???
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posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 12:35 PM
Well I've been feeling tired since 2009-10... But right now... I can't even get up from bed sometimes, even though I sleep for hours. I sleep 12-13 hours, I can't get up... I just want to lay there.
I am actually very active, I have many things to do around the day but I just feel so tired, I just want to sleep foreveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

What is going on!!!

posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 12:50 PM
My theory is that people are increasingly being burdened with knowledge about the world and themselves. This doesn't just include family and friends and community but it includes other communities, your country, other countries, other animals, plants, oceans, ecosystems and more succinctly, the entire planet. The information age is wiring us all together and we're bombarded with too many to count disasters and worries. All of these things have always happened, but we're just becoming more aware of them.

That and we're all aging. Your friends are all getting older. Things that you knew and cared about are forgotten. People you loved had their lives cut short. We see the end of our life on the horizon. This is especially true when you're middle age. By the time you're old, you're so numb and slowed that you can't care. But it's the climb up that's the hardest part because you have to let go of the past. Some say that old age is sweet like a banana that sits in the sun, but soon it molds and a dead person can feel no joy.

We live our lives to overcome. But we can't overcome death. We're humans, not super heroes. We can't prevent a lot of things. Every day we hear about things that shouldn't have happened but happened anyway. It's an impossible challenge. If you're lucky, you can handle your own life and then some. But we all feel the limits of our abilities, whether we're great or small. There's always something a person can't do. There's always a regret that hangs over you. Things you wish could have happened differently.

As a result of this, we try to think positively and focus on the future, but always our mind is on the past. People we knew. Things we saw. It's a whirlwind of everything we know. We're more than just the future. We're emotional beings. As emotional beings, we become attached to existing things. They might solely exist in our own mind, but usually these things exist in our memory because they entered into our mind from elsewhere. If something doesn't exist in the mind, we're not emotionally connected to it. So try as we will to focus on the future and not on the past, it's a futile effort with not enough solid foundation.

The future is too fuzzy. Too unknown. It's unwritten. How can we love a blank piece of paper? By contrast, our memories define the reality we love, the people we care about, the things we adore. It's our reason. But since we can't prevent nature from forcefully destroying those memories, it's somewhat discouraging. The thing that makes life worth living is going to be taken away from us. It's one thing to lose, but another to have no choice. Our trials and sufferings are just a stepping stone for the next person in line to go through the same cycle of birth and struggle and love and death. Somehow, we have to cope with it all.

I'm not sure what this all means. The most amazing event could have happened but it seems no more to me than a bird dropping on the sidewalk or a village that's buried in 10000 years of dust. Sometimes I feel like that's all any of this amounts to. If you want amazing, it might be under your feet, outside your vision, separated from you by centuries or millennia. I don't think this is nihilist. I think it's reality. This doesn't mean that living forms of life are no more than discarded and forgotten ruins. It doesn't mean we're no more than decayed bones. But that's what we'll likely become, with time. Every word and every thought will be like a bird dropping on a sidewalk that's long grown over by vegetation and soils, replaced by thousands of years of geologic circulation. Or maybe just a floating relic entombed and drifting in space. But more likely, it'll be fragmented bits on a broken disk drive long forgotten and crushed, maybe recycled.
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posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by sadtruth

Sadtruth, they say, skin has been tested for fibers from Morgellons. They find minute red,yellow and black ones. Found inside these unhealing sores. There is a cure a lady found out accidently while she was in the tub, It has baking soda and Lavender I think? If you search it I'm sure you'll find it. The use of electrical low frequencies with haarp makes peoples brainwaves low and tired preventing riots, occupy activities and many others I'm sure. Then fluoride and mercury which is in aspartame, Splenda,(beet sugar and cane sugar G.M.O.)
surculose, and other synthetic sugars all have mercury. It's a heavy mix of modalities making us tired and unhealthy. Radiation is in chemtrails which also contain heavy metals and in UV, then look at all the oil in the aquifers. South Dakota has had several leaks in their new oil rigs. The Gulf Coast oil going up the Mississppi, Sink Hole in La. Michigan had leaks recently and god knows how many others. If Keystone Pipeline gets through we may as well drink it right out of the can. It's in food and all flavors of drinks, crops, eggs, beef, chicken, deer, shoot! tired is the least of our worries I"d say. Get some sprouts stay away from sugars and get rich proteins. I read a study called the Hippocratic health news. On Dr. Mercola's website. It reports if we consume sugar with protein it creates a strange new molecule a glycgan= free radicals and cancer. If we stay alkaline from cruciferious like broccoli, cabbage vegetables and sprouts we are cleaned out of lead and radiation and cancer free. It heals disease in the body.
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posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 12:18 PM
I went to bed last night earlier than I normally do because I was tired. I thought a couple extra hours sleep would do me good. I normally awaken around 5 am, thanks to my dog/cat alarm clock, that is almost flawless with his time telling abilities. I usually laze out for about an hour and then I get up. This morning when Lazarus made his morning ritual call of respect to the elders, I could only barely open my eyes. I was exhausted.

I was too tired to even open my eyes. When I opened my eyes it was 8:03 am. I was still exhausted. I rolled over and did not wake up again until 10:30 am. I finally felt normal. This is not just a situation of having a bad day. For months now I have been feeling, tired. An abnormal feeling of being sucked dry. Zero energy, zero will power, zero motivation. I sleep well. I am not sleepy. I am "tired'.

This weighs heavy on my mind right now because the first time it came to my attention was around the 1st of November. I ran into a male friend of mine and his wife at a local affair. He commented that he thought he might be coming down with something because he just feels so tired all the time and no amount of sleep seemed to be helping. That is when I guess I started to pay attention, because I understood how he felt. Fast forward to today. Almost everyone I have spoken to in the last week has commented on how tired they are. Everyone mentioned that it was an unusual kind of tired that made them feel as if they were completely drained of energy.

I found this thread when I googled, "Why is everyone so tired?" This thread proves it is not a new phenomenon, but it seems to be escalating. Maybe it is time to revive this thread.

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 12:24 PM
It's sleep apnea. Seriously.

As a whole we are a fat people.

I may add not all apnea is due to obesity.

But that's what it is.

And poor sleep hygiene.

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 12:35 PM

originally posted by: galaga
It's sleep apnea. Seriously.

As a whole we are a fat people.

I may add not all apnea is due to obesity.

But that's what it is.

And poor sleep hygiene.

Except I don't have sleep apnea. Did a sleep video. I sleep like a rock. I don't have trouble sleeping. My head hits the pillow and I am out like a light. I am not sleepy, which actually makes the situation worse, because if I was sleepy I could sleep, and maybe feel better, but I am not sleepy at all. Just tired.

My mother's video did show that she had a pretty bad case of sleep apnea. C-pap worked wonders for her. She swears by her C-pap machine.

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 01:21 PM
It goes back even further. The article linked goes back to December 2006, and it was touted as an epidemic even back then. Though some of the article seems to blame being sleep deprived as the problem, for many like myself, sleep deprivation is not the cause.

I blame my exhaustion on not being able to adequately disconnect and not fully turning off the stimuli of the world. It is like most electronic gadgets, turning them off just reduces some of the power to the device, but it remains connected and has the ability to respond almost automatically to certain stimuli.

Richard Hudson, a historian, points to the fact that, in its own way, modern life is exhausting because we often feel compelled to live by its standards, even though technically we have a choice to live otherwise. 'Back in the Sixties, it was predicted that Noughties living would be easier,' he continues. 'Everybody thought we would benefit from the invention of machines to carry out the more mundane tasks in our life, leaving us far more time for leisure and relaxation. And yet the opposite has happened. These domestic machines exist and yet we're more stressed, more pushed for time, more exhausted, because we have been liberated to do so much else. 'We are all, broadly speaking richer,' he says, 'which in itself discourages a sense of dependency on others. In the past, poor people knocked on each other's doors and asked for help. I bet you wouldn't do that, however exhausted you were.'

The exhaustion epidemic

posted on Dec, 12 2017 @ 03:20 PM
The extreme exhaustion is EVERYWHERE!!!! It is most assuredly thought to be a part of government depopulation and poisoning from chem-trails. Everyone, I mean everyone here at work is having to take naps at their lunchtime and THEN finding it so very hard to try and wake up. We have been talking about how we have all tried to sleep longer at night, 9-10 hours, and when that doesn't work we are told sleeping too long can back fire so we try 6 or 7 hours, but NOTHING seems to work....NOTHING!!! Chem-trails have been being sprayed for months now some days terribly some in smaller amounts, but normal cloud formation is obvious and chem-trails are more than obvious they simply do not appear as a regular cloud...long straight ruffle lines that thin out and then blur together...thousands reporting their trees and plants dying from it all as well.

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