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NWO Report

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posted on Mar, 9 2004 @ 07:57 PM
It would seem the esteemed FAS has already put a little thought into the theory of NWO , well in relation to coprorations. Check out this report.

I really would have wanted to put this in my thread about Corporations and their threat but this doc is so important I decided it should have its own thread.

Its quite eye opening.
Heres the intro:
In 2020, prior to hostilities or during peace operations, an adversary will have sophisticated regional situational awareness. Enemies may very well know, in near real time, the disposition of all forces. They will command and control their forces with real-time access to precise navigation (position and timing), submeter imagery, highly accurate weather data, timely missile warning, and robust communications.

Space will enable these capabilities. In fact, national military forces, paramilitary units, terrorists, and any other potential adversaries will share the high ground of space with the United States and its allies. Adversaries may also share the same commercial satellite services for communications, imagery, and navigation. Gaining superiority in space will be challenging. The space "playing field" is leveling rapidly, so US forces will be increasingly vulnerable. Additionally, though adversaries will benefit greatly from space, losing the use of space may be more devastating to the United States. It would be intolerable for US forces, modeled along the lines of a Joint Vision 2010 force, to be deprived of capabilities in space.

To further explore the anticipated 2020 environment, we have compiled some key political, economic, technological, military, and space trends and assertions. The first four are consistent with those used in Joint Vision 2010, the Joint Strategy Review, and the National Defense Panel. Following the trends and assertions, we'll discuss their implications for US space power.

Little more interesting.

"We need to turn to space as an essential program to support our economic competitiveness and to help our assessment of ways to reverse the negative trends in the environment. We should adopt an inter- national space cooperation strategy.... It would encourage closer bonds between nations, reduce cost and development time."
Edward C. "Pete" Aldridge,
President and CEO, Aerospace Corporation

The global economy is relying more on information and information processing.
Other nations, and possibly multi-national corporations, will challenge the United States.
The global economy will continue to become more interdependent. Economic alliances, as well as the growth and influence of multi-national corporations, will blur security agreements.
The gap between "have" and "have not" nations will widen-creating regional unrest.

So whats the word gang? Do you find this interesting, depressing, eye opening, humorous, what?


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