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APPLE (computers, ipods, iphones) is a SCAM and a GIANT RIPOFF

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posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 03:41 PM
Mac is for trendies, pure and simple.
There is nothing a Mac does that a pc does not do faster and cheaper.
I've worked as a PC tech for years, and in that time, I've come across lots of Mac problems. I've also worked as an administrator, and let me tell you, setting up a mac network was one of the worst headaches evah!
The local college I worked at had Macs in the journalism and art depts, and that is the trend in most universities and colleges. Why? Because 8 years ago, Quark, Photoshop and ProTools were awesome software, and ran really well on Macs.
Since then, hardware has got crappy, and software sloppy. If you look online, you will see speed comparisons, and for the money you pay for a Mac, a PC will number crunch twice as fast, and all with the same software that you would run on a Mac. Why would you wait 4 minutes to save a media file, when you could do it in 2? Why, to be cool, different and edgy when you say you have a mac of course!
Here's a tip for people with windows problems: If it works, don't update it! Stop installing software you don't need. Get protection if you go to dodgy sites. Don't use 64bit unless you know what you're doing.
I have 2 vista, 2 xp, and there's no problems, except older hardware that doesn't have drivers for vista.
For the people with slow vista, you need faster hardware, especially fast RAM, not the cheap crap that came in your machine. If you can, upgrade your main drive to a 10,000 rpm sata, and if you have a hefty gfx card, make sure your pc is getting enough ventilation. You wouldn't believe how many random problems I've fixed on peoples computers by adding a vent and a good fan to their cases. Oh, and clean that dust out every few months

P.S. I love my iphone. Very handy.

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posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 06:31 PM
Vista is a memory hog compared to Mac OSx and it runs nowhere near as well, its not as efficient and it doesnt match the innovation and security features that OSx has.

The macs look amazing I will give you that but I didnt by mine just to be trendy I bought it because all my Adobe software runs perfectly on it and I dont have to buy antivirus software every year.

if I were to get a pc for what I do I wouldnt get the same value and if I went for a desktop I would have no room on my desk to fit it. Pc laptops alone dont come with a 20 inch screen like the imac does so price wise the laptop doesnt compete.

Desktop wise well with all the hardware in a pc today its going to be very noisy and not to mention hard on the wallet with all those upgrades which I dont have to do with my imac. I good video card alone is over a grand, corsair ram is 500 or more for 2 gig, and a thousand watt power supply is going to sound like a vacuum.

Just the video card and ram alone is 1500, 2 hundred more and I have the imac that I use right now and it is a whole computer, much better value. As I stated before I dont need a super powerful noisy pc for gaming because my consoles do that the best.

Vista is a very pretty and poor performing version of XP and including the costs of upgrades all the time for PC its allot of money down the drain. Also I have a wireless network and with an Apple modem with other pcs and my mac and it is easy to setup.

it is of course much easier to set up with a Mac than pc and everything works flawlessly on our wireless internet and fast too, I couldnt be happier. My brother is talking about buying an antivirus program, I just have to sit back, save money and not bother.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 06:55 PM
I am a sweaty person. Yah, I know TMI, but it just is. I didn't buy an iPod for it's glam, I bought it because iTunes was the only support system that would work with us'ns in the Caribbean (without having to fool around with semi-legal/confusing torrents and other crapola). I want things tough, and I want them simple and easy to use. I upload podcasts and music, and it lives in my damp pocket whilst I construct and carpent. Yes, that's a verb.
I've had it three years, it's taken and unknown number of brutal knocks, once slipping out of my pocket while I was blacking in a roof, and it fell two stories to bounce off lumber and other construction detrius and still keeps on tickin'. On the front and back both, are a partial fingerprint of mine, forever memorialized in catelyzed gelcoat. At night, it drops neatly into the Sonic player and sits on the shelf of the hottub and we rock out. It's never given us a second of trouble. That's good enough for me.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by argentus

Hey great to know that your iPod has lasted you through all that, dont worry Im not an Apple sales rep I just love Apple stuff.

I think the simplicity, ease of use and functionality are the most important things in any product and I think that the whole premise of Apple encompasses that. Mac have style, functionality and are easy and intuitive to use. How many laptops look as good and function as well as the MacBooks and iMacs, I dont know of any.

I can pay 250 for a Logitech keyboard and its made of plastic, I can pay 70 dollars for a mac keyboard and its aluminum, Know any computer on the planet besides apple that is made mostly of aluminum, again I dont know any and I see so many plastic laptops in excess of 3000 dollars. My mac was 1700 and its made of sturdy aluminum whereas a laptop or computer is made of plastic for double the price.

I nearly fell out of my seat the first time I got a mac and that was six months ago and the first thing I thought was how in the world did I like Windows. I too thought Vista was amazing when I had a PC but when I found out that half the features and looks from Vista came from Mac I felt swindled. So I switched to Mac and never looked back not that I ever would.

I have the ipod as well and am planning on getting the ipod touch as I dont use mobiles but I can email to my contacts on the go which is a reason I go for the touch. I think many companies can compete with Apple but I dont think they will ever truly match Apple at all.

What makes me laugh is the amount of imitation of Apple inspired designs companies put out but they dont realize the first thing a customer will notice is Apple not their brand. So the Apple inspired product actually sells more Apple stuff because its so similar and the companies wonder why they lose profit.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 10:14 PM
Well, you were 6 months smarter than me. I nearly fell out of my chair too, and then I never left the chair, until people drug me away spouting brain damage. I love love love it. I love the services too. I love being able to select what updates I download. I love the graphics. I love the dock. I love the way icons go "poof". I could go on and on.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 01:31 AM
reply to post by seagrass

Yep and thats just the OS wait till you see how much easier it is to organize files with Cover Flow view man its a breeze. My brother has Vista on his laptop and iTunes runs horrible on it and he has 4 gig of corsair ram, thats how bad Vista is.

Also Im getting iWork to replace Office 08 for Mac mainly because iWork kicks the hell out of Office and it runs much better also and I have 4 gig of ram with a core 2 duo 2 Ghz. So there is really no reason why Office should run so bad on mac with those system specs.

Im for Apple all the way and my iPod has lasted for 2 years and and still runs perfectly and it reliable. Apple provides extra warranty which is needed as if you buy any other brand mp3 player a year is the max you get, after that you have to buy a new one.

Not so with Apple

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by cruzion

That's just it... funny how you mention "then go buy more ram and not the cheap crap.... buy fast fast HD.... buy hefty GPhCard". Then we approach mac prices.
I built my own computer, and ended up handing out $1500 dollars for the thing without a screen, and that was with decent parts, not the best. If I had to add in those extra things you mention, I might as well have gotten a mac instead for the same price and ran 100% more reliable.
I don't what they did to those macs you saw with faults, but I challenge you to put up 100 Macs with Leopard and 100 pcs with Vista. They must have the exact same configuration... test them from startup time of the computer through building a 20 layered 16 bit tif in PS... or rendering a 5 min. movie in After Effects. I bet Macs will come out in top by a necessary margin, not a big one, but one that when you add to it the slickness of the user interface, the fact that you can't # around in program folders like you easily can in Windows and the fact that through the 20 years I've been around pcs, I can't count how many times I heard people complaining about them, ever since they turned to a graphics interface rather than Dos.
I remember maybe a handful of incidents from people with macs...

and this comes from someone who grew up with his dad screwing around with first green screen pcs, building his own, programming (even tried to teach me Turbo Pascal, but I wasn't patient enough
), and 20 years later, I will never buy a pc again, until Microsoft stops making their own software obsolete just when it's about to run smoothly.

-"Woops... here come's vista, guess I have to go buy a new computer since mine wasn't future safe, and I can't get drivers for half my crap."

Last thing is the prices for computer parts in Europe aren't really cheap regardless of brand
not the good stuff anyways.
If I wasn't afraid it would be caught in customs I'd buy computers in the US anytime and save a bundle...

EDIT: By the way... did you never read the test they did with Windows on intel macs? The Intel macs beat the pc benchmarks with their own system xD that says a lot, hehe.

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by flice

Here is the list for a PC with Vista in AUD for the OP

MOTHERBOARD Asus Maximus Extreme AUD $522

MEMORY Corsair 4 Gig DDR 3 $880

CPU Intel Quad Core 2.5 Ghz $767

SOUND CARD Creative Sound Blaster XFI $126


CASE: Silverstone Aluminum Case $385

POWER SUPPLY: Coolermaster 1000w $354

Grand Total $3,754

And thats not including a SLI setup which is another $770 and a widescreen monitor at around $500.

Now I can get the top of the line iMac for just over 3 grand with 4 gig of Corsair ram and 3 Ghz dual core processor. I dont have to put up with my mac sounding like a vacuum and Im not paying crazy prices for hardware upgrades. From the list above people can have a fair idea of how expensive that will become to constant upgrade all the time.

A console still outdoes and beats the pc because of the architecture of the game consoles so I would rather spend 600 on a PS3 and a HD tv and you get far better quality than any PC monitor.

Yet another reason why my mac is a workstation as Im a designer and why I think PCs are a waste of money as a gaming platform when game consoles outdo them every couple of years.

My mac does what I love and I dont need to spend excessive amounts of money on it and it doesnt sound like a vacuum as a 1000w power supply would. And thats another reason why people prefer laptops because I think they are letting the gaming consoles take care of games

Looks like you could be a mac fan like me

Sorry about the italics

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by Drakiir

That settles it

If I can afford it, I'll get a G5 next time and if not a refurbished one. They do look nice

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by flice

Cool youll love it.

You can get the base model imac 2.4 Ghz core 2 duo for around 1400 and upwards from there, hope you love the Mac, I sure do

The US Mac site has a 2.4 Ghz core 2 duo for 1200 and a 2.6 Ghz for 1500 which compared to what we pay here in aus 1700 for a 2 Ghz imac its a great price.

Keep in mind that if you want full windows compatibility you will have to put Vista on which while can be done can bog down the sytem. Im fortunate to use Adobe software which works on PC and Mac so keep the compatibility in mind before getting a mac

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:26 AM
I got iWork the day I bought it. I didn't want any microsoft products on my Mac. I haven't used it yet though. I am still trying to learn how to do basic things on mine. I got a 3G. It is fast enough for me. If I need more memory for iTunes and my pix, I will get an external hardrive.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by seagrass

Got a tip for everyone

As long as the memory in an iMac, MacBook or even a Mac Pro is the right speed memory it doesnt matter what brand it is. You dont have to buy memory for any mac off the website at all, you can get any brand memory from anywhere as long as it fits the specs supported on the machine.

Apple have details on the type of memory their machines support and as mine came with Hynix memory i ditched it and got corsair. I now have 4 gig of corsair fastest speed ram for only 250 dollars, thats a bargain compared to PC memory.

I too had issues with Office 08 where I couldnt install Excel or Powerpoint because the database was currupt in the Office folder. I have the trial of iWork on my mac and it beats the hell out of Office and runs perfect too. Im getting iWork on Friday and i love the top quality of Keynote.

As to hard drives you can get the new time capsule wireless HD in 500 and 1 Tb and it also acts as a modem with N support and at a great price.

Yep im an Apple fanboy and only after six months

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:56 AM
Thanks! I am adding you as a buddy in case I have questions for ya. K?

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by seagrass

Ok cool

I will put you on my friends list also and feel free to ask away with any questions you have.

Hmm maybe I should start a Mac vs Pc thread.......nah macs win anyway

U2U me anytime or even ask in here if its ok with the OP

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:41 AM
Hah, the thread degenerated into a fanboy gush!
Wasn't OSX a reworked BSD?
Also, whoever posted up the pc parts prices, you're getting ripped off blind.
You might want to check out pricewatch or tigerdirect. I just bought 4 gigs of dual channel OCZ for $110, minus a $30 rebate!
I was never arguing that macs were crap, just a little slow for the money.
You can buy a pc, with everything, for $400-$500. What can you get at the mac store for that? I mean, they're using the same parts, just a pretty covering. Also, there isn't anything wrong with polymer shells on laptops, just look at the toshiba toughbook. I mean, if glock uses it for their guns, it's pretty tough. Sure, companies will skimp and use cheap plastic, but then they're selling you a laptop for $400, not $1400.
And what about people that need to do serious number crunching? I'm not talking about converting a wave file or rendering a tiff. I mean scientific stuff. My old man uses an 8 core, 32 gig ram pc for his seismic data. In fact, the software he uses doesn't even run on mac. Same goes for a lot of science, engineering, media post-production and CAD.
I still agree with the OP, Macs are over priced.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by cruzion

Actually your totally right I am getting ripped off and because I live in AUS we all get ripped off over here. If you get the lated Nvidia card out here, your easily paying over a grand for one card, multiply that by two for SLI and thats just a start.

I wish we got the prices in the US because it is a good reason why laptops are outselling PCs in AUS especially. The new Apple iPhone which my brother got was $800 and thats without the $150 charge to unlock the phone, thats how bad we get ripped over here.

I think its totally unfair because the US pays closer to the price Apple products should be not the overcharged prices we get over here. The base model iMac that I got was 1700, thats been replaced with the 2.4 as the base model and its still 1500. the US site is only 1200 for the same thing.

When it comes to Apple products I would much rather pay US prices than AUS prices any-day. If you visit the US Apple site it says "Twice as fast, half the price. Go to the Aus Apple site and surprise, surprise it doesn't apply here.

More like New phone, triple the price for AUS

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 09:49 AM
I don't play games on my Mac's for one simple reason... for me, they are a tool not a toy... if I want a toy I'll go buy one.

With the intel Mac you can boot up in OSX or you can install windoze and boot up in it. Personally I have no interest in having anything microsoft on my computers, but you can... AND if you get paralells you can run OSX... windoze and linuix all at the same time without having to reboot and you can click and drag between all three as well.

Show me a Dell that can do that.

And in the long run the fact that a Mac can do that really highlights the limits of wondoze and points the way to the future of computing... eventually while you can still by product brands generally you will by a blank computer and install whatever OS works best for you.

All the harping about Macs on this thread sounds more like sour grapes than anything.

Windoze is the budwizer of operating systems... its only the "king" because they flood the market with it, not because its any good.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 09:56 AM
I am a landscape architect and computers are my bread and butter. I USE to think the same thing as you but over the years I have changed my mind. Peoples Macs perform better, last longer, and seem to be superior to PC brand computers. How this is I have no idea but I do know this, people who own macs use the same computer for much much longer than someone using a PC. Besides working with so many people who prefer MAC over PC leads me to believe that there is a GOOD reason for it.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by Animal

I bought an Apple preforma power PC 6360 in 1998 and used it for 5 years with no problem and got rid of it when OSX came out because it wouldn't run it... then I got an eMac in 2003 and only got rid of it because of the intel chip switch and the software changes that entailed or I would still be running it. I expect an average of 5 years or better per Mac and each time I have changed it wasn't because of the machine.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by Animal

Totally agree and the one thing that got me is the screen in the macs, they are just amazing. Compare the screens on macs compared to any other pc monitor, with a glass cover and you will be hard pressed to find anything that matches the mac screens.

I bought a Sony ClearBright 17 in monitor a while ago when i had the dreaded pc and it doesnt even match the mac screen. I also love Macs because they are perfect for design especially with Adobe software which I use where you have tabs and docs on the screen. I can also have InDesign and Illustrator side by side and work on 2 projects at once so the fact that the mac comes with a high res WS monitor is awesome.

Have you seen the laptop monitors for the same price as a base model Mac ugh horrible dull and washed out. And the biggie is the cables, I cant count how many cables were srewn accross my desk when I had a PC. With the mac there are no issues and I have a speaker system and 2 printers and a wired mouse and keyboard with an external hdd and its no problems.

Construction wise the Mac wins by far with design and innovation, not imitate and copy like so many companies do. Nowhere can you buy an aluminum keyboard with all the features the Mac one has for 70 dollars and the details and workmanship that go into mac shows through the OS also.

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