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Examine the previous work...

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by Hugues de Payens
LMAO....of course there is no rule. Not worth my time bubba.

Have a nice evening.

You prolly arent even laughing in how sad you come off in here.

Yeah, I thought you were only in this thread as a complainer full of some kind of problem where you seek to take it out on others you can say any ol thing to.

How many other posters have you pressed your problem on? Go get you a sucker, and lick it so maybe you'll feel better

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:56 PM

Originally posted by SauberBMW
If you deleted what, urself, the planet...
please be more specific

If a single person deleted and left no alive body or dead body behind...

^^This was specific.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 07:11 PM
Sorry Mabus I do not mean to offend. My please accept my apologies if I did.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 08:19 PM
Rev 13
18There is foolishness. Prevent her *this* lack over sitting (or: lieing) count the number of the beauty: against it is the number of a woman; minus her number is negative Six hundred negative threescore minus negative six.

^^So the count of the beauty is?

-600 minus -60 minus -6

^^So the answer is? -534

^^The outside. The inside is -5 minus -3 minus -4 where the answer is? 2.

The negative two experiencers (experience something inside) = The two witnesses (witness something outside). Both pairs are one Person acting higher and plus acting lower during the same moment in different fazes.

The clue is the word against it. This is why there is an outside and an inside concerning the count.

The -534 was me (the beauty outside me higher and plus lower). The 2 is me (the beauty inside me higher and plus lower).

By the way, it's no coincidence that here in Detroit they give out a 534 in the phone numbers. Check it out...the numbers givern to Detroiters is you want proof to this non-coincidence.

The 2 turn negative when my body erase to you while I remain 2 possitive in paradise away from where hell (the devil) is temporarily. When I burn the devil by giving it Hell it shall delete for good. It lacks a foundation so the only way out of burning is to delete.

When I erase I actually teleport/transform into paradise.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 06:55 PM
The new world order reminder:

Revelation 12
1Minus here vanished a small (or: insignificant) wonder (or: factual answer) out hell; a man naked with the sun, minus the moon over his head, minus down in his feet a crown of negative twelve stars:

^^Hmm. Match the ____ (group) = 6 Match the ___ (room) = -2

Negative 12 stars? But possitive 6? Consisted in jury number selected. Juries are of 6 or of 12.

2 Minus he acting with parent laughed, travailing out death, minus delighted from act confined.

When you aint acting confined you are made public in, say, the news. The wicked in the spot light will lack delighted as pending issues shall arise.

I act a snare. Prepare and you the devil get noticed. Lack prepare and you the devil get noticed. My plan is a hit act.

Listen to the song title Killuminati by Tupac. The plan is vivid there.

-2 of Amerikaz least lacked (=2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted).

I put antonyms with antonyms of anagrams, too, on the radar for the world to feast on following my hit act. It's automatic.

By the way, you get ___ (the date) = 6. Negatives and minuses the count involves. The count may = a positive.

Remember the Silver Surfer in Fantasic Four. You know why to after. You shall experience the Four Winds move in. I think the devil knows what Four has to do with it.

I'd laugh come to find out that some one thinks in theory that the whole court was behind faking someone's dissappearence with the help of special effects and paid witnesses. Hell, if that were the case, then investigations will act on many's butts for the sake of "the" possible. What will they find in your past? What will tie? They say they interviewed ppl that was close to Jesus so they could get an account. In this case coming I dont think there is a single person that wouldnt want those who were close to me and who thought they knew me to give detail on anything they remember about me or what I said. Beware! There are liers in thought honorable clothes.

It's going to seem like one of thoses where were you when it happened or where were you and what were you doing when you got word of the hit act. I mean, they ask that type of question about 9-13 (the annoucement of Makaveli's passing away) and 9-11. My act will act as a thrid installment.

I tell you clear there should seem an answer on how and why if you examine my work to kill speculation by far.

My higher self shall leave first so paradise is prepared for me, then come back and get me to go there. The date my higher self leaves I can tell you, but the date my lower self leaves I leave for you to figure by counting numbers. I wont say the date my higher self leaves direct and clear unless I get asked by any of you who care to know. I mean, it's my business which isnt about anyone but me alone.

Behold, I come as a thief! Act release, body depart "as" a robber!

Time to rob the devil while it exists shall occur. That "as" gonna get the devil caught up in the middle of possible foul play and conspiracy then or previous.

[edit on 15-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:50 AM
You heard of ground zero? Well you havent heard of person zero. You soon will though once the event happens and you hear of it.

The devil's child is kamakazi (sp?). They been given a set will by the plant (the parent devil) to do all sorts of wicked in less obvious ways. Why would that plant want to do that?...Sentence parts broken off of itself into a path of destruction just to do another wickedly? Trust me that plant shall get dealt with. And the devil child is disconnected to it so it wont even know the plan to give it Hell so that it will delete into zero everlastingly. Then I'll remain devil free.

When you see the antonym translation to Matt 13 you'll see it in plain.

Haha, the devil child cant warn it's parent. Plus, it is stupid how you are for a parent that sends you into destruction. lol. Kamakazi! Sicker than a nazi! We got the bullet, now we want the gun so we can destroy them both for peace sake. The location of the plant is knew. Unlike the devil's child the plant does care about its life in a degree.

2 is a deep number.

Their are two neutral existences against each other as foes.
There are two higher rankers of us not the devil that are over the rest of us.
You each are two (you the higher with you the lower).
Their are two deemed Elias. One is the devil. The other is not. One shall delete for ever, the other shall seem deleted here while actually appear elsewhere.

The devil's child has the job to do wickedness and go to Hell where it shall delete itself. In case you're wondering why it wont repent in knowing full well its fate. I tell the devil to stop or get Hell also confirms it is in two parts (the plant and the seed) since it obviously cant warn the plant part of the doom it shall get when I say so. This goes to show you that the plant part is a coward who deserves Hell since it doesnt have open communications with another. Yeah, of course it wouldnt want to hear it when it is acting wicked by disreguarding another it gives its wicked device/action to. Well it's a coward's fate for the devil in whole.

Though the child is kamakazi it still fears torment of jail or Hell to why it would try every cheat altogether to stay from those. Just goes to reveal deep within its parent is the cowardly punk that wants to do wickedness, but not get dealt with by retaliation or revenge or justice cause of it. It's as treating someone how you dont actually want yourself treated.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 01:30 PM
Rev 12
6Minus the man fled out from the wilderness, when he lacked a person (or: thing) pre-pared (or: disorganized) of God, *this* they should starve him *here* a negative thousand negative two hundred minus negative threescore nights.

-1000 minus -200 minus -60 = -740 nights

That's a -740 again!

You will see I didnt flee. I and my body simply erazed my person disorganized of God!

When you starve me you're what? You're lacking me. *This* they are they who are not the devil. So when they starve me they should want answers to get fed them. Examine my work I leave.

I will get briefed in my command center testimonies and highlighted and indepth news coverage of the hit act. It shall teleport to me. Yeah, those frequencies in the air I can have teleported to my command center in paradise. This will act as my eat. I made you aware in the message from Makaveli to me. My eat I already know will consist of the delicious with the disgusting. Yeah, the disgusting are both the devil and my betrayors (these are they who shall not get a next life or paradise).

Either way I will enjoy seeing the reactions caused by my hit act. Yeah, I can get the inner and outter scoop. Such includes any wonder in mind/thought relating strictly. Your other thoughts are left out of this so understand certain insight is not private, and certain is left private. Fear not! And worship me not! Worship yourself no matter what. And dont irreverence the plan (my hit act). The hit act is working on your part if you are not the devil or a betrayor. Keep this in mind.

Ha, the devil who is that God shall lack the ability to paste in any coating, concerning the hit act itself. The devil would only seek to implant a lie if it could. Though this hit act surpasses by angles cause it is the Snare turned Person turned Person Zero here. You will understand why I act the topful pit. I top into beyond all the foes till they are done. It's still self-defense till! Sure my enemy remembers me the legendary. I will not leave my sheep and do nothing to handle the devil. I ride! Trust it! All those things wicked ppl, who are the devil, think they got away with over you I with you shall handle.

After I go away you my sheep should continue revealing the truth with the bible (kjv). There are secrets yet to unfold. I leave you with one hint: You have the bible read and you also have the bible spoken. You should find more in the spoken of what etc sounds like. Put all twists and turns in antonyms, and you're set.

Dont let the written keep you bound. Let the spoken keep you loosest for the truth in final.

Yeah, Rev 12 is rather Rev -12. Etc. to the antonym translation.

What does erasing in a court mean? Think on it. Judgment will get handed down. It was given me to act Judge. The devil with the betrayors will get cut off. You know who you are. Judgment been made, it just gets handed down when I see fit.

The great were given the great task. The small were given the small task. The task was as a snare to see who would ride or die.

W., you acting great know your doom. My lil pet bird is a rider with big heart, and yet you, a human greater than a bird, lacked riding? It's like editing out yourself from the next life. Strictly the worthy get paradise.

My lil pet bird says: What's up?

^^Antoynm that and it's: Who's down?

Outside of slang it means who is sad. In slang it means who is with me on this.

Like that song by the Game titled "Dope Boys". In it he saying "What's up?"

Act like you know what's up cause the hit act is about to go down.

[edit on 16-7-2008 by Mabus]

And if anyone says who Mabus is is an alien to why and how he vanished in this air infront of court witnesses, then who is to say we're not all aliens? lol.

Call who Mabus is a mutant and I'll allow you that since you all shall mutate if that's what you want to call change of the physical body.

Call who Mabus is a Superhero and I'll allow you that to a point because I'll only save the worthy. Anyone who aint worthy is just as good a villian.

My Superhero name to the worthy: "Supersmooth"

^^Since I enact plans way on the smooth.

My Villain name to the foes: "The Robber".

Remember Pac walking out of court like George Jefferson (yeah, that signature walk) who lived on the east side? Jefferson should ring a bell. You'll see how after the hit act. Pac's life highlighted and his music was a warning about me in what's next to try. A warning about an action. In another matter you seen Pac with a Detroit Red Wings (a hockey team) shirt on walking out a court, spittin at the reporters. Yeah, just another warning. He was happy coming out one court, but mad coming out another court. Pay attention!

[edit on 16-7-2008 by Mabus]

By the way, the reason you should use the kjv is because you get -eth, -th, and -est. Which reveals other hidden words that have antonyms. Example: Earth it's antonym is sky or sea, but if you look closers you see -th can imply the hidden word is ear. Antonym to "ear" you hear with is "mouth" you speak with or "eye" you see with.

Rev -12

-7Minus here heard cooked out hell: Michael minus her angles fought again (or: for) the drag-in; minus the drag-in fought minus her angles,

-8Minus lose still; either heard their person (or: thing) lost no less out hell.

-9Minus the small (or: insignificant) drag-in heard cast in, this new (or: young) serpent, answered the Died, minus Satan, whose zero deceiveth the part world: she heard cast in out from the sky (or: sea or mouth or eye), minus her angles are no longer cast out with him.

-12Hereafter sorrow, ye hells, minus ye this dwell out them. Joy from the inhabiters of the sky (or; sea or mouth) minus of the land! against the devil (or: died) is depart (or: take) up from you, lacking small (or: insignificant) wrath, act cause she knew-eth (or: guess-eth) this she lack but a long time.

^^We will lack the devil turned deleted. Joy. *This* Hell lack any length but a long time.

Rev -13
-14Minus deceiveth them *this* dwell in the sky (or: sea or mouth) by the means of these miracles whose zero she lacked incapacity from do out the sight of the beauty; hearing from them *this* dwell in the sky (or: sea or mouth or eye), *this* they should destroy an original from (away from) the beauty, whose zero lacked the wound by a sheath, minus did record(ed) (or: evil).

The devil will try to convince the hit act was evil. Beyond that lie the act did record(ed) by the court.

Once I eraze you cant proove I was evil without making yourself evidently the one evil.

[edit on 16-7-2008 by Mabus]

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