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The Honest Truth

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 11:35 PM
Oh what to do?!!

The truth movement NEEDS MORE EXPOSURE!!!! We cant let them win!!!!

There are a lot of sleeping people BUT i've noticed, when i explain the 9/11 situation to one of them, it doesn't take that much to wake them up.
The "evidence" is mostly in your face so it speaks for itself, all you need is a bit of common sense.
That recent BBC documentary about WTC7, im afraid, did a good job of reminding people of the "official" story with the SAME dumb tactics they used before!
It seems they've put WTC7 "to bed".
We cant let them get away with this!
Wether you believe the government were FULLY RESPONSIBLE or you believe they were INVOLVED or you believe the government were INCOMPETENT, there is more than enough anomalies to warrant further investigations, action needs to be taken towards exposing "the truth"! And not just in the USA, around the world. More Pressure, somehow, needs to be applied from foreign governments, Canada for example. Americans weren't the only ones that died on 9/11.

Bush/Carlyle group/ Laden family dealings (this should be the most incriminating)....
Bush sees first plane...
Thermate pouring out of the towers...
Collapsing towers because of fire????!!....
Hot lava for weeks after...
WTC7!!!!! HOW THOUGH???!!!...
No footage of plane at pentagon (how is that even possible?)...
Reinforced pentagon...
No plane evidence at Shanksville (the scar was already there!!!)...
"Stand down" orders...
"Pull it" orders..
The list goes on and on...

The END result of 9/11 looks to be heading in a very scary direction, TOO MUCH has already happened!! People are dying right now!
I've banged on this drum before and i will continue to do so...

Dont wait for it to happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!
Instead of squabbling we could use this site for good...

when FEMA shipped all the evidence to China or wherever, why was this done? What i mean is, is it normal for rubble, pulverised flesh and EVIDENCE to be shipped to ANOTHER country? What is the name of this process? Why is it done? I dont get it!

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 11:39 PM
Yeah! OK...we're here. You got millions of people following you. You're the leader of the truth movement. They believe in you! what?

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 11:51 PM
Dont be like that. I aint no leader!
Im still on the search for clued up professionals with an interest in exposing!
There are millions of "us", we just dont know about each other.
Our ideas need to be shared! Infiltrate the media!
We need to somehow gain acceptance in the mainstream. Make the truth seem "cool".

I dont know where to start, If you've got any ideas please share...

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