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Consumers Pay More For Less As Products Shrink

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 08:24 PM
PITTSBURGH -- As prices continue to go up at the supermarket, the size of products continue to shrink.

AARP consumer advocate Mary Bach, of Murrysville, has kept track of the incredible shrinking products.

She has collected many examples of products that contain much less and says consumers are definitely paying the price.

Bach said, "We are paying more because we are getting less. They do not lower the price when they downsize."

Bach said coffee was one of the first products to shrink.

Maxwell House used to come in 16-ounce cans.

Then the company started selling 13-ounce cans, then 12, 11 and a half and now 11 ounces.

However, as the amount in the cans got smaller the cans stayed the same size and directions on how to make a cup of coffee also stayed the same.

Bach called the company to find out how that could be.

She said, "They told me they puffed up the beans. The company said 11 ounces makes just as much as 16 ounces. As a customer I have to question that."

Breyers and Edy's ice cream both reduced the amount of ice cream in its cartons.

Breyers used to sell in half-gallon cartons.

Then the company began selling cartons that held a quart and three quarters and then downsized to a quart and a half.

That's about a 14 percent hidden price hike.

I wanted to add this to ATSNN but decided not to..

Anyway as you can see here we are paying same prices for products that seem to shrink over them months...

Anyway something to see as we are getting more and more ripped off...

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