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obama illegal immigrants ...should stay??

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 04:30 PM
fine them wtf!!!!

they steal AMERICAN'S job's man...Deport there butt's NOW!!!!]

why is trying so hard for minority voter's to go as far as saying .....

it's ok to break the law and come into our country....we will work with you.

if there honest folk's they wouldn't come into usa illegal now would they.

what's your take on this comment he has said?my fellow american's

here he is saying yes to driver's license's so illegal immigrants can steal our job's easier!!!!

[edit on 11-7-2008 by beforetime]

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 04:39 PM
I think Obama has the right idea. He's not suggesting any type of a free ride, either. He has acknowledged that there is a problem with illegal immigration, and there alternative solutions than just deportation.

His broad (and by no means definitive) overview is this:

  • pay a fine
  • learn English (which is a difficult second language to learn)
  • and start the proper legalization process

Instead of marginalizing a large part of our society, we need to find a way to incorporate them. It certainly worth considering.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by maria_stardust

I agree with Maria.

I think to "deport them all NOW!!!!!" would destroy many sectors of the economy over night.

Seriously think about all the jobs that illegal immigrants land.

You'd have to fill those positions slowly, and train Americans to take their place
so that the transition is flawless

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by maria_stardust

Are you willing to take the food from your children's mouth to prove a theory?

In my state i watch American's born and raised forced to draw foodstamp's for food.
due to so many illegal mexican's...

i worked in a factory till i got disabled .
we all went on lunch break
i sat down lit me a smoke up...saw INS standing by booth the door's to enter and exit .
I laughed said this is gonna be funny.

Sure enough one Mexican would walk in he said show me ID ect... they couldn't speak English...
we lost well over 80 maybe even 100 worker's that lunch break..factory had to send us home till the next day.

That's just 80 American's who's kid's are forced to go hungry is all it is .
They cant get the job cause the illegal Mexican's already do.

And around my state they raise tobacco.

they use to pay 12 cent's a stick of tobacco when you cut it for the farmer.
if you work real hard maybe 120 bucks for 8 to 10 hours work.

now Americans refuse to cut tobacco why you ask??
basically they can pay illegal Mexican's 7 and 8 cent a stick and they still do it.

even low end American family's can't survive if we do not deport them folk's

and i don't even live close to California or Texas.

so it's pretty widespread.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by beforetime

beforetime, i understand what yer saying, and i agree, situations like that are just down right dispicable.

But not all of them are that way.

I think we, as a nation, will have to find middle-ground on this issue, a ground where neither party is going to be 100% satisfied, and both parties will still get what they want.

After all, 75% of the americans who are pissed off about illegal immigrants being here, stem them anger from pride and ego, having never had an ACTUAL encounter with things like you mention in your post

That being said, whats the option?

I believe our government is going to have to dedicate a lot more resources, if only for a limited time, to the immigration department, to allow for expedited acceptance/denials of immigration from Mexico.

I believe you force the mexicans that are here now, illegally, into some sort of a "probhation period" and you draw a line that says if you're caught int his country after "such and such" date, illegally, you will be deported immediately.

Then, with the reamining people on "probation" you force them to pay taxes (like citizens) and especially force them to pay social security....but deny them the benefits later in life. Sounds cruel - but hey - you came here illegally, count your blessings.

IMO, you fix a few problesm

Those here, illegally, get a chance to straighten themselves out

Those who dont want illegal aliens, are happy, because those who were once illegal, become legal

You fix social security with an influx of millions of "once illegal" mexican workers starting to pay into it.

Of course, some people wouldnt like that method, because its "not fair" that they cant reap the benefits of SS at a later date

i say you cut your losses and realize SS was never intended as a "retirement" account. You're either going to screw over millions of AMERICAN CITIZENS by letting it go bankrupt

or you're going to slightly inconvienience a few million criminal illegal aliens and fix the entire system.

of course, this is JUST my opinion

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by beforetime

Are you willing to take the food from your children's mouth to prove a theory?

I live in the greater Houston area, are there are no doubt plenty of illegal immigrants here. And guess what, my children aren't hungry.

The truth is that illegal immigrants play a vital role in this nation's economy. You many not like it, but it's a hard fact. It would be in this nation's best interest to fold this group into its' citizenry and move forward.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:30 PM
Maybe he should concern himself with the homeless high school students in the USA. He should also concern himself with the state funded colleges that pass individuals based on filling seats. How do they let students into college that do not even have 5th grade english, grammer, writing and language skills?

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:45 PM
I live in North Carolina where there are both legal and illegal. But truthfully, children dont got hungry do to the illegals. If the parents cant work its the parents own fault. I have a couple staying in with us right now that couldnt find work and I told them to put ads on craigslist they are now working full time jobs and are soon moving into there own home. Its what the parents do to help there families. And there isnt any illegals out there getting food stamps, and living off the state which just one year ago about 50% of the folks in here were complaining saying they were. That is how stupid some folks just are. They believe what they believe rather then what is truth.

The truth is I dont see a single white or black person wanting to pick cukes, or tomatoes or any other veg. for that matter for 5 cents a bucket. And still have taxes taken out at the end of the week. Nope not a one of you would do it. Yet the Mexicans do it and dont complain. We also are at fault in Mexico itself when we send our big Ford company there and pay the Mexicans in Mexico $2 a day to work in our Factories. And yes we do that. Its our fault the Mexicans are here. So we should try and let Obama at the least try to make them legal to help there families after what we have done to there families over the years.

I guess some of you cant remember back when the USA asked Mexico to send there men over here during the war to help us out since our men were over seas that was during WW1 and WW2 and we went back on our word both times, and never legalized those men, and there families for there hard work. But I guess you just dont care that we were lying to Mexico year after year for close to 100 years and probally even more.

But Mexico has helped us before and look at how we treat them. Like they were worse then dogs. I believe what he wants to do is the best thing. If he keeps his word. But then again, I havent known a single president yet that kept his word with Mexico.


posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 06:00 PM
Add up the number of people who are lazy, the ones who are hooked on drugs, the ones who think that welfare is for life, the ones who believe that momma and daddy will take care of all their needs, the ones who are dependent on government and charities to take care of them and we end up with these two words- IRRESPONSIBLE AND UNDEPENDABLE.

If we ever discover a way to turn this trend around then the immigration issue would be a mute point. These would be more than enough workers to take over the jobs the immigrants are doing. I honestly feel that people, especially the younger generation, are losing the belief of self-reliance and earning a hard days pay for a hard days work. Maybe it's because many parents no longer teach their children these values or maybe it's other social ills that presently confront us. I really don't know. All I know is that the illegal alien issue is an effect of something and not the cause. Not talking about this thread but on other similar threads people treat this issue as the cause of all of our problems. Remove this problem and we will live happily ever after.

The problems are deeper. We are still racially divided, we still can't get our government to pass real legislation instead of quick-fix or feel good ones, our manufacturing jobs are going overseas, our health care; soc security, Medicaid is on the verge of collapse, financial institutions are sticking it to us with government approval, education is a joke, infrastructures are deteriorating, the world hate us for good and bad reasons, we have no efficient energy plan, drugs are an epidemic, most people care more about Hollywood than issues, we don't take care of our environment, government overspends and then tax us to death and beyond, yet we still believe that removing all these immigrants are going to solve our problems.

I personally know a lot of illegal immigrants because I work within the community. Many of them have been here for a long time. Many have made an attempt to learn English. Many have made an extra effort to keep a low profile because they are afraid to get in trouble with the law. Many have been ripped off, one guy lost $10,000, and refuse to report the crime to the police for fear of deportation. However, usually, the only ones who get mentioned are the bad apples. Isn't it funny that the MS-13 is so notorious yet when was the last time you heard that ICE did a raid on them? You will hear about the raid on the meat factory, but the majority of those are not hard core criminals. They get deported and MS_13 gets to hang around.

I agree with both Obama and McCain. Work with the ones that are here. Majority of them have a good heart and good intentions and only seek a better life. If you want to slander or belittle them all, then so be it, you have that right. All I can say is that our own government turned a blind eye for 20 something years ( since 1986) and the only reason they are jumping and hollering right now is to distract people from other issues that are more pressing. Secure all the borders but work with the ones here. No matter what place or what country people come from, treat them the way you would like others to treat you. You may not like the situation, but it serves no purpose to degrade anybody.

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