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Iraqi airspace used by Israel, sources say

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by ergoli

Don't bother yourself with those that only see through colored glasses handle to them by the Bush administration, It is a Genocides going on in Iraq they are just tagged insurgency and terrorist.

I agree that this use of Air space by Israel if is true is a slap on the faces of the Iraqi people and a show that Iraq is nothing more that a proxy for the US corporate ruled war.

But then again if the Iraqi people starts fighting to get control of their lands they will be deal with as usual, after all the tagging of death Iraqis is prove to work just fine.

Nothing to see here but the death bodies of Terrorist and insurgents.

The hypocrisy.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:42 PM

Originally posted by louieMcQ
reply to post by WhatTheory

Have you done your part and served over there?

What does this have to do with the price of cheese?
Not that it matters but yes, I have served in the military. I have been out of the military for some time as I'm sure I am much older than you.

[edit on 12-7-2008 by WhatTheory]

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by What Theory

Theory...don't let rad left wingers drag you into their bog. Those of us who voluntarily served our Nation, for "the leftists right to protest their freedoms," well...we know which side of the line everyone is on.

Back to the original post...

Israel Will protect their interests. History books are filled with the how & why on every occasion. Israel will go to the end's of the earth to survive. And they will survive.

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 06:31 PM
Here are some more articles considering this issue, and they are contradicting.

Baghdad, 11 July (AKI) - Israeli Air Force jets have been flying over Jordanian airspace and landing in Iraq for over a month, according to reports quoting Iraqi government sources.

Iran's state-funded Press TV also reported the claim, immediately fuelling speculation about a potential strike by Israel against Iran's nuclear facilities.

According to Press TV, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence told Iraqi news network, Nahrainnet, that suspected Israeli warplanes had landed at the al-Assad American airbase near Haditha, in western Anbar province, as well as a base in Nassiriya in the country's south.

Iran's Press TV also reported that the US had boosted security arrangements around the bases allegedly used by Israel.

According to retired Iraqi army officials, fighter jets have been entering Iraqi airspace from Jordan.


Iraq denied on Friday reports claiming the Israeli Air Force has been practicing for a possible attack against Iran in its airspace.

"As the Ministry of Defense, we haven't observed any IAF warplanes practicing in Iraqi airspace," said Major-General Mohammad al-Askari, spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry.

On Friday, sources in the Iraqi Defense Ministry told a local news network that Israel Air Force (IAF) war planes are practicing in Iraqi airspace and land on US airbases in the country as a preparation for a potential strike on Iran.

The IDF denied the reports, calling them "baseless."


My opinion is - Where There's Smoke There's Fire. The 'bonuses' Israel would gain if they launched from Iraqi bases are something to be seriously considered. And there are quit a bunch of them. And as officials of both Iraq and Israel - they're expected to deny presence of IAF warplanes becausive of political backlash (not to mention impact on already enormous oil prices).

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