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Women 'using web for abortions'

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posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 07:09 AM
As I see it only the woman is given the option to neglect her responsibility. The man should be given the same right to deny responsibility. Make child support voluntary. If a man wants to support his child he can, if he doesn't want to then he's not obliged to. Seems fair to me.

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posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 09:35 AM

Originally posted by Sonya610

Originally posted by Amaterasu And we might want to look at the world from a severely neglected or abused child

As for the sterilization stuff, I cannot believe that it is cheaper. Not by a long shot. And then who gets to decide whom to sterilize? I agree that this is not a sane social option.

Suicide rates are not that high, however crime rates SURELY are very high in some areas and yes, the majority of thugs are the product of single parent homes, abuse, drug use, etc… There are a lot of drug babies out there, some in the system, some raised by grandparents with gov assistance or whatever, and their mothers often don’t just pop out one…but 3 or 4+ often with abortions inbetween live births.

Um… First, most of the women who have had abortions have had only one. A rather insignificant percentage have had more than one. Second… This sounds like you are proving my point that abortion is cheaper than trying to go out and sterilize billions of women. And that abortion should be readily available for those who want it.

Sterilization would be much cheaper in the long run. It costs the state a LOT of money to raise kids with gov assistance, or fostercare, provide Medicaid, later house them in prison, etc… Personally I think offering $5k cash to females that wish to be sterilized would be a GREAT deal, if they want they can reverse the procedure later on their own dime later.

I agree that voluntary sterilization should be made an option. BUT, legal abortion is a far better idea than making it illegal.

One point. I looked into sterilization after my daughter was born, and discovered that the way they do it now for women - it's irreversible. Ain't THAT an incentive! Heh. I opted for an IUD.

The same could be offered to males (cash for a vasectomy), but somehow I suspect it would become a new cottage industry for guys to talk women into getting fixed, and males would get fixed at a much lower rate.

I suspect you're right. Men are FAR easier to "fix," yet they would be talking us into undergoing what amounts to major surgery rather than experience the outpatient procedure. Men, also, are far easier to reverse.

Many would take it, especially those with drug problems, or those with “babies daddies” who would love to see some cash roll in. Course there would be an uproar because SOME more than others would take advantage of the program and then there would be cries of racism etc…

I have no issues with voluntary sterilization, as I said, but I also think abortion should be encouraged in all cases where a pregnant woman does not want to bear the child that would result.

Thank you for the evaluation and additional data to contemplate. [smile]

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