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Channel 4, Iran Conspiricy:U.S. Destabilizes Iran via Terror Group

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:50 PM
Did anyone happen to catch Channel 4(u.k) news yesterday, in the afternoon.

They where interviewing someone on the threat of Iran(american guy,white, 50ish) And he said that america already have undercover americans in Iran, stirring things up. and to Quote "..causing Terrosism".and it was under Bush's administration.

Now I Think he let loose a couple of snippets of info that he shouldn't of.
That there are american troops undercover in Iran Causing terrorism(remember the SAS guys caught in Iraq wearing false beards and turbans,riding around shooting civillians??)I guess setting off IED's and shooting civillians dressed as insurgants.

I dont think this is right, and that bush is pushing for another war here.
to quote Macain:"bomb bomb Iran"

If anyone has saw this and thought it was shocking please post what you saw. Also if anyone can get Hold of a copy of this i will be very pleased.

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:04 PM

JFC the handwriting is on the wall. It is the same recipe as Iraq.

Here is "Betty Crocko#s" recipe for War, it is an American tradition:

Start with a malleable press owned by a few easily controlled outlets. Shape the stories to suit your orientation. Plant "opposition" news pieces and make sure that they don't reveal the real game plan. Send everyone down a rabbit hole and get them arguing about unimportant details about how long we should be there, why types of interrogation etc. Make sure that this unimportant "debate" gets all the ink since in doing so, the fact that you shouldn't even be there is not a topic that gets much air time.

Gather a distracted public that no longer has critical thinking skills thanks to "no child left behind". Whip them in to patriotic furor and ridicule anyone who doesn't blindly step in line as unpatriotic. Pass laws that allow you to imprison these "unpatriotic" few (in a country that SAYS that it supports free speech) and hold them without charges and without access to legal council. Call it the Patriot act so as not to arouse suspicion that you are opening the KY jelly jar. Note: if not sufficiently stirred, add contrived event, air frequently.

Take the malleable media and bombard them with "facts" - True or False, nobody checks. In the old days, that was the journalist’s job, today it is "somebody" else’s job. (which never gets done) And even if you have a credible second opinion that contradicts the facts, like the UN Nuclear Inspectors, you do the same with them and "demonize" them with other "facts".

Repeat, I repeat, repeat the "fabrications/facts" until they actually are perceived as facts. Any lie repeated long enough will be accepted as fact.

Keep the actual facts (like women and children dying) separated from mainstream news. Refrigerate and use in future political campaigns if the current administration ever double crosses you like Kennedy did.

Demonstrate humility over any mistakes (ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE INVADED OR ASSASSINATED ) to quell any additional lingering questions. Well, because "Everybody makes mistakes" and well heck, we'll just give him the benefit of the doubt THIS time. (and every other time, because he is just so darn "god fearing", I mean he couldn't have really known this.)

For the remaining population that wasn't drafted and killed in the war, sent to GITMO for being labeled a terrorist by exercising their right of freedom of expression, keep them distracted with make believe banking crisis, pay for drive by shootings (so you can enact tougher gun laws and eventually remove the last bastion for the public to defend themselves from your tyranny.)

This product will keep forever. It will only spoil when individuals INDIVIDUALLY hold their elected officials accountable for EACH bill they vote on.
If individuals began to write to their elected official just once each week and tell them that they appreciated their vote to repeal the Patriot Act or thanks for not voting for FISA, OR spank them each week for supporting FISA or more encroachment on your rights, things will begin to be different.

You do not need to organize groups, but you are free to do so, but YOU and only YOU can start fixing the world by taking responsibility for the things YOUR government does IN YOUR NAME.
If you fail to hold them accountable, then you get the kind of dictator that you deserve.

In the end this is not someone else’s job. Freedom and democracy can not be outsourced. It must start and end here. Go ahead write a letter. Find a cause, there are plenty listed at

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:18 PM
I didn't see this report, but a while back now, I saw on a few news sites that the US was funding a group called Jundallah, however when I went back later they had all pulled that info, I don't know if it was inaccurate, or a 'national security' issue that caused the pull, but it may be worth looking into.

Also Ron Paul has made statements to this effect, more along the lines you say, of CIA working in Iran, however I don't believe he named any names, or his sources, and of course many people will take Ron Paul with a pinch of salt.

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