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The Tree of Wisdom

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 04:05 PM
Well one thing is for certain and that is that we all have our own thought on the mater. How we interpret a text is quite personal. We imagine different things even though we read the same words from the same books. And that is quite unique.

Who knows what is. But is it really important!

We can share our thought on this mater but who's thought is right! Mine or yours.

Was there really a tree of knowledge!

What is knowledge. How can knowledge be a tree. Why do you people just see a tree!!! I dont. Do you see a tree because that is what the Book calls the source knowledge comes from. That would mean that Adam and Eve must have been dumb before they eat from the tree. But that dosent make any sense. Free will is a great knowledge in it self and Adam and Eve had free will.

When i read about this i also see a outsider in the garden. This outsider is who i see as the tree of knowledge. He is the one who is teaching Adam and Eve about knowledge. Knowledge that God didn't want us to learn. This outsider put thoughts into Adam and Eve as he also was walking in the garden of Eden. This outsider was jealous of God and his creation. He hated it. His goal is to destroy it and everything that God loves.

The knowledge Adam and Eve was thought from this outsider is the curse we are left with to day.

Knowledge gives us a big imagination. And we put our imagination into life even if they are good or bad. Just take a look at the system you exist in. There is a lot of human imagination in our creations. And a lot of it dose not impress God a bit. But it impresses the outsider a lot. Because his teaching still works as a drug within us.

I think we where created with free will to do just the right thing. But a outsider came in and thought us have to do wrong things. Because the wrong things can make you feel good to.

And i know a lot of you can list up a great number of wrong things that can make up a good and just life. A life that we see as just and fair because our common sense tells us so. Because if we can profit from it it has to be a good thing. Any person with common sense will say so. But is it really fair in the eyes of God or the people it affects !!!

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by resonance
the purpose of putting the tree of wisdom in the garden was because God gave us free will..

he wanted to see if we would obey him of our own accord..

he could have made us mindless robots that just did whatever he said, but he would rather give us a choice so we could live our own lives, and if we chose we could live for ourselves or to glorify him..

but had eve never eaten from the tree of wisdom life would have been perfect..there would be no sin, no wrong, no evil..the earth had two paths laid out from the get go

Along with the 'no wrong' would be no disease or disabilities, yet, the same mechanism which disables some drives the evolutionary force of many. Imperfection is an absolute necessity of this changing universe and free will.

path 1 - not eating from the tree = utopia on earth

path 2 - we chose this one..led to a crappy evil world..

I don't think the utopia was ever meant to happen. If anything, utopia was pre-big bang, perfect balance, and then something shifted to drive entropy, and time, and the experience we call life.

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