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When a simple vision comes true...

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 10:58 AM
I recently had a cool experience. Usually before I go to sleep I will do light meditation. It’s kind of my own way of practicing the teachings of the laws of attraction, as I had learned from that “The Secret” movie.

First some background. I bought a bed from IKEA last month. Most beds from IKEA require a metal I-beam with sharp unfinished edges, which I forgot to get. The lady at the checkout counter informed us my bed required the I-beam, so my sister runs back to get one, we pay and leave.

Monday night during my light meditation, I get repeating visions of the I-Beam. Each time, my sister goes back to get the I-Beam, she cuts her hand. It lasted about 10 sec.

Tuesday afternoon, she walks in the door with the same I-Beam, and she cut her self on it! She had taken her son to get a bed at IKEA that afternoon, spur of the moment, after he picked up his paycheck. It was a small cut... but she’s ok. While she patched herself up, I told her of my vision the night before. She said our family has always been connected like that, and to expect more.

Cool stuff! I have not experienced anything like this in a while. As simple as it was, it was still mind blowing

Any other experiences out there?


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