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The Illuminati and The Disease Caused By Oil

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 09:13 AM
An interesting article was just posted yesterday on The International Forecaster by Bob Chapman. I don't know a lot about this guy as I have only been following his articles for a short time but I will say that he is not your typical financial writer...

I'd summarize the article for you but he covers so much ground I wouldn't know where to start. Here are a few paragraphs to give an idea of where he is coming from:


When people have plentiful sources of fuel and food with plenty left over in strategic reserve, all at easily affordable prices, they are virtually impossible to enslave. Why on earth would anyone choose slavery or allow it to be forced on them when everything is "hunky dory" otherwise. Plentiful and affordable fuel and food means a substantial amount of freedom, at least enough freedom to do as you please with the time that is not spent on acquiring them. When these resources are cheap and plentiful, the time needed to do those things that are necessary to acquire them is greatly reduced, allowing more time to be spent on family relationships, religious worship, educational pursuits, political activism, travel, exploration, invention and innovation, hobbies, arts, entertainment and the finer things in life. Such pursuits are the antithesis of what the Illuminists want for you. They want you to be hungry, poor, exhausted, harried, afraid, uneducated, dependent and apathetic. Most importantly, they want you to be unarmed, atheistic and amoral as well as politically ignorant and inactive. You are to be their drudging slaves, working only to satisfy their lust for greed and power. That is their world view in a nutshell.

That pretty well jibes with my own beliefs about the place in society which has been so 'helpfully' created for me to fill. It seems to me that with each passing year I fit that description more closely than ever. I used to read such dire warnings and roll my eyes, but no longer...

Rounding out the Illuminist equation for enslavement of the masses is the exploitation of human desire for peace and safety, which is why we have continual wars for profit. The fear and uncertainty engendered by constant conflict and warfare, and by the manufactured threats of violence such as the phony "War on Terror" and the "Cold War" are the primary drivers behind the creation of a surveillance society where your every move is watched, where every stage of your life is planned and managed and where every move for independence from the Big Brother system is brutally crushed. They want you to give up your freedom and independence in exchange for their false promise of peace and safety after they have stripped you of your true peace and safety by orchestrating false-flag attacks and by supporting and financing wars for profits with the best enemies that money can buy, Illuminist money that is. The Illuminati give support to, and profit from, both sides of any war. They are the scum of the scum. They give parasites a bad name.

I keep asking myself. Why are things so bad? Have we not evolved to a point where we can recognize and avoid such pitfalls? Things are so bad only because they 'need' to be so bad. Everything that is happening right now is happening because it is absolutely required in order to get us to accept what will be offered to those who are left in the end.

Be on the lookout for a bigger push toward the North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership as US transnational conglomerates seek cheap labor closer to home in order to save outlandish transportation costs. What a bunch of morons.

The days of easy money are over. That is why you have to be relatively debt free. Business at the high-end especially are going to be hit hard and will have to restructure. Cash flow is eroding and spending for expansion is not going to be there. Adjustments are on the way. There are going to be massive layoffs that even the government cannot hide with their bogus bookkeeping.

The credit that was available previously will no longer be there. We are deeply into a credit crisis. Manufacturing was hit badly over the past six years by free trade, globalization, offshoring and outsourcing and now it is services turn to bite the bullet. These are lower paying jobs that now make up 80% of our economy. Starbucks is a good example. They are shutting 600 stores and firing 12,000 workers. This is just the recognizable beginning. Most of those shops that housed stores with luxury items such as retailer, health clubs, especially high-end restaurants, hotels, leisure destinations and casinos will fell the pain deeply. The easy money is gone. The investment boom in consumption is over. What once was 72% of GDP is about to return to the norm of 64.5% and with that economic balance comes recession.


Just some highlights posted above, read the article it's quite illuminating.

I would also be interested to hear your opinion of Bob Chapman if you have one. It's rare to hear a writer with such a background in investment to come right out and talk about the Illuminati and Bilderberg like this.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 09:48 AM
Thanks for the link. I think the guy is Spot on.


posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 10:03 AM
Heh. Very little there that I had not already concluded. Still, it was well distilled and very honest.

A good read, especially for anyone who has ever thought I was full of it. LOL!

You will get a star and a flag!

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