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Is a birth certificate obliged by the LAW in the USA?

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 08:31 AM
Hello ATS,

Truth be known, you don't have to fill out and sign a birth certificate when your child is born, but, the hospital will threaten you to believe this is required by law. It's not, just part of the sham that has people thinking it is. Have heard numerous anecdotal stories, and it seems a lot of hospitals often emply their crankiest, meanest, gnarliest looking old nurse to propagate this scam. There is a simple way to get the hospital wonks off your back - politely ask them to tell you specifically what law it is that requires a birth certificate be completed and signed

Is this really true?

I know that just like here in Europe you eventually need a birth certificate if you wanna have a SS number or get married etc. all those kind of things. But what I want to know if it's illegal to not sigh a birth certificate.


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